The First Decade Of Co-working (Infographic)

The First Decade Of Co-working (Infographic)

Co-working is quickly becoming the best option for freelancers and startups looking for an office space in NYC and around the world. The best spaces have lightning fast wifi, great coffee, private events, public events, conference rooms, private phone booths and a beautiful interior design. 

How To Secure A Sponsor For Your Next Corporate Event

Event planners are waging a constant battle of pricing their corporate events. They need to keep events at a low enough cost so that it's affordable, but the event needs all the bells and whistles that will make it special. Something the attendees will love, talk about and want again as soon as possible.

Corporate sponsors are the perfect solution to this complicated problem. The exposure for sponsoring your event to the right audience can be the perfect match that's a win-win for everyone involved. Finding the perfect fit is the toughest part of the problem, especially for new events. Here is an easy guide to help you find the best sponsor for your next corporate event. 

Start With Your Event Budget

Develop a budget for your event. How much will the venue cost, advertising, entertainment, food, etc. Once you figure out how much more money you need to raise, you can set up sponsorship levels for the businesses you approach. Find creative names for each level of sponsorship. Think of inventive names that are related to the event.

Plan the Event With Sponsors In Mind

The basic intention of sponsorship is to conjure up positive associations of the corporate brand in the mind of the consumer. This is done by naming events or by displaying corporate logos at events or venues and in the media that advertise the event. If possible, choose a venue with the sponsor’s needs in mind. You may even go a step further and plan the event with potential sponsors. Ask how you can accommodate their needs.

Identify Your Assets

Walk through the venue and identify all the potential places that a sponsor might advertise their brand name or logo. The potential for logo placement can be just about anything. Besides logo placement identify other opportunities for your sponsor to meet their marketing needs. These might be opportunities to meet celebrities, access to exclusive areas like backstage passes, or places where they can distribute product samples. 

Collect Key Event Data

Above all else, event sponsors want to invest in corporate events that are likely to bring a return on their investment. Have data ready from previous events and for the current event you're organizing. Help prove to potential sponsors that your event is worth sponsoring.

Know Your Demographic

Take a moment to reflect on your mission and who your fan base is. Keep in mind the market you’re going to pursue and do plenty of research about it. If your market is women, be aware that they make or influence most purchasing decisions, and that they are starting businesses at a higher rate than men. Whether your niche is healthcare or tech, dive into understanding the routines and trends of your target market. Your comprehension of how your fans and key market behave is a huge help for the next step in strategizing.

Be Clear About Your Platform

Your demographic is the market you're after and you want to have statistics about that market at your fingertips. Find out the spending power and purchasing habits of your target market. Research their median income and education level.

Find The Right Partner

By having a clear idea of your audience, you will be able to start researching your potential sponsors. The ideal sponsor will be one that sees value in being exposed to your database and associates. In return, consider what new audiences your potential sponsor can bring to your event. 

Approach The Right Person 

The marketing department is the best place to start. Although in some companies it could be public relations, community affairs, public affairs, supplier diversity or brand management. Try to avoid filling out an online form, that's a screening device.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Ask for $10,000 to $100,000 from each sponsor. It's not worth their time if you're asking for $1,000. Also, instead of asking for a commitment to a single event ask for a year-long commitment.

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Hosting Corporate Events In Miami

One of the biggest challenges of holding a corporate event is finding the right place to meet up. A corporate event venue needs to be just the right size and you need to make sure the venue matches the size of your guest list. That is just the beginning of the process. Hosting a corporate event is not easy and you need to make sure that you have all the most important things meticulously planned so that everyone enjoys themselves once they arrive. Once you have found the best possible venue for your event you need to make sure that all your bases are covered. Here are the most important things to keep in mind. 


The first impression that participants have when they arrive at the venue will reflect on you and set their expectations for the workshop. Identifying a venue that is visually stimulating, fun and welcoming. If you're going to be holding a workshop you need to make sure that you can provide participants with new skills, information, and a sense of accomplishment. The ideal workshop also provides opportunities for participants to interact and learn. Send an email to participants a week after the workshop to follow up on their experience. Get their feedback and use it for future events.


If you are going to have a speaker or anyone giving a speech you need to make sure they are setup for success. A guest speaker will usually boost the amount of interest in your event and increase the number of attendees. Begin planning for your guest speaker event a few months ahead of time so that you have plenty of time to get everything organized. Don't forget to plan a question and answer time after the speech, this is usually the best part of the presentation. If you decide to have someone from your company give a speech make sure they are familiar with any equipment that the event venue is providing ahead of time. 

The most important part of any corporate event is that everyone has a good time. If you do a good job as the event coordinator you're going to receive plenty of compliments after the event. If you do a fantastic job, you'll be fielding many questions about when your next corporate event will be. As the event planner make sure the corporate event venue is the right size, any workshops are set up, the presentations are completely planned before the event, and the essential thing is that everyone has a good time.  If you work backward with these goals in mind your event will be a smashing success. 

NYC Events

In a city with a million options, choosing the right event that's worth your time is important. Corporate events should be fun, but also a good place to network. An ideal combination is an event with people that are fun to mingle with so the networking comes very naturally. No one wants to hang out with someone that is being pushy about promoting their own business. If you're having a good time with great people at an awesome event the networking will come naturally making it a win-win for everyone. Here are the top NYC events for March.

March 1st

Queens on the Surge hosted by Commercial Real Estate Women of New York

After seven years of growth, is it time for a slowdown? Or will we just keep rolling along, buoyed by the growth of technology, advertising, media, finance, construction, and real estate? What about tourism? Unemployment? The global economy? Knowledge is power so look to their expert panelists to help you start a new year of success.

March 4th

NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

The annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival is the largest student-run entrepreneurial event in the nation. More than 1000 attendees, 100 speakers, and 50 NYU startups will fill Tisch Hall at the NYU Stern School of Business during this two-day festival. Hosted by New York University, led by students. The NYU Entrepreneurs Festival is the largest student-run celebration of NYU entrepreneurs, startups, and their visions.

March 6th

NY Rangers vs. NY Islanders

The Rangers are currently in 2nd place in the Eastern Division fighting for the top seed going into the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Islanders are currently in seventh place and need to beat the Rangers to stay in the hunt. This should be a great match-up and a fun night for sports fans in New York.

March 6th

The Chocolate Expo

The Chocolate Expo has become the largest chocolate event in the northeastern United States with  spectacular locations including the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Cradle of Aviation Museum and Connecticut Science Center, plus more great locations are being added.

March 8th

Experiential Shopping

In today’s technology-rich environment, how are retailers staying relevant, growing, and adapting? The answer is experiential retail. In order to compete and complement online shopping, retailers are creating stores that speak to their brand three-dimensionally. These experience-laden brick and mortar stores are more curated than ever and enable consumers to connect with the brand on a tactile and emotional level. Join their panel of industry experts who will explore these and other pivotal changes in retail design and real estate, consumer behavior, and the retail landscape at large.

March 8th

How The Current Global Tax Environment Is Changing The Way Companies Do Business

Culhane Meadows will lead a discussion centering on recent developments in BEPS implementation, including Country-by-Country Reporting, the Washington outlook, including treaty developments and the prospects for tax reform, and tax controversy and related trends, including recent EU tax-related actions. Followed by networking drinks!

March 10th

Executive Coaching Conference

The Conference Board CEO Challenge once again places Human Capital at the top of the list of challenges. Organizations need Human Capital to make significant changes in the way we relate to one another, the way we think through complex problems and the way we come up with new solutions in a changing global business environment. Coaching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to help leaders and individuals at all levels to be able to develop, change, and grow – move beyond “what we know” to making room for new insights and solutions. 

Join industry peers and thought leaders to experience learning how to measure the impact and put a value on the ROI of coaching. Learn how organizations are leveraging internal coaching to address today’s business challenges. Attend a networking reception, participate in a roundtable discussion and engage in dialogue with your peers. Take a deep dive into the latest neuroscience research and industry data around connecting better. Hear about the impact team coaching has on executive teams. Learn from companies who have strategically designed coaching practices of excellence. Understand why coaching for emotional agility is crucial to developing our leaders

March 14th

Spring Forward Bootcamp to Grow Your Business

Invest a morning and gain insights, practical guidance and inspiration to grow your business. Keynote with Stephanie Breedlove, the successful entrepreneur who made nanny taxes easy. Her Texas-based business, Breedlove and Associates (now HomePay) was acquired by for a reported $54 million in 2012. Learn as she shares her long-term strategies and focus on scale and profitability. Following the keynote, choose from 20+ roundtables and workshops led by seasoned experts who share their skills and insights to help grow your business.

March 15th

A View From New York's Art Leaders

Join Crain’s and New York’s art leaders as they share best practices and put a spotlight on the vital role the Arts & Culture community plays in driving tourism and ensuring continued growth and diversity of their organization and the city's economy.

March 17th

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The New York City St. Patrick’s Parade is the oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world. The first parade was held on March 17, 1762 — fourteen years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The parade is held annually on March 17th at precisely 11:00 AM in honor of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland and of the Archdiocese of New York. The parade route goes up Fifth Avenue beginning at East 44th Street and ending at East 79th Street. Approximately 150,000 people march in the parade which draws about 2 million spectators.

March 17th

Architectural Digest Design Show

The world’s leading brands along with today’s top talent come together in a carefully curated presentation of design, offering inspired vignettes by respected brands, design seminars, culinary demos, and special appearances. From furniture, accessories, lighting, and art to kitchen, bath, and building projects, the show offers thousands of products to source and shop, both from independent makers and established manufacturers.

March 18th

Opening A Restaurant In New York

This program will focus on the corporate, real estate, liquor license, and labor/employment issues involved in opening a restaurant in New York City. Learn about the different forms of restaurant entity formation, purchase and sales transactions, due diligence, transfer liability, and loans and collateral. Review buy vs. lease issues, build outs, provisions regarding including assignment, contingencies, and guarantees. Find out the requirements for obtaining on and off premises liquor licenses and how to navigate the process and procedure before the New York State Liquor Authority and the local Community Boards. Learn about overtime, spread of hours, the 80/20 rule, tip credit, non-compete restrictions, and other essential labor and employment issues.

March 18th

Executive Workshop: Stop Convincing and Start Selling

People love to buy and they hate to be sold. Yet why is it that we spend so much time, energy and resources trying to convince people to buy our products and services? More often than not, these issues are a result of not having a well-defined approach when interacting with prospective clients. Join this interactive workshop to help you take control of your sales calls and achieve more predictable results. In two hours you’ll learn a natural, comfortable and practical approach.

March 22nd

Crain's Business of Startups

How startups get off the ground—and how to scale fledgling companies to take advantage of all that New York has to offer: access to capital; talented workers; and city, state and federal economic development programs that business owners often overlook and leave untapped.

March 23rd

Customer Experience Conference

This event offers a comprehensive guide to how you can grow your business through improving the experience you deliver to your customers. You’ll also hear from emerging startups whose redefinition of customer experience might well be the start of disruption in your industry.

This blend of B2B and B2C, of the traditional and the emerging, of bricks and mortar and online, of experiences from the C-Suite to the front line, will offer you insight into new ideas and new approaches that will elevate your strategy.

Among the sessions you won’t want to miss are a panel featuring leading NYC startups in finance, grocery, and recruitment that are revolutionizing customer experience. Extensive discussion of the secrets of great online experience from online pioneers Shopify and Shinola. How to tailor experiences to capture the millennial market based on the latest research from JD Power. Lessons in how to create a great employee culture that drives customer experience from IBM, GE, Ace Hardware and others. An in-depth introduction to design thinking that will help you build customer experience into your product or service from the get go.

March 25th

NYC Craft Beer Festival

From the established craft brewers to the mid-majors and up-and-comers, the diversity and creativity of the Craft Brewing Community have proven to be limitless.  For their Grand Tasting, they will be featuring an extensive variety of these artisanally produced creations from the top breweries at the largest beer event in the City.

75 participating breweries from across the country are each expected to showcase 2 of their finest offerings (about 150 beers total) with a strong emphasis on their Limited Release and Seasonal selections.

March 29th

Asian Real Estate Professional Association Spring Networking Event

The Asian Real Estate Professional Association is a non-profit professional association. AREPA was founded to provide a forum for Asians in the real estate profession and for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the real estate profession.

March 30th

Collaboration In Fashion

Join fashion industry leaders Charlotte Cowles, senior features editor of Harper’s Bazaar; Becca McCharen, founder of the futuristic fashion line Chromat; and stylist Christian Stroble for a discussion of the many ways that collaboration inspires and enriches their work.

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