Airbnb for An Office? What You Need to Ask to Ensure You Stay Productive

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Have you been to any new tourist spots outside your local area lately? If you have, chances are you've stayed in an Airbnb or at least considered staying in one - whether for residency or to have it as an office. This hospitality giant has rapidly taken over the world. It has offered a more affordable and accessible alternative to travelers who wish to focus on exploring destinations with a more local feel without having to break the bank.

Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has gained millions of hosts who have welcomed billions of guests. From couples on their honeymoon to friends and family on vacation and solo travelers, Airbnb helps people feel at home anywhere across the globe.

Airbnb for an office has further innovated its facilities in recent years due to a jump in the number of digital nomads - with over 10.9 million of them scattered across the world.  

Why are there so many people working remotely?

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The pandemic has changed the way that people view work. Gone are the days when employees would stick to their desks working an 8-5 shift trying to finish the same tasks they could easily do at home. If there's anything this pandemic has taught us, people can be productive from just about anywhere.

In a remote working setup, people can enjoy the benefits of work flexibility and even travel to different locations whenever they choose. In an increasingly technology-driven world, it's only a matter of time before the digital nomad lifestyle becomes accessible to most workers. It could offer a great potential of flexibility to those who still find themselves office-bound today.

If you're considering embarking on your location-independent work journey, here are a few things that you'll need to consider when searching for your perfect place:

Fast, reliable internet connection

While this might seem like a no-brainer, some Airbnbs for an office doesn't always provide an internet connection. Some people may want to disconnect from the world of social media while they're on vacation, or perhaps because some are outside of the coverage area, among other reasons. If you're working remotely, you'll want a place with a reliable internet connection.

Since this is a common request (and a necessity) for most travelers, Airbnb has created filters for their rentals' amenities and other considerations. When looking for your next workspace, use the filters provided, which you can access through the button on the top-right corner.

It's also helpful to book a place that isn't too far from alternative sources of good Wi-Fi in case of power outages or potential issues with your Airbnb internet. These locations could be coffee shops, coworking spaces or private offices. So let's say you're in New York City. Make sure to look up office space NYC options just in case you encounter connection problems.

(Pro tip: It's perfectly acceptable to ask your Airbnb host to conduct an internet speed test inside the rental space and upload a screenshot of the result to their profile photo gallery if they haven't already done so.)

Minimal noise

Having a place with minimal noise is essential, especially for people who are part of a meeting-heavy workplace. Whether it be construction work, the sounds of traffic, or random people passing by, noise can be highly distracting when it comes to remote work.

It doesn't even have to occur in meetings — noise can take away focus and affect productivity.

You can find the right Airbnb for an office when you take the time to look up the neighborhood that you'll be in. Are there a lot of people there? Is it accessible? Are there any local forums that could tell you if the area has a peaceful atmosphere? Is the place buzzing with locals or tourists from dusk to dawn?

Sometimes, you can even ask the host or check the reviews of previous guests. A little research can go a long way!

Good lighting

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Did you know that good lighting can help improve productivity? A well-lit workplace can help you stay focused while working on your tasks. 

Luckily, some Airbnbs come with badges that indicate they're known for natural lighting! You can see these features in their photos, so make sure to pick a place with natural lighting if possible in case of a power outage.

Another factor to consider is that some areas might not have natural lighting. Thus, you must look for those with ample and adjustable lighting instead. However, depending on what you feel will help you be most productive, you can tweak your searches to find places that are well-exposed to light.

Ergonomic seating

Do you know how people say that working from bed is a bad idea? It's true! It will hurt your back and affect your quality of sleep, overall mood, and potentially your long-term health. Here's your wake-up call if you didn't have enough reason to look for good seating.

Some Airbnbs have dedicated workspaces, often accompanied by ergonomic seating. When you filter your search results to your specific demands, you can easily find these.

Fully-equipped kitchen

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Something most people overlook when looking for an Airbnb to work remotely is a kitchen. Seasoned digital nomads know that having a functional kitchen is essential. It isn't practical to eat out all the time, especially in cities where the cost of living might be high. Moreover, work deadlines don't always offer the freedom to get out in search of a meal.

Keeping your brain fueled while working is vital. So it's even more important to have a place to cook up all the (literal) nourishment you'll need. Some Airbnbs have limited kitchen options or none, so it's essential to determine whether the Airbnb you're getting has one. If kitchens aren't your priority, then make sure to research the location beforehand to check if there are any food options near you.

Final word

Now that travel is becoming a possibility again as borders and restrictions ease, people can explore their newfound freedom without leaving their responsibilities at home. 

Companies like Airbnb help make it possible for digital nomads to explore the world, stay productive while working remotely, and grow both personally and professionally!

If you feel like the digital nomad life might not be for you (yet), fret not: there are ways to hone your remote working skills before you embark on your next big journey. Save the plane tickets for later and master your habits at home first, right?

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