Amenities That Employees Want The Most At Their Office

The Amenities Employees Want in an Office Space

While starting a new business or launching a startup is exciting, it also requires plenty of planning and strategy to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Choosing an office space that is optimal not only for your business model, but also to attract the talent you intend to hire, is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur and business owner. Knowing what amenities to consider for the office space is essential to create the best atmosphere and working environment for your team and all the employees you plan to bring onboard in the future. 

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Location, Location, Location

The location of your office space can ultimately mean the difference between running a business that begins to stagnate or scaling much faster than expected. Research various urban and rural areas near you to compare start-up costs as well as population and foot traffic. Consider a local city for startups and small businesses, especially if your target consumers are within the demographics that frequent neighborhoods nearest you. Choosing the right location is one of the biggest decisions you will make as you move forward with your plans to grow and scale your company.

Nearby Dining and Entertainment

Renting an office space in a desolate area is not likely to attract top performers. Choose to rent your office space in an area that is attractive to the demographics you intend to hire. Seek out office space that is within walking distance to popular restaurants, bars, and even venues for local music and entertainment. 

Surrounding Culture

If you have plans to hire demographics that typically skew younger in age, it is important to consider the cultural elements you intend to implement throughout your office space and workplace. Much of the younger generations have an affinity for an appreciation of a variety of cultures. As important as it is to provide employees with necessary amenities, it’s advisable to consider cultural elements to create a truly welcoming environment for all.

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On-Demand Beverages

High-quality coffee, flavored water, and even kombucha on tap have all made their way into hip and modern offices today. Offering employees delicious and high-quality beverages at any time throughout the day is a great way to provide incentives and motivation for little cost. Consider investing in a high end coffee maker, kombucha or seasonal beverages that everyone will enjoy. Offer a variety of teas and sports drinks to appeal to all employees who work for you, regardless of their tastes and lifestyles.

Fun Activities

When you want your employees to feel excited and proud to come to work, consider offering free time and downtime during traditional schedules and workdays. Ping pong tables, faux slot machines, and even complete video game console systems are all fun activities that can be used while at work. Providing your employees with space to relax and unwind is a way to keep them motivated and happy to be working for you. When employees feel trapped, suffocated, and without a work/life balance, they are less likely to remain productive or to give their everyday tasks and responsibilities their full attention at all times.

Fast Internet 

Having a fast internet connection with excellent Wi-Fi is imperative for any business today. If you intend to rent a space within a large building, inquire about potential plans, packages, and deals available for tenants of the building you choose. In larger cities and buildings there are often deals and discounts for entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking top speeds and the highest of quality internet connections.

Comfortable Workplace Temperature

Employees are much more likely to thrive and remain productive when they are doing so in an office space that is comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside and current season. Always maintain a comfortable workplace temperature, allowing employees to share their input and personal opinions. Keeping the office space you rent too cool is better than too warm, it's much easier for individuals to layer clothing than it is to get cool.

While not all office spaces operate the same, many new office spaces and companies with a modern culture are implementing amenities for employees more than ever. With an idea of the type of workplace culture you want to build and a thorough understanding of your business model, create an office space and work environment that is truly sought after and desired by employees.

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