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Most people find it’s harder to be efficient and productive when working remotely. We’re not in an environment where our mindset is focused completely on work. For those working from home, it’s especially challenging to set the boundaries between work and personal life.

You must find the right methods and techniques to help you stay focused and productive on the tasks at hand. It might take some trial and error until you feel motivated enough to work remotely, but the following productivity tips will help greatly in pushing you to be effective and efficient in your remote work:

Let the distractions in

If you’ve been scouring the internet for tips to be more productive while working remotely, chances are you’ve read multiple times that you should limit your distractions or avoid them completely. Although this may work for some people, it’s not as effective as most people think.

The best way to tackle your distractions when working remotely is to welcome them. Don’t try to force them out of your life because there will always be distractions no matter what you do. Instead of trying to lock yourself up in a place devoid of distractions, try making space for them. If you know that at some point in the day, your friend is going to call to catch up with you, allot some time for that. 

However, there will be some disturbances that you won’t expect, so be one step ahead of them and allocate time for whatever may come up. This just means that you don’t pack your schedule with work. Instead, give yourself some breathing time because if there’s anything we’ve learned from life, it’s that something will always come up. 

Change your pace regularly

If you keep working at a steady pace in the same place all the time, you will burn out faster than you prefer. They say that if you want to change your life, you should change your environment. This applies to your work as well.

If you want to be more productive and creative, make changes every so often. Mix up your schedule or try working in a coworking space for a day or a week. The change in environment will help refresh your mind and give you better and fresher ideas. You’ll gain a different perspective on the work you’re doing because you changed things up, even if it’s just small changes.

Reach out when you need to

The biggest step you can take when working remotely is accepting that it’s very different from working in the office. If you want to be productive but can’t seem to, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to the right people. Admit that you’re struggling and ask for help. This way, the people around you, whether your family, coworkers, or friends, can come up with ways to help you become more effective in your work. You will be surprised by how much people are willing to help a friend in need. 

Dress to kill (your tasks)

When you work in the office, you’re required to dress up according to your company’s standards. When you’re working remotely, you’re free to wear what you want! This is one of the perks of working remotely, but it can be one of the reasons that you’re not as productive as you want to be.

You are what you wear. If you wear pajamas while working, your mindset will be that you’d rather rest or relax because you’re dressed for it. If you wear proper clothes for working (it can just be a casual outfit you’d wear outside the house), you’ll feel that you’d rather be working than sitting on the couch all day because you’re dressed to kill your tasks. The clothes you wear affect the way you think much more than you realize, so it’s important to establish the right mindset by wearing the right clothes. 

Help yourself avoid overwhelm

If you want to be productive even while working remotely, it’s critical that you help yourself. The blurry boundaries, unlimited distractions, and seemingly endless tasks will make you feel overwhelmed. 

Help yourself avoid this by adopting strategies that can help you stay focused on one thing at a time. You can break down your goals into smaller tasks, so you’re not intimidated by big goals that seem unachievable at first. Another thing you can do is task batching, where you group similar tasks and activities together for the most productivity and efficiency. If you have a lot on your plate, this is a good way to reduce anxiety and get your head focused on what you need to accomplish.

Final thoughts

Working remotely is a different experience for each individual. You have to discover the strategies that work best for you. It’s perfectly understandable that you’ll struggle at first while you’re still figuring things out. Most importantly, attaining optimum productivity requires a lot of changes in your mindset and acceptance of your limitations. As long as you want to be efficient and productive, you’ll be able to do so! Commit to these tips, and you’ll find that you can adapt to remote work easily, and never look back.

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