4 Proven Tricks To Inspiring Creativity in a Remote Setup

Inspire Creativity

Running a business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has its challenges - consumer behavior, online marketing, and inspiring creativity within the workforce are some of the biggest challenges every business owner has had to try and decipher.

Fast forward to today, while most business owners were thrilled upon hearing the news that some of the COVID-19 mandates had been lifted, the results haven’t been what they envision as they combat another challenge popularly known as The Great Resignation.

This is a phenomenon describing record numbers of individuals (mostly around the age of 30-45), leaving their jobs en masse in pursuit of a more meaningful, flexible work culture that makes it easier to achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

For every business, success is always contingent on the commitment and motivation of their employees. No matter how innovative or groundbreaking your business model appears, when you’re the only piece that’s moving, your business will eventually fail. 

As Lance Wilkins, founder of Call Outdoors, once said:

“A business that is able to nurture the same passion they have for their offering within their employees is one that will deliver excellence to their clientele at every touchpoint.” 

While inspiring your employees to put their best foot forward for your business doesn’t happen overnight, it’s important to start. It’s well worth the effort, as you’ll soon begin to see an increase in employee engagement, creativity, and retention.

Read on as we share four proven tactics any employer can use to inspire their remote employees:

1. Provide opportunities for professional development

Remote working continues to be a challenge for most employees… having to be away from their coworkers, learning new software on the fly, and ultimately, adapting to a new lifestyle. 

While most businesses focused on incorporating new processes and rules once the scope of the health crisis forced businesses to forgo on-site operations, they neglected to give their employees leeway to perform and solve tasks on their own.  

Trust is one of the biggest motivators any employer can instill in their employees regardless of the circumstances. 

Initial results don't necessarily have to sweep you off your feet, what’s important is that you let your employees grow with you. 

The greatest hindrance to inspiring creativity is having to perform routine tasks day in and day out. Give your employees a chance to grow beyond their current role by giving them access to workshops and training seminars to prepare them for positions you’ll need in the future. A good idea to increase the development of employees is by having them complete online PMP Certification Requirements and have them fully understand their potential.

Providing professional development to your employees will help you in the long run as you save time having to find and interview countless applicants who may not have the same creativity and desire as your current employees.

2. Check in on each of them regularly

Let’s start by stating the obvious: an unmotivated employee is a less productive employee.

As their leader, it’s a given that you’ll handle the majority of the talking, especially during meetings and delegating tasks. But when you’re limited to chats and virtual meetings, it makes it hard for you, as an employer, to keep inspiring creativity to help them be at their best. 

Now should be the best time for you to ‘pass the mic’ and listen to what each of your employees has to say. Checking in to see how they’re doing will help you gauge their level of commitment to your business. 

You can start by asking questions like:

  • What can we do to make working remotely easier for you?
  • Is your current workload leading to job burnout? 
  • Are there any personal matters you need to sort out? 
  • Do you feel supported by your team? 
  • How would you describe your level of productivity and creativity these days?

* Some may be hesitant to share their sentiments in a group meeting, so it’s better to reach out to each of your employees individually to receive more candid responses.

3. Recognize and reward your employee’s achievements 

inspiring creativity

In a recent study featured in Harvard Business Review, 40% of employees say they would put more effort into their work if they were recognized or given feedback (positive or negative) on their projects. 

When you acknowledge and reward an employee’s performance, it makes them feel valued. How would you feel if you worked tirelessly on a project only to be given the cold shoulder? 

If you want your efforts to have a positive impact on your employees, here’s what we recommend you should do:

  • Provide rewards and incentives
  • Encourage passion projects
  • Set clear expectations
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Celebrate career milestones (tenure with your company, reaching sales quota, etc.) 

* While people respond differently to receiving recognition, the easiest way to recognize an employee’s achievement is by saying thank you - you don’t have to go the whole nine yards to show your appreciation. Giving your employees something to brighten their day doesn’t take much effort. 

4. Encourage employees to get active

inspiring creativity

As an employer, there’s only so much you can do to boost morale and inspire creativity within your team. While most would like to sit down and binge watch some of their favorite tv shows after a hard day at work, you should encourage your employees to exercise.

Everybody knows how beneficial exercise can be, but it does more than just control your weight and combat any underlying health conditions. When you encourage your employees to dedicate an hour or two of their day to fitness, it also helps clear their heads to spark better ideas and release endorphins

One of the biggest challenges for any remote worker has been trying to establish boundaries between work and personal life. Having that other activity apart from work will help promote wellness.  

You won’t even need to invest in gym memberships or machines to get their creative juices going. It can be achieved simply by taking a 30-minute stroll through their neighborhood, meditating, or doing basic bodyweight exercises. 


When you're inspiring creativity in your employees, you help them gain confidence to reach their full potential. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to inspiring your employees, using the tactics mentioned in this article is a good start. It will help you know more about your team and make the necessary adjustments for optimum results. 

 "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

inspiring creativity

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