How To Have A Unique Startup Event In NYC

The next phase of your event planning needs to start with fresh ideas. Things that will grow your guest list with the added excitement of something new to try. Fresh ideas that will make your attendees happy, glad they came and looking forward to the next event. Here are some new ideas to try at your next event that will take your event planning to the next level. 


Add to the intrigue of your event by keeping the location secret until only a couple hours before the event begins. The unknown and mystery of the secret location will heighten expectations and create a buzz. This is a tactic often used by secret societies that your guests will love to be a part of. Have a fun and welcoming party for everyone while playing up the secret part of it.


You can model the competition after your favorite cooking show. A fun and creative way for coworkers to bond in a unique way. Everyone knows how to cook, some people are really good at it and most people have at least one dish that is their specialty. A fun way to team build with coworkers you might not normally interact with and everyone can enjoy a good meal at the end. 


Don't worry about any coding. Teams simply create an app idea and back it up with research on why it will be the next big thing.
A fun way to brainstorm, be creative and work as a team without the pressure of actually having to build a business or code. The event can be judged on creativity, the likelihood of the app going viral and how they will monetize.


Create a high-end gourmet farmers’ market that focuses on the locally grown and produced, sustainable, community-sourced food movement. With many food stations and seating areas, evoke a festive harvest with vibrant colors and rustic furniture. 


To promote a new brand for Microsoft at SXSW, they married new technology with social media. By linking RFID bracelets to their Facebook accounts, guests were able to share their experience and at challenge stations earn points that could be redeemed for prizes. The initiative generated nearly 120,000 social media impressions for the new brand.


Create a Pinterest Board and have everyone involved help with the event planning process. Shop for ideas on other popular Pinterest Boards, your Pinterest followers can help decide a theme. Once the theme is chosen, invite attendees to pin on your board for the event. A great way to involve your social media community while also promoting your upcoming event.




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