Manage Paper Mail In The Digital Age

A business address or digital mailbox with all of your post deliveries being sent to us and uploaded to your app management system. Shred, scan or forward – all with the click of a button.

So, What Makes Us So Special?

Digital Mailboxes are the most advanced, most simple way for you to manage your mail and packages - all in one place, with the ability to access your physical mail from your computer or mobile device, no matter where you are in the world.


24/7 Mail Pick Up

1 Free Day Coworking Pass/Month

Letter & Package Storage

Receive, Open & Scan All Mail

Expedited & International Forwarding

Mail Managed Via App

Registered Agent Services

On-site Receptionist

Physical Street Address

Live Phone Answering Service

Perks Of Being A Farm Member

Featured Business Address

Unlimited Online Storage

From just $10 / Month

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Who Needs A Digital Mailbox

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur, or an international nomad, our virtual mailbox service will save you time - allowing you to manage mail at your fingertips!

Business Owners

Get a professional business address for your remote business that protects your data and privacy.

Professional Services

Gain more convenience, protection & privacy by digitizing your business documents with a virtual mailbox.

Digital Nomads

Wherever you are in the world, take control of your mail, for post & packages. We’ll take care of everything for you!

Everyone Else

Handle your mail in real-time and online. Goodbye filing systems, hello fingertip decisions!

Paper Mail Just Got Easier!

Digital mailboxes are the evolution of manual mail correspondence. There’s no need to have anything forwarded on to physical addresses and you rid your life of junk mail, instead have all correspondence filtered by our app management system - with everything being in one space, anytime, anywhere. Double this up as your business address and you won't need to worry about missing mail, having to file your documents or being late to seeing your post!

So, How Does It Work?


Select A Mailing Plan

Choose from one of our mailing plans that suits you best. From $10 a month, make your purchase online through our automated checkout system, which literally takes 3 minutes.


We Receive Your Mail

We take photos of the incoming envelopes. We’ll keep you updated with all of your incoming mail that you can then manage through your own virtual mailbox app from your laptop, or even your phone.


Manage Your Mail

We only open your envelopes upon request. Then we scan and send it to you, through our app, while recycling the paper. Fully digitize your mail with minimum fuss. Welcome to the new age of mailing systems!

Membership Options

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The Farm digital mail service is convenient. They manage my mail from anywhere 24/7 so I can access every bit of it through the app or from my laptop. Save time and money. I can forward anything to anywhere, discard or shred unwanted mail. PLUS! my business can have a real street address in NEW YORK FRIKKING CITY!

Sam Ewenczyk,

Ripple Talks, LLC

Any More Questions?

Check out our comprehensive FAQ

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You will receive an email from Anytime Mailbox or Spheremail, depending on your mailbox platform, notifying you of new mail when the Farm uploads it to your virtual mailbox. From there, you can view your mail and submit it for action requests (pickup/forwarding/scans/recycle/shred/check deposit) depending on your plan.

We accept any type of mail/packages from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other 3rd party carriers. We do have a weight and size limit to the packages we can accept; packages cannot exceed approximately 18″ x 12″ x 8 1/2″ in size and cannot weigh over 30 pounds. (If you want packages forwarded, they cannot exceed 15 pounds. Otherwise, we will ask you to schedule a pickup with your preferred mail carrier and provide us with the shipping label.)

We can store your mail for as long as you like, but storage fees will be applied. However, we only have so much space, and most mailboxes are shared with others. To make space for the other renter’s mail, and to avoid storage fees, we kindly suggest that you pick up your mail/packages in a timely manner!

For Spheremail users, package forwarding is $10 per package + postage. Package storage is $3 per pound/month. Anytime Mailbox treats packages the same as letters.

There are extra fees for mail, depending on your service plan. You can review the plans here:

Farm Soho: Click

We require payment via credit card, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not take payment via check, money order, Western Union, or wire transfer at this time.

You can pick up your mail during our office hours Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm. Spheremail renters, email the mailbox coordinator at your mailbox location before picking up your mail so we can get it ready for you! Anytime Mailbox renters, submit the “pickup” action request from your virtual mailbox and we will set it out for an easy pickup!

Yes! Forwarding is a service included in all of our mailbox plans; prices vary depending on your plan. We forward to both international and domestic addresses.

Great! Choose from our locations in which you would like to receive mail services.

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