The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the busiest places in the world. Beautiful temples and shrines, iconic Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, small fishing villages, bullet trains, the best sushi in the world, a trusting and respectful culture. The list of amazing thing to love about Tokyo just goes on and on!

The Japanese have a legendary culture for working extremely hard. Japan creates trends that are reflected around the world. Perhaps not surprisingly, they have quickly gone from hardly any coworking spaces in the country to an estimate of up to 560 as of December 2021.

Here are the best coworking spaces in Tokyo:

If you're headed there and need to find the best coworking spaces in Tokyo, here are our recommendations. In no particular order, of course.

Noblesse Oblige

best coworking spaces in tokyo

To begin with, we have Noblesse Oblige. This coworking space provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other professionals with a relaxed workplace. That way, they can be more productive.

One customer also shared on a Google review they have awesome coffee there, which significantly adds to its homey vibe. So if you love enjoying caffeine while working, you know where to go.

Address: 2-28 Azumakamicho, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture Daiichi Mitoya Building 3F
Contact number: 04-7197-5600
Email: [email protected]

Hanare Hibarigaoka

Secondly, we have Hanare Hibarigaoka - a coworking space where all are welcome to work, study, or have meetings. Actually, even kids are allowed to enter for free, if accompanied by adults. They've also been conducting "programming dojo" classes for children since 2012.

Address: 5-7-2 Kurihara, Niiza-shi Saitama-ken
Contact number: 042-439-6004
Email: [email protected]

Kurkku Home

The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo blog img

Thirdly, Kurkku Home is a coworking space ideal for creatives. Their official website describes it "stylish space full of greenery." They have their flexible desks, small offices, and one floor office for rent. In addition, the place also has a small kitchen and a lounge where you can relax while taking your break.

Clearly, Kurkku Home is one of the best coworking spaces in Tokyo.

Address: 2 Chome-18-21 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Contact number: 03-6804-3944
Email: [email protected]

Portal Point Harajuku

Next, we have Portal Point. Established in 2012, the place has gained fame for offering a "new standard" when it comes to coworking. Needless to say, its Harajuku location surely continues the said tradition.

Here, individuals have the option of using coworking services such as free or dedicated desks. Teams, on the other hand, may choose to go for the office or corporate member plans.

Address: 3 Chome-51-10 Sendagaya, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Contact number: 03-6804-3944
Email: [email protected]

Connecting The Dots

The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo blog img

Meanwhile, the official Connecting The Dots website tells us that this business is more than a coworking space. In fact, it's an "activity base for startups" and a "venue for seminars and events." Most importantly, it's also "a place for information exchange."

CTD truly values community above all. They even have accountants who work together with lawyers to help clients by providing free entrepreneurship and management consultation.

Address: 1 Chome-20-7 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Contact number: 03-6416-0596
Email: [email protected]


Generally, Tanemaki's clientele has always been very diverse over the years. Besides, their place has become a favorite destination for accountants, artists, entrepreneurs, video game creators, writers, and many more. It's definitely an amazing place for collaboration, learning, and growth.

In any case, you can sign up for a free trial if you're interested about giving Tanemaki a try.

Address: Sunny Court Yokohama 1F , 1-3-10 Okano, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Email: [email protected]

Hapon Shinjuku

best coworking spaces in tokyo

"Hapon," which literally translates to "Japan," proudly embraces the country's culture. Since 2011, the brand has made a name for providing fully-equipped, Japan-flavored workspaces for their customers. Users particularly love the interior design.

As can be seen in the photo here, they incorporated the Japanese archipelago in their wooden furniture - which is is considered pure genius by many. What's more, the meeting space has tatami mats, allowing you and your team to sit on the floor, in true traditional Japanese fashion. Lastly, book lovers will likewise dig the fact that Hapon has a bookshelf filled with a great selection of books. Plus the place offers calligraphy classes for interested learners.

Address: 5F, Musashi Building, 7-4-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Contact number: 03-3363-3623
Email: [email protected]


In its website, Cahootz describes itself as a "working community for freelancers and small businesses." With this in mind, it's a good idea to rent this coworking space regardless if you're a professional or a startup owner. Their meeting rooms are equally perfect for gathering your team members or for meeting with your clients.

Address: 2-1-17-101, Tamon-dori, Chuo-ku,Kobe, Hyogo
Contact number: 78-599-5809
Email: [email protected]

Shake Hands

best coworking spaces in tokyo

As you can probably tell from their name, Shake Hands is all about building and strengthening connections. The place guarantees the combination of strong WiFi and comfy space to ensure users with productivity. Furthermore, they have free drinks for all their customers.

Feel free to come in and use Shake Hands, whether as an office, a study room, or even as a meeting room.

Address: 〒730-0031 1-4-5 Kamiyacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City Winnies Kamiyacho 3F
Contact number: 82-246-1340
Email: [email protected]

Pax Coworking

Known as Tokyo's first coworking space, Pax Coworking was built in 2010. The brand has since contributed much to the growth of the coworking industry. For them, coworking is defined as work plus community.

Pax Coworking is, undeniably, among the best coworking spaces in Tokyo.

Address: Hota 350-4 Kyonan-machi Awa-gun, Chiba
Contact number: 80-3700-8900
Email: via website

Vacancy Office

best coworking spaces in tokyo

In Gotonda, Vacancy Office is "a cozy space where users from different industries can work." According to a recent Google review, its a great environment for "interaction." The customer also added that the atmosphere is "comfortable" and that the cost is "reasonable."

Address: 4-1-7 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, 141-0032 1F / 2F Bakery Office Gotanda
Contact number: 80-7000-0129
Email: [email protected]


In similar fashion with the other coworking spaces, Kokemusazu offers a nice environment for those looking for an alternative to traditional office or a home office. The cozy vibe and the reliable internet connection ensures you can maximize your stay in the place. Whether you're planning to use coworking services or to meet with your clients., Kokemusazu can be ideal for you.

If you're looking for the best coworking spaces in Tokyo, this has to be one of them.

Address: 〒166-0002 3-1-9 Koenjikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Aoda Building 102
Contact number: 03-6383-0144
Email: [email protected]

Lightning Spot

best coworking spaces in tokyo

Launched in 2011, Lightning Spot is one of Shibuya's coworking pioneers. Furthermore, it claims to be the cheapest. The company aims to support digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers by providing them with a great workplace and an encouraging community.

Address: Sakagami building 7F, 3-27-15 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact number: 120-958-175
Email: [email protected]

Co-working space Kayabacho Co-Edo

Co-working space Kayabacho Co-Edo is conveniently located within walking distance from Nihonbashi Station, Suitengumae Station, and Hatchobori Station. A premium plan gives you access to this coworking space for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, a standard plan allows you to work during business hours.

Drinks are free but feel free to bring your own food and drinks if you feel like it.

Address: 5th floor, PA Building , 1-3-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact number: 03-5542-0470
Email: [email protected]

Sakura Works

best coworking spaces in tokyo

Sakura Works offers shared offices, conference rooms, and seminar rooms. Whether you're a startup owner aiming to get your business running or a freelancer wanting to work at a nice workplace, this space could be ideal for you.

Address: 5th floor, PA Building , 1-3-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact number: 45-664-9009
Email: [email protected]


With four locations in Tokyo, you won't have any trouble looking for Midori-so. The business serves members "from different jobs, nationalities, and interests." In this place, they get to achieve maximum productivity while growing their network.

Address: 3 Chome-3-11 Aobadai, Meguro City, Tokyo
Email: via website


The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo blog img

Mono is a space for testing prototypes. You can rent their coworking office for your business for 24-hour windows. You can also hold large scale events (such as product launches) in this venue.

Address: 2-5-10 Aomi Telecom Center Building 14F Koto-ku, Tokyo,
Contact number: 3-6426-0955
Email: via website

Osakan Space

A dormitory-type environment, Osakan Space is filled with about half of their members in tech and the other half are in various fields including corporate employees, photographers, writers, teachers, and a variety of friendly members.

Address: 10F, Daiya Building, 3-6-2 Bigo-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0051
Email: [email protected]


The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo blog img

Born in a shipbuilding dock site in Yokohama Minato Mirai, Bukatsudo has created a club and home base for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup teams. Without a doubt, their clean, attractive space continues to be a draw for customers.

Address: 2 Chome-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-
Contact number: 45-681-2880
Email: [email protected]

Portal Open The Office!

Relax like you're at the cafe and work efficiently like you're at home without the distractions. At Portal Open The Office!, you will feel inspired merely by being surrounded by fellow coworkers in various fields and industries.

Address: 1-17-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TOC 2nd Building 3F
Contact number: 03-6427-5892
Email: [email protected]

Fab Cafe

The Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo blog img

The Fab Cafe is full of fun and an infectious spirit. The company is all about meeting other like-minded people. For this reason, Fab Cafe is known for its "creative community."

Address: 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Dogenzaka Pier 1F
Contact number: 03-6416-9190
Email: via website

Pasela Cowork

Finally, we have Pasela Cowork. This provider specializes in custom options for teams. Where you would need a private office in most coworking spaces, they simply offer private booths in the open space like a restaurant. Not to mention that they also have fantastic coworking spaces for individuals such as the free areas and the capsule booths.

Address: 4-2-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Anshin Oyado Premier Shinjuku Ekimae
Contact number: 0120-366-097
Email: via website

In conclusion...

There are, in reality, so many terrific options if you're looking for the best coworking spaces in Tokyo. In other words, we've merely scratched the surface!

In general, all you have to do is to check out which ones have the amenities and features you prefer. Of course, it's equally important that you look for those that are within your budget range so you can avoid breaking the bank. Feel free to browse the websites or call the numbers we've listed to be sure.

As a result, you can then make the most of your time, unlock your full potential, and enjoy all the benefits that come with coworking.

In case you're curious, go check out other coworking spaces to revolve your travel around in Asia.

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