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The Healthcare Challenges of the Digital Nomad

What’s not to love about being a digital nomad? You’re free to work wherever you want, whenever you want and on whatever you want. It’s a way of life that’s often linked with the “living the dream” mantra.

Until it’s not. Because finding healthcare cover as a digital nomad presents a unique set of challenges that everyone has to deal with because, let’s face it, your health is your #1 commodity if you want to carry on living that dream.

However, today’s healthcare systems are designed under the premise that you might need them at an indeterminate time in the future. The nomadic lifestyle doesn’t really match with this focus on the long term as you will may not stay in a scheme for a long enough period of time to pay into it or access it, if needs be.

John Samuels, founder and CEO of Better Health Advisors, said: “Some challenges for digital nomads are similar to others who interact with the healthcare system such as: navigating the healthcare system and finding great providers, but they have additional challenges.”

“These include finding cost effective insurance plans without the power of purchasing with a pool of people and they don't have an traditional Human Resources office they can walk into and ask questions about benefits.  Insurance renewal rates are unpredictable. They may have one benefit available to them (through a previous employer) but not a suite of benefits that support them today and in the future.”

So, what are your options? Obamacare addresses some of these challenges as it offers some options for insurance coverage in an aggregated manner. Plus, people are not discriminated against because of pre- existing conditions.

However, it does fall short in some areas, as Samuels explains: “It’s can be hard to understand the Obamacare website and the different options available to you in terms of your healthcare coverage. The system is, at times, tedious and difficult to navigate.”

“Furthermore, coverage can be expensive in certain areas of the country and basic health insurance information is not provided. So, if people don't understand the basics of insurance and their health, they often don't choose the right coverage for them.”

Introducing PEO

However, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) insurance provider could resolve these issues. A PEO offers a comprehensive suite of products and services so you, as a business owner, don’t have to worry about the complexity, compliance and cost of your healthcare.

Samuels said: “The PEO offers many services in addition to medical insurance and becomes a trusted adviser for a business and can help guide them with such issues as: payroll, payroll taxes, Paid Time Off, Labor laws, Compliance issues, 401-K, Worker's comp, HR, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, STD, LTD, Life insurance etc...”  

“It takes a lot of the admin work off the owner's plate and allows them to focus on growing their business.”

If you choose to work with a PEO then they become a co-employer of your employees. This means you retain control of your business, while your PEO assumes responsibility for many of those time-consuming HR chores. Click here if you’d like to find out more.