AI Against Racism and COVID-19

As with many technological inventions, artificial intelligence(AI) has been criticized for potentially being wrongfully used and becoming dangerous for the masses. However, one of the greatest benefits of using AI is to be able to adopt a different perspective while solving challenging problems about the world we live in.

Some areas of using AI such as healthcare services are commonly known. In order to provide these services, many doctors rely on artificial intelligence for cancer scanning and assessing medical images. However, some less known areas are starting to benefit from these technologies as well. 

According to Forbes some of the great positive outcomes of using AI are about creating tools for people with disabilities, wildlife conservation, reducing social inequalities, and spotting fake news.

Along with these initiatives, AI can also be used in many different disciplines especially where the human error should be minimized. With the same token, there are many companies that use AI to create processes for recruitment. Textio focuses on creating the optimal language for job descriptions and acquiring the best talent without any implicit bias, Paradox utilizes a chatbot to answer key questions from applicants and make the process smoother. 

When discussing new technologies and initiatives, one tends to focus on start-ups and businesses on a global scale however as many public sectors are the biggest job-creators, it is also important to notice them as well.

In Sweden, a city close to Stockholm started to use AI robots during recruitment processes. The aim for this change is to minimize any potential bias and human influence by providing a safe and objective environment.

“A complete bias-free recruitment process” is something that many employers seek whether it is the private or public sector. Therefore this innovative and effective solution by Upplands-Bro municipality becomes a good practice example around the globe.

On top of what has been stated, the fact that the recruitment processes can become automated is also important during the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, employment processes are mostly frozen or interviews are held online. A more systemic solution is needed as ideas that only save the day are not sustainable in the long run. 

Additionally, some sensitive sectors such as elderly care need extra protection from the global pandemic and any other potential variations. Therefore, these advancements which aimed to decrease the social problems such as bias, human influence and racism can also help the fight against COVID-19.

In the long-run, even when there is no global pandemic, we know that artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, and robotic tools will be the future. With such catalyzers as abrupt global challenges, the future only comes faster. 

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