How to Find Airfares Under $300 From New York To Exotic Locations

In New York and thinking of going on a vacation anytime soon? Don’t think it’s possible to find airfares under $300 to get to exotic locations? Think again!

Summer is fast approaching, and you may want to act now. Tourists and digital nomads are more eager to travel to different locations this year than ever before. 

Luckily, there are a multitude of locations for you to visit while on a budget. Read on as we give a comprehensive guide to help you book tickets under $300 from New York to some incredible places across the world.

Exotic flying destinations

Traveling across the globe can be daunting at times. You need to learn a country’s culture, language, and sometimes adjust to a different time zone. 

Nevertheless, these locations are ideal for an exciting vacation with friends or family, regardless of when you plan to visit.

* The scheduled flights in this article depart from either JFK or EWR.

* Some of the flights are labeled as one-way flights, while some are round-trip flights. Make sure to always double-check the images. 

* Prices have been compared with some of the top websites to book cheap flights

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Google flights from New York to Mexico

The first stop on the itinerary is Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a city in the United States best recognized as the historical and cultural capital of the country's Southwest. 

And, despite having an abundance of cultural activities such as art galleries and museums, this part of the country is rarely visited by travelers even during peak season. Moreover, Santa Fe is also one of the few destinations on this list where you can book a round-trip flight for under $300.  

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: July, August, September

The Hawaiian Islands

Affordable flights from New York to Hawaii

It doesn’t take a lot to convince someone why they should visit any of the Hawaiian islands. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its world-class beaches, pristine rainforests, and raging volcanoes. Hawaii is also the perfect destination for hikers, especially if you travel to the Kauai and Kailua-Kona islands.

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: December-March

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

New York to Ecuador flights through Kayak

The Galapagos Islands are among the most famous archipelagos in the Caribbean, featuring distinctive species that you can see up close and personal due to various excursions (from diving to expeditions along the long coasts). Add that to pristine beaches, diverse cuisine, and a favorable climate the whole year round, and you have a winner.

These islands are also great for individuals wishing to unwind in the summer and enjoy the sun on the beach.

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-January, Mid-June to Late August

Puerto Escondido, México 

New York to Puerto Escondido for under $300

Puerto Escondido is another exotic destination in Mexico that never fails to disappoint and has airfares under $300. 

It boasts beautiful beaches, surfing spots, shopping centers, and a never-ending list of things to see and do! 

It’s no surprise that this beachfront Mexican town has rapidly gained popularity among tourists worldwide. It’s a perfect location to visit the whole year round thanks to its lower cost of living and warm climate. 

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: May-November


Airfares under $300 from New York to Aruba

Aruba features one of the best climates in the entire world. Even on its hottest days, the relaxing trade winds will help keep you cool. Visitors may expect consistently beautiful weather throughout the year due to the country’s location being outside the hurricane zone. 

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: December to May

Quito, Ecuador

cheap flights from New York to Quito, Ecuador

Quito is considered one of Latin America's most beautiful cities. Its architecture flawlessly blends with the colonial style of the city's oldest structures. When you combine that with a rich history, airfares under $300, and a welcoming culture, you have one of the best spots to spend your next vacation anywhere on the planet. 

Airport: EWR

Peak Season: February, June-September, November

Athens, Greece

affordable flights from New York to Greece

The oldest capital city in Europe and the capital of Greece is another exotic destination where you can book airfares for under $300. It is a place where nature, well-being, and culture all come together. 

It features fascinating cultural attractions, historic landmarks, affordable hotels, and white sandy beaches, making it a perfect destination to bring your family and satisfy everyone’s interests. 

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: April-July

The Bahamas

Airfares under $300 from New York to The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful spot for families to visit and spend a vacation. 

It’s a safe and pleasant environment for families filled with different tourist attractions. The majority of visitors that travel to the Bahamas all share the same problem; they have a hard time leaving! 

The city has more to offer than just white sandy beaches. It has a rich culture with friendly locals, colorful festivals, all-inclusive resorts, and a variety of exciting activities.

Airport: JFK

Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-April

How flight search engines can help you find low-cost flights from New York 

To stay within your budget, you'll need to be flexible with your vacation destinations due to the sudden change in the prices of airfares. 

As a regular traveler or digital nomad, if the notion of buying inexpensive tickets appeals to you, utilizing search engines will make your air travel more affordable and more accessible. 

Here’s how a search engine platform can help:

1. Configure price alerts

You don’t have to book flights many months in advance because you're afraid the rates will only rise the closer you are to your preferred travel date. Here’s a tip to ensure you get the best deals and avoid searching for different flights almost every hour: look for a search engine that has a price alert feature. 

This feature will notify you whenever the price of a ticket increases or decreases. 

The prices of tickets change daily, and every dollar counts. By using search engines, you can configure price alerts which put you in the front row for new updates on different deals.

Google Flights will even display the various flight trends as a graph.

2. Book connecting flights conveniently

Booking a connecting trip rather than a non-stop flight can save you money if you aren't in a rush to get to your desired destination. You can filter flight itineraries by non-stop, one-stop, and two-stop flights using the search engines. Flying with a combination of carriers is the best way to save money on your flight.

3. Take a look at airline specials

You might be able to get last-minute offers directly from the carrier if you wait until the final weeks to book.

Although this tip can be risky, if you do manage to time it correctly, you can save big on your next flight. This tip is contingent on the airline’s desire to sell out the remaining seats. 

The good news is that these deals don't always necessitate taking a redeye flight to save a few dollars! You can always check on search engines and find money-saving airline special deals.

Final thoughts

One of the best recommendations for securing cheaper flights is being flexible with your travel date. 

While you may be able to find last-minute deals, your options will be limited. You may quickly find more affordable flights with each trip by comparing costs and alternatives with different airlines, third-party booking sites, and even using the benefits on your credit card.

Travel is so much more than just visiting new locations and having a good time. It also opens up your horizons to new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. 

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