Blog Ghostwriter: How And Why You Need To Hire One

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Ever considered hiring a blog ghostwriter? You should, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur having difficulties maintaining an active blog for your business. Besides, blogging is one of the most important ingredients of a successful digital marketing campaign today.

“Not only does blogging drive website traffic and promote your products and services,” points out Hubspot. “It also helps you build trust with your potential customers.”

You may love writing and you probably want to continue reaping the benefits of an updated business blog. However, you also know that time is precious as a business owner. There are thousands of things competing for your attention on a regular basis. You’re constantly wearing different hats and sometimes, being a blogger has to be on the backburner. Writing content consistently just requires a different level of discipline and commitment.

A freelance blogger can do the work and help boost your brand online while you focus on growing your startup.

What is a blog ghostwriter?

So, what exactly is a blog ghostwriter? Job search website Indeed gives us this definition:

“A ghostwriter is an individual who writes copy on behalf of another person and isn't credited for their work. Instead, the credit goes to the person or company they represented in writing.”

They can help manage your business blog by producing regular content on your behalf. Other than that, they can also handle other tasks like writing promotional emails, guest post articles, speeches, or even e-books. As mentioned, they do not get bylines for any of their work. They should also keep their lips sealed about it even if non-disclosure agreements aren’t in place. Discretion is implied by the very term, ’ghostwriter’.  

The advantages of hiring a blog ghostwriter

There are many valid reasons for hiring a full-time or freelance blogger. Consider the following:

You can save a lot of time

The first obvious perk, of course, is that you get to save time. As a result, you can devote your energy into your company instead of being occupied with keeping a blog updated. You can fill your role as a business owner better as you personally deal with matters that demand your immediate action and attention. You can, for instance, spend more time training your team members, handling customer concerns, or dealing with potential investors.

The possibilities are certainly endless. Needless to say, getting a paid blogger to help you out is definitely a worthwhile investment. You won’t have to spend hours in front of your computer and you get to enjoy all the other amazing benefits mentioned below.  

Fresh blogs = new social media content

With a regular stream of new blogs, you also get new content to share on your social media channels. This allows you the opportunity to connect and engage with your target audience. You are, after all, giving people something to read, comment on, and share online.

In short, you stay visible in your followers’ feeds. And when you’re producing relevant content, this also increases your chances of attracting more of your potential market.

A social media marketing campaign done right can really make a big difference for your startup. With content delivered efficiently by your blog ghostwriter, your strategy is constantly being steered in the right direction.

You establish a reputation as an authority in your niche

Regardless of your industry, you want to build a solid reputation as an expert in your niche. You may be selling health products, sports goods, wooden furniture, or anything else. The point is, you want your audience to trust your opinion.

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With your guidance, your ghostwriter can produce content on topics you want covered on your blog. You can, for example, send links as resources to kickstart a writer’s research about certain subjects. Additionally, you can work together in creating a content calendar for a more structured output.

With quality content, you get to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

You have higher chances of improving your sales and Google rankings

With more and more people visiting your site, you also get to see improvements in your earnings. According to a study by Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers “viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.”

As far as your online presence goes, regular blogging could likewise result in your site gaining better search engine rankings.

Entrepreneur explains it this way:

“Although Google prefers fresh content, even an older page that’s regularly updated may pop up higher than a fresh page. So, blogging frequently adds to the repository.”

A dependable blog ghostwriter makes all that possible for you. Typically, these professionals have SEO knowledge and implement proper practices that lead to your site’s optimization.

Where to find blog ghostwriters

You can check out different outsourcing and freelancing platforms online such as:

Important reminders before hiring a blog ghostwriter

When looking for the right ghostwriter, you want someone with a proven track record. While most of them will not talk about past projects (even the high-profile ones) because of confidentiality contracts, you can always ask for their portfolios. They’d gladly show you writing samples they are permitted to show, such as those where they get bylines.

Hire someone who isn’t only a competent writer but can adapt to your existing blog posts’ tone and style. More than that, make sure that the individual is reliable and is capable of meeting deadlines. Do your best in assessing the applicant’s experience, expertise, and personality. Your goal is to find someone who’ll be a perfect fit for your business.

In her Forbes article, Leaders Press CEO Alinka Rutkowska also emphasized how crucial communication is when it comes to hiring ghostwriters.

“One of the most important attributes I look for in our team members is solid communication skills. Is your ghostwriter communicating with you often and well? Are you getting feedback that makes you confident they can handle the job?... Honesty and transparency are of paramount importance, and you can ascertain them only if you’re able to communicate clearly.”

Best of luck on your search for the blog ghostwriter that matches your requirements!

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