Best Ways To Boost Brand Awareness With Social Media

Brand Awareness

Among the many benefits of digital platforms is the limitless information immediately available to users. There are infinite resources for academic pursuits. One of which is accessible data for those who want to discover more about anything they are personally interested in. Product research is one of the most popular online activities: the majority of social browsers rely on social media to find information on goods or services that they are thinking about purchasing. How do you boost brand awareness with social media?

Multiple platforms are allowing brands to showcase their offerings and letting consumers share their reviews. To date, it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to improve their brand awareness. Consumers of all ages look at these postings! Reviews found online are considered reliable by 84% of consumers, so it’s more important than ever for businesses to make a serious effort to increase awareness of their brand further.

To better boost your business, here are a few social media brand awareness tips that you can try out:

Fine-tune your pages

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With over three billion people using social media, it’s in the best interest of your business to keep your pages updated. This will help boost your customer's brand awareness when you use social media. Consumers often use social media to learn more about products and services they consider purchasing. Keeping your pages up to date with your business information can help your audience get in touch with you. Moreover, with this approach, they can start transactions with your brand.

Some businesses have created social media profiles but might not update them frequently or haven’t updated them. As the world dives deeper into digital platforms, updating your social media pages can prove vital to your business's success. It is because billions of customers (and potential ones) use it daily. 

Having all information on your website can significantly help push your prospective clients toward buying your products or services. Ensure that your contact number, addresses, and the list of services are all the updated versions. 

Create substantial posts

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Social media allows businesses to share information with their audience and better connect with them through conversations and content creation. When companies create content that resonates with their audience, their followers appreciate them more. 86% of consumers are more likely to support brands that show authenticity. Rather than opting for usual marketing content, you can share stories about your business and its people. When customers know that you care about them (and not just their money), your reputation earns a well-deserved boost.

Businesses can create some content: informative posts, storytelling posts, and engagement posts. For example, a cleaning service could share what types of cleaning products they shouldn’t mix. It could also be how often homeowners should clean out their vacuums. Family food establishments could share stories of how long they’ve been in operation. They could further share why their family started their business. They can also talk about how they continue to grow, and how great the journey has been.

Content creators can also post engagement posts to boost their brand awareness on social media. These include asking for opinions or preferences of their followers, whether it be via polls, comments, or even response videos. Creating content that matters can boost people’s positive perception of your business.

Use powerful hashtags

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This social media super tool first emerged on Twitter in 2007. Presently, it's virtually available on every social media platform to categorize posts of similar topics and interests together. Using the right hashtags can help you extend your reach beyond the people who already follow you. Others who admire your content and products will also have the chance to see your posts on their feed with the help of news feed algorithms. Using hashtags on Instagram posts results in about 80% interaction! Businesses can reach more significant numbers of people who are more likely to be interested in them.

Different websites have different rules on hashtags, though, so make sure that you learn how to use them effectively on each one. Some platforms block or disable accounts with too many hashtags because they seem “spammy.” Instagram allows up to 30, Facebook allows unlimited, and so does Twitter (as long as it fits within character limits). However, just because this many are allowed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use all of them. The best option is to use anything from 2 to 5, depending on the platform. Getting even a basic grasp of how algorithms and trends work on each platform can help you maximize the use of each site.

Engage with your audience

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Perhaps one of the best ways to boost awareness of your brand is by engaging with your audience. After updating your page, posting quality content, and utilizing hashtags, one more thing that you can do is interact with the people who comment on your posts and do the same for others. Interacting with similar accounts can help boost your brand awareness. Other ways to engage with your audience are by using the numerous story features available, like polls, questions, answers, or even fun quizzes.


Developing a two-way communication street with your followers can help show your authenticity, build trust, and boost brand awareness.

If you feel that you haven’t been making the most of social media, don’t fret — it takes time to learn how to use it in a way that your audience finds entertaining and informative. Equip yourself with the necessary information and tools to ensure that you’re prepared to learn social media marketing hands-on. Read to know more about digital marketing and how it can help your business succeed.

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