7 Quick LinkedIn Tips To Help You Land That Dream Job

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Since being founded in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to become the biggest social networking site for professionals, now with almost 800 million users across the world. It’s definitely the place to go for basically anyone looking for a job. 

If you’re hoping to attract attention from prospective clients and employers, you want to make sure that your profile stands out from the rest. Competition can be pretty tight over at LinkedIn considering the number of registered members there but it sure isn’t impossible to land your dream gig if you know how to showcase your strengths well.

Here are some basic yet effective tips you should keep in mind as you set up your LinkedIn account for success!

1. Use your real name.

First and foremost, using your full personal name is a must. You want people to trust you so being genuine and authentic is important. In fact, the official LinkedIn website tells us they do not allow members to use pseudonyms and fake names.

Of course, another obvious benefit of this is that other users will be able to find you easier if you’re using your real name. You’ll be able to grow your network faster and increase your chances of getting hired.

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a social networking platform specifically designed for career opportunities. Think of it as your online resume or business card.  

2. Pick a photo that best represents you.

Having a high quality profile image is absolutely essential on LinkedIn. It’s the first thing that people will notice as they check out your profile so you definitely want to create a positive impression. 

People will have a hard time trusting you if you’re just using an avatar or a random photo. Also, you want to use an updated image - not your favorite one from 10 years ago. You want clients or employers to recognize you when they later ask for an interview via video chat.

Go for a photo with good lighting and plain background. Feel free to flash a smile. You don’t have to put a suit and tie on but at least wear clothing that’s decent and professional. You want to look the part, whatever the position you might be seeking to apply for.

3. Compose a killer headline.

A convincing headline plays a big part in helping attract eyeballs on LinkedIn. This portion may only have a 220 character limit but do not let the low word count fool you. Recruiters usually read headlines before deciding whether or not to browse someone’s profile. 

Use the right keywords to highlight your strongest skills. If you’re a content writer, a software developer, or a social media manager, make it a point to mention that. Just remember that you are writing for potential employers, not for a search engine, so take time to compose your headline in a way that it turns out catchy and readable for human readers.

4. Personalize your URL. 

When you first signed up for LinkedIn, your URL had a string of random numbers attached to your name which was automatically assigned by the website. Your URL probably looked like www.linkedin.com/markrosario12345678 or something similar. 

You want to get rid of the strange numbers to make your profile easier to find. This may seem like a trivial matter but it could add in helping you have a more professional image online. Some LinkedIn users tend to forget about this but clients and employers do take notice of it and they will surely appreciate your attention to detail. 

So go ahead and take a few seconds to customize your URL by clicking the ‘Edit Profile and URL’ page.   

5. Include your contact details.

Displaying your contact information adds to your credibility on LinkedIn. People who get interested in your work will want to learn how they can get in touch with you. So don’t make it hard for them.

Go to the ‘Contact Info’ page to add your telephone (or mobile) number along with your email address. Keep your details updated in case you change your number or email. You wouldn’t want to miss important calls or messages from recruiters as they come.

6. Get endorsements and recommendations. 

Endorsements and recommendations can be very helpful in your job search. Indeed, LinkedIn says skill endorsements can “contribute to the strength of your profile, and increase the likelihood that you'll be discovered for opportunities related to the skills you possess.” Also highly valuable, a recommendation is a more detailed, personalized testimonial written by a contact.  

The main difference between the two is that you can directly request recommendations from your first degree connections but you can’t do the same for endorsements.

7. Connect with more people and build a bigger network.

It may seem like common sense to connect with people on social media but no, some LinkedIn users fall into the mistake of creating a profile, filling it up with information, and then leaving it as it is for months.

Sure, LinkedIn is a professional social network but it’s still social media so take time to interact and add people. People will usually find it harder to trust you if you only have, say, less than five contacts on your list. More than that, you get higher chances of getting remembered - and getting referred - by your contacts if you are active on the platform.  

If possible, attend industry-related conferences and events where you can meet and talk with other professionals. Contact them later on LinkedIn and re-introduce yourself. Simple gestures such as this can actually go a long way.   


There are, of course, many other tricks you can do to boost your profile. For example, you can write down your relevant work experiences and add your portfolio; and you can join professional groups relevant to your line of work - be sure to interact there, offering helpful tips and advice in response to other members’ queries.  

The possibilities are endless if you know how to take full advantage of your online presence over at LinkedIn. Keep hustling and you’ll soon discover that using this social networking platform is certainly worth the time and effort!

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