3 Ways To Protect Your MacBook

Generally speaking, coworking offices are pretty secure spaces, meaning that your precious MacBook remains where it belongs; at your desk. But in the off chance that one of your coworking colleagues or a guest to the coworking space is not as honorable as you are, you may need to be extra vigilant and careful.

Here are three ways that you can protect your MacBook from unsavory shenanigans in coworking spaces.

Lock It Up

Hold your eye roll. We know this sounds ridiculously obvious, but locking up a MacBook isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds or you would imagine it to be. Because of the way a MacBook is designed, you actually have to purchase a specific type of cable lock to wrap around it. The good news though is that there are plenty of options to pick from on Amazon.

Keep An Eye Out For Suspicious Behavior Throughout The Workday

Whenever you notice someone that you have never seen before breaking space protocol or doing anything unusual, make a mental note of it. Most likely nothing will come of this, but if computers happen to go missing that night (or during the day, you never know!), you’ll have some information to volunteer to management and the authorities.

Develop a Buddy System

One of the many perks of working in a coworking office is that there is almost always someone around. If you are beginning to feel a little less at ease with the idea of leaving your MacBook unattended during the day, you might want to ask a desk neighbor (that you trust) whether they can keep tabs on your MacBook while you grab lunch. And, of course, offer to return the favor!

There you have it! 3 easy safety tips that will keep your MacBook in your possession while you enjoy all the benefits of working in a coworking space!

Guest Post by Sam Tadess CEO of Marina Securities Services

About Marina Securities Services:

Since it was founded in 1997, Marina Securities Services has become the San Francisco Bay Area's premier security company. With an emphasis on detail-oriented approaches, a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Marina Securities provides world-class security services to businesses of all types and sizes.

About Sam Tadesse:

Mr. Tadesse has over 20 years of extensive hands-on experience in the security and parking industry and has been CEO of Marina Securities Services since 1997. Mr. Tadesse also runs Pacific Park Management, a premier parking services, and management company in San Francisco.

Prior to founding both Marina Securities Services and Pacific Park Management, Mr. Tadesse worked as the General Manager of CarPark Corporation, managing over 30 locations. His operational expertise and management skill was the driving force behind rapidly growing revenues and a financially successful operation that was eventually sold to Central Parking Corporation (NYSE: CPC). Mr. Tadesse has a background in marketing, contracts, auditing, human resource management, customer relations, and training.

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