The Best Coworking Spaces Are A Much Better Value Than Cafes

Working from a cafe might seem like a quick and easy way to get out of the house but the expenses can add up quickly. The best case scenario is that you quickly find a seat next to an outlet and they have fast wifi. This is not always the case. There is nothing worse than deciding that you are going to be productive and get an important project finished at a cafe and then they don't have anywhere to sit. You sheepishly turn around and head back home, wasting 20 minutes of valuable time. Using the bathroom can also be a problem. Hopefully, you can trust the person next to you that you have never talked to before to briefly watch your stuff. Last but not least is the peer pressure of leaving after 3 - 4 hours. You're never going to get a full and productive day of work done at a cafe. 

Unfortunately, not every coffee shop is geared toward productivity. Some shops have the wrong ambiance; they may be populated with loud patrons or a distracting environment. Other coffee shops use blatant or more covert methods to try to steer the cafe workers away. Many cafes have removed all power outlets in public areas; have considered or actively are cutting Wi-Fi access during peak hours; and, often, have also laid down rules controlling access to facilities such as the restrooms.

Quality coworking spaces take the best things about working from a cafe and eliminate the negatives. Free gourmet coffee, lightning fast wifi, a place you can leave your things, dedicated workspaces, private offices and more. A coworking space in Manhattan will cost $250 per month, for a freelancer, entrepreneur or startup team this is a bargain. Not to mention the social aspects of working at a coworking space. Working alongside like-minded founders creates an exciting buzz that will keep you energized and focused. 

Coworking not only is a better deal for your wallet but it's also a much better deal for something much more important, time. Being at a coworking space will make you exponentially more productive than working at a cafe. Not only is everyone at the space there to work but you can pick the type of working environment you need. From open desk where freelancers come and go to dedicated desks for remote workers, meeting rooms, specific areas so startup teams can work together and private offices. The best coworking spaces also have multiple events every week so you can meet and network with other startups in your city. 

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