3 Ways To Improve Your Focus And Get More Done

If you want to improve your focus and get more done you must maximize the time you have available. In terms of study, however, multi-tasking can be counter-productive. If you’re going to succeed in maximizing your time, you’ll need to first hone your focus on smaller tasks.

Consider riding a bike. When you started riding, it took all your focus and energy. But once you trained yourself, you became able to cycle without your hands on the bars. Now, with the advent of smartphones, you can likely ride your bike and hold a conversation at the same time — though be careful with that; it’s a great way to fall off or get hit by a car!

The point is, even complex tasks can be regulated to tertiary portions of your brain, allowing you to focus on many things simultaneously. But getting to that point isn’t going to happen overnight. First, you need to prepare yourself for maximum success where you’re at, then you can expand from there. Following are three tips to help you improve your focus.

1. Prioritization

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The first thing you need to do is take stock of your responsibilities and tier them by necessity. A common day will involve waking, grooming, attending classes or a job, subsequent related activities, free time in the evening, and then rest. That’s a basic template which fits pretty much everyone to some degree.

Some prefer to shower in the morning, some don’t. It’s a good idea to get yourself ready physically because this helps you be ready mentally. But you do need to prioritize. Are you going to a class or a job where you’ll get dirty enough to need a secondary shower? Then perhaps save grooming till after the unpleasantness is done. It will all depend on you, but what you need to do is tier necessary tasks by their urgency, and plan around that.

As you go about trying to choose an appropriate place to get your tasks done, you should keep in mind that your study location matters. If you’re studying the right things in the right way, where you study is just another thing that is going to push your forward.

Provided you’ve got the proper drive, you’ll be able to improve your focus. When you prioritize, this can help you schedule things out, which can additionally help drive you to accomplish what you need to in the time frame you intend.

2. Taking breaks at intervals improves your focus

You can’t work like a machine for twelve hours non-stop and expect your work to be at the same qualitative level. It certainly won't improve your focus - in fact, it will do the opposite. Especially with study, you’ve got to give your brain breaks. Physical exertion has an upper limit, so does mental exertion. At least every two hours you should take time to stand up, stretch, walk around, focus your eyes on something different, and change your train of thought.

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Doing this will help you see issues from a new perspective, and can bring your mind to solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable. Taking breaks at the right intervals can drive you on to greater success in your priorities, as you come back to problems fresh. Now the difficulty comes in ending the break when you’re in a position which includes particularly arduous tasks.

You must discipline yourself to end the break at the right time. Again, having a schedule which itemizes priorities throughout the day can help here. But don’t treat that schedule like an ironclad mode of operations. Be flexible. Your goal is to accomplish a handful of necessary priorities; anything else is a bonus.

3. Healthy diet and exercise

You need to eat right, and you need to exercise to fully flourish in body and mind. Here’s an imperfect analogy: you’ll get a build-up of “sludge” in your brain if you don’t exercise physically. Exercising clears your mind while it revitalizes your body, increasing your capacity for energy on a daily basis and on a continuous basis.

Now, there are some who advocate for what are today known as “Nootropics”. If you’re unfamiliar, Nootropics are essentially a means of augmenting your body and mind in a pharmaceutical sense. Think coffee, but on steroids if you’ll allow the tongue-in-cheek analogy. Nootropics can be effective, but they can be synthetic and addictive.

Your best bet will be prioritizing, taking breaks, dieting and exercising, and getting yourself to your peak productiveness before you go the nootropic route. At that point, if you need to be especially productive, you can lean on such solutions—but that’s the key word: “lean”.

You don’t want to have a crutch that becomes unavailable in ways that are beyond your control, and such a circumstance can happen with something as commonplace as coffee. It’s better to be naturally energetic, and physical maintenance can do this for you.

Improve your focus for a more productive you

When you prioritize, exercise, and take breaks, you are better prepared to focus on specific tasks in a way that retains qualitative comprehension. When you improve your focus, you will become better able to complete your tasks faster. Naturally, this enhances your productivity, and so makes it possible for you to get even more done.

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