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In the past decade, nothing has changed the way we communicate as much as social media. And in the world of business, nothing has had such a huge impact on the way companies handle marketing. As more companies launched SM marketing efforts, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn added innovative ways to boost business growth. This article focuses on an excellent example - best use of hashtags. 

One thing that many of us take for granted, but is widely used and incredibly useful on social media is the hashtag (#). Since its introduction on Twitter around 2007, this symbol has persisted, becoming one of the most popular and effective features. What’s more, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be replaced any time soon.

While they work on the same principle across social media, there are variations in the best use of hashtags for each platform. So, for example, if you learn what hashtags to use on TikTok, you will be able to run a more successful campaign for your brand on the platform. If you want to improve your marketing on Twitter, you should learn the best use of hashtags there, and so on.

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Benefits of best use of hashtags for business SM accounts

Millions of companies use social media networks to: 

  • raise brand awareness
  • grow their business 
  • increase their reach 
  • target audiences more precisely 
  • build strong relationships with their customers 
  • build loyalty

… and so much more. Knowing the best use of hashtags can help you do all of this – better and faster. This means that there are countless reasons why you should incorporate them into your social media marketing strategy. Because not taking advantage of them is disregarding the real potential they offer to your brand.

Hashtags help you reach active users seeking content matching what you want to communicate to potential customers, short of paying for ads. And since people voluntarily decide to search for content on a subject and browse through posts carrying them, you may even reach some people whose accounts don’t exactly match your targeting criteria. 

Why is effective SM marketing so important? 

Good social media marketing is a vital element of a rich, winning online presence. One of the most critical concepts in this new way of marketing is organic traffic. It’s precisely what makes digital marketing so special and different from traditional marketing. 

Paid ads can be annoying to some people. In contrast, when they stumble upon you more naturally, aka more organically, they are much more likely to pay attention to what you have to say and offer. They are more likely to start following your content, engage with you, and eventually become customers; loyal to your brand and willing participants in the promotion of your content, brand, products and/or services.

This is where best use of hashtags is an excellent way to gain attention. 

Other things that you can gain by best use of hashtags include:

  • Grouping and classifying content
  • Identifying new potential clients
  • Analyzing demand
  • Improving the profile of your ideal buyer
  • Monitoring posts and conversations about your brand and/or relevant subjects
  • Determining possible issues
  • Creating campaigns and promotions
  • Inspiring engagement  

Best use of hashtags depending on the platform

One mistake many businesses with a presence on multiple platforms make is simply copying and pasting the same text on all their accounts. Users on each platform have different expectations and preferences, and not only regarding content.  

As mentioned, to have a noticeable effect, best use of hashtags requires a different approach for each social network. However, there are some common things between them: Don’t overuse them, don’t use annoying hashtags, create a hashtag for your brand and promote it, and so on.

Twitter was the first social network to introduce hashtags, and today we can’t imagine the platform without it. Posts on this platform shouldn’t contain more than three hashtags. Similarly, on Facebook, you should be sparing with hashtags - don’t go over two. TikTok users can typically tolerate up to five. Users on the other visual-content-based platform, Instagram, are used to seeing many hashtags below posts. Nevertheless, around ten is more than enough, and keeping it as low as 3 or 4 is even better. 


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Final thoughts on best use of hashtags

Hashtags are important for anyone seeking popularity on social media, regardless of the reason. But for businesses, best use of hashtags can help increase the number of relevant followers and engagement rate - plus ultimately boost sales. It’s very popular and, best of all, completely free!

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