4 Ways You Can Boost Your Twitter Engagement


Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, but unlike Facebook and Instagram, boosting your engagement on the platform can be a little trickier than usual. The challenges are what make it all the more interesting as a platform. 

Twitter has over 200 million daily active users, but the way to boost your Twitter engagement isn’t as simple as saying your thoughts in 280 characters or less during peak hours. Not all tweets are equal. Some people engage more with certain tweets than others. If you want to be seen more, it’s critical to know what kinds of tweets get people’s attention.

There’s no denying how beneficial getting your content out there on Twitter is. Having even 100 engaged users following you can do so much for your tweets and can even make your content go viral. The question is, how can you get a big chunk of the 200 million plus users to interact with you and your posts? Regardless of what you want to achieve, if you’re thinking about how you can better engage your audience with your tweets, here are a few tried and tested ways to do so:

Keep it conversational

Each social media platform is different. You can’t always expect the content going viral on YouTube and Facebook to drive Twitter engagement in a similar fashion. Twitter has a completely different tone from Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform you can think of. This means that there’s a specific tone that works best on Twitter: conversational. 

When thinking of a tweet to write, don’t make it too complicated or formal. A good rule of thumb is to read your tweet out loud. If you can’t imagine yourself saying it in a conversation in real life, don’t tweet it. Many businesses (and even individuals) make the mistake of writing tweets that don't sound like a real person. As much as possible, avoid sounding scripted and like a bot. 

Tweets that sound like a real person or a brand with real personality will do better than tweets that come off sounding like a robot. Twitter users want to connect with you, so don’t make it hard for them to engage. The best way to engage your audience is by speaking their language. 

Get people to retweet your content

If you want people to engage with your tweet, you may just have to ask to see results. If you observe your Twitter feed, you’ll realize that asking for retweets actually works! 

Some brands and individuals simply ask users to retweet their tweets. Simply adding “please share” or “please retweet” to your tweet can compel users to oblige. However, you can take this further by asking questions or offering incentives. 

If you have a business, you can use Twitter as a means to launch a giveaway campaign while boosting your content. Lines such as “RT and tag a friend” can boost engagement on your tweet, allowing you to get more attention from Twitter users. 

Another way to get people to retweet your content is by asking questions. Instead of doing a poll, you can opt to ask a question on your tweet and let people either retweet or like, depending on their answer. This is a great way to get some engagement on your tweets because they’ll be seen even by people who don’t follow your account. 

Asking people to retweet your content is a great strategy, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it. Not all your tweets should be asking for likes or retweets. Doing this once in a while will help get your account enough attention and engagement - doing it too often will just come across as irritating and needy.

Don’t limit yourself

When you think of Twitter, you think of texts that don’t go over 280 characters. It’s easy to think that you just have to keep tweeting words, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to words only. There are many other things that you can add to your Tweet that increase its chances of getting more engagement. 

Adding hashtags, polls, photos, and videos will really help in terms of boosting your engagement. 

Hashtags, for one, are an essential part of Twitter. Hashtags won’t only boost your engagement, they will also put your tweets in front of the right people. These are a means for other Twitter users to find content relevant to what they care about. So, don’t take hashtags for granted because - when done right - they’re more likely to be retweeted and liked, as well as offering a digital roadmap to your tweets.

Polls are also a great way to engage your followers. It’s organic engagement because anywhere people go, they love sharing their insights and opinions. Polls can even help you find out how you can grab your audience’s attention in the future. Ask relevant questions that you know people are interested in answering, and you can expect a tweet that people are eager to answer and know the results to. 

Lastly, photos and videos add charm to your tweets. These work even on other social media platforms. Multimedia content on Twitter generally beats written posts. People will pay more attention if you add something appealing to your tweet. Adding compelling videos and images can boost a tweet’s engagement. If you’re unsure how you can start adding photos and videos, there are plenty of different tools you can use that don’t require too much knowledge. All you need is a good idea to match your tweet. 

Engage with others first

Engaging with your followers and wider audience is just as important as trying to get them to engage with you. Engaging with them first will make them more likely to want to engage with you. 

Think about your favorite artist or brand. You would feel good if they actually took the time to respond to you, right? The same principle applies with your followers. 

Making your audience feel special and letting them know that you take some time out of the day to reach out or to respond to them will generate a sense of loyalty. They will see you as deserving of their engagement. This move doesn’t only boost your engagement, it also improves your reputation on Twitter. Interacting with your audience is one of the most important ways to boost your engagement no matter the social media platform. Keep doing this and you'll find more people wanting to engage with you. 


Knowing the ways you can boost your Twitter engagement is a big step towards gaining more followers. Remember that it’s also important to maintain these strategies. You can’t expect an engaged audience if you’re not engaged yourself. 

Experiment until you can find the formula that keeps your target audience consistently interested in your content. The more you can boost your engagement, the better rapport you’ll develop with your market - which in turn will have a positive impact on your brand’s image.

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