10 Tips On How To Make Your Zoom Meetings More Productive

From being known merely as a Skype alternative, Zoom has rocketed to greater popularity since the start of the pandemic. Now increasing numbers of businesses across the globe consider this tool as their go-to-platform of choice for virtual conferences.

If you’re a frequent Zoom user and want to learn how to make your online business meetings more productive, we have several tips you might want to keep in mind.

1. Mute your mic when not speaking

This may seem common knowledge for most but believe us - some users continue to disregard this simple rule of etiquette.

Muting your mic when it’s not your turn to talk is an act of courtesy. That way, the speaker can be heard without any background noise from your end.

It could be helpful if the meeting host can remind members about this at the start of the meeting. While it is possible to mute all participants, some do not use this feature especially when they’re aiming to have an interactive meeting.

2. Change your background

This is a cool feature that you can use in case your home isn’t conference ready. You can pick a professional background (and make a strong impression!) by going to Settings > Virtual Background and then choosing or uploading your preferred photo.

3. Come prepared

Even if you’re not the presenter, it helps when you prepare ideas, questions, and suggestions ahead of time. Sharing insights or asking questions can enrich your online discussions, help you become more effective in your work, or even improve the business operation.

4. Avoid multitasking

There is always that constant temptation to turn the camera off during a call and just listen in to the meeting while you’re doing some work. This is not always effective because you might miss important announcements if you’re busy with other things and not fully participating.

5. Record the session

Recording a web conference is a great idea if you want to review it later or send it to team members who may have missed it for whatever reason.

You have two options for this: local and cloud.

Local recording is available for both free and paid users. This means you get to record and save the video on your computer or in another storage device. On the other hand, cloud recording is exclusive for premium members. This feature allows you to download or stream straight from the browser. You can also share the link with others so they can watch or download it online.

6. Learn basic shortcuts

Take your Zoom experience to the next level by learning keyboard shortcuts you can use during your meetings.

For example, you can press Cmd+I on macOS or Alt+I on Windows if you want to go to the Invite window. You can find the meeting’s link there and pass it on to others who may need it.

Next, pressing Cmd+Ctrl+M on macOS or Alt+M on Windows allows you to automatically mute everyone if you are the meeting host.

Lastly, Cmd+Shift+S on macOS or Alt+Shift+S on Windows is for sharing your screen.

There’s an entire section about this topic on the official Zoom website so go check that out if you want to learn more.

7. Limit screen sharing

If you’re the meeting host, it’s important to control screen sharing among participants because sometimes people unintentionally click the wrong button and end up sharing their screen with everyone.

This could be distracting but the good news, of course, is that you can do something to prevent it. From host controls, click the arrow beside Share Screen and then click Advanced Sharing Options. Click Only Host once you see Who Can Share? and then close the window.

8. ‘Touch Up’ your appearance

Another good Zoom feature is Touch Up My Appearance which works much like a Snapchat filter. What’s more, this tool gives your skin a smoother look!

On the Video tab, click Touch Up My Appearance and then adjust the effects by using the slider.

9. Ensure security

Zoom is no stranger to security issues but, fortunately, the company is working hard to do something about the problem. In a December 2020 letter, Zoom assured users that they “will continue to act aggressively to anticipate and combat ever-evolving data security challenges”. Now the platform’s end-to-end encryption feature - which is available to both paid and free members - allows greater security control.

For example, a host can click the Security icon to choose security options. He or she can then disapprove or even report unknown users who may be trying to get into a meeting.

10. Use humor

A little friendly advice: don’t forget to have some light moments during your video calls. Having long business conferences can be boring and tiresome so occasional laughter can be a good icebreaker. Just make sure not to overdo this so you can still stay focused on the purpose of the meeting.

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