Top Websites to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World

Top Websites to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World

Want to know where you can easily book cheap flights? 

Many of us have tried using different strategies for budget airfares. But, in reality, prices depend on demand, not on the day or time you try to book a flight.  

The only problem now is, with so many options, will you need a dozen tabs open to find the best ticket prices? 

Unfortunately, this is certainly a possibility. There is no single website that consistently offers the lowest prices. 

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer that time-consuming process anymore. We’ve done all the dirty work for you! 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top booking websites you can trust to book cheap flights to anywhere in the world. 

The best sites to book cheap flights under $100

The web is brimming with different flight search engines. Aside from booking directly with one of the top airlines, the following sites will help you uncover the cheapest airfare prices.

1. Google Flights

google flights logo

Google Flights is just like any other flight search engine. You enter your travel dates, the number of passengers, and the class of service you desire. Once you click search, you’re given a multitude of options from different airlines initially sorted by the best flights available. It then shows the duration of the flight, number of stopovers, and available airlines.

If you don’t have any desired target date or location, Google Flights is a great option. 

For starters, they have an ‘explore destination’ feature. This guides you to the cheapest airfares around the next six months from your starting point to other popular destinations. 

It also has the following features:

Flexible calendar:

This feature allows you to find the cheapest flights up to 11 months in advance. It does this by automatically adjusting the travel dates depending on your desired duration. 

Price alert

This feature is best suited for individuals who are in no rush to travel. Google will send alerts to your Gmail when the prices of tickets increase or decrease. 

Travel guide

This feature takes away all the stress of planning a vacation. Google provides the top places to visit when traveling to a certain location. It even provides the expected climate in a given month, available activities, and the average prices for hotels.

Greener flights

For every search made, Google highlights flights with airplanes with lower carbon emissions.  


  • Doesn’t display prices of all online travel agencies (OTAs)
  • On rare occasions, it can show ghost flight schedules 

2. Expedia

expedia travel logo

Expedia is an online travel agent that helps you book and plan a worry-free vacation. Like Google Flights, Expedia has a flexible calendar to see if cheaper flights are available on certain dates. 

It also has the following features:

Easy rebooking and cancellation of flights

There are two easy options when rebooking or canceling your flight on Expedia. You can either call their hotline or log in to your Expedia account and click on the itinerary page. 

Bundled products

This feature gives you the luxury to find the best packages for your trip. It includes everything from accommodation and must-see tourist attractions to car rentals and airport transportation. 

Expedia rewards 

Expedia has a free membership program with three options: blue, silver, and gold. 

With every booking (flight, hotel, cruise, car rental, or activity) done via their site, you collect trip elements. This helps you grow your reward points and reach higher membership levels for more perks. 

To know more about their membership features and perks, click here


  • Lacks customer service representatives
  • Unreliable cancellation policies
  • Displays third-party advertisements

3. Skyscanner 

Skyscanner logo

Skyscanner is one of the best ways to book cheap flights. It is a simple, user-friendly website filled with features to ensure you save money on your next trip. Enter your desired location and dates, and it scours different airlines and online travel agencies to find the cheapest flights, car rentals, and hotels.  

It also has the following features:

Price alerts

Sets an alert to your desired location for when fares increase or decrease. 

Traveler reviews

Skyscanner makes sure to keep everything transparent. Travelers who book through their site can individually rate each experience on their trip. This makes it easier for you to mix and match the best services for a once in a lifetime experience. 

Greener flights

Like Google Flights, this feature helps you filter for airplanes with lower carbon dioxide emissions for a more eco-friendly trip. 

View all available options that match your budget and preferred dates. 


  • Unreliable OTAs
  • Displays advertisements
  • Occasionally displays ghost flight schedules
  • Outdated calendar for less-searched tourist destinations

4. Kayak 

Top Websites to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World blog img

Kayak is a search engine designed to help travelers find the best journey options available. Once you submit your search, you can easily filter the results depending on your needs: number of stops, payment methods, airlines, and your preferred travel booking site. 

It also has the following features:

Business mode

Kayak now offers a free ‘business mode’ feature for companies with frequent fliers. Once you submit a search, you can view your company’s policies to get flights approved at the touch of a button. It also allows you to avail of hotel corporate rates, and see which hotels have been recommended by your coworkers.


Available with every business membership, Kayak’s virtual assistant allows you to do even more: build itineraries, do online check-in, and share your trip with friends and family. 

Real-time updates

This Kayak feature will keep you up-to-speed on any cancellations, delays, or gate changes on your flight.

Travel restrictions

It can be difficult to keep track of every country’s travel restrictions. Kayak’s latest travel restrictions feature shows you the entry requirements of every country depending on your starting point. What’s more, it also shows each country’s vaccination statistics.


  • Displays third-party advertisements
  • Slow loading speed
  • Hotel search results rely heavily on third-party booking sites

5. Momondo

Top Websites to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World blog img

Momondo is a branch of Booking Holdings Inc, the same company that manages Kayak. Similar to its famous counterpart, it is a metasearch engine offering flights, hotels, car rentals, and holiday packages. It also offers some of the features available on Kayak such as travel restriction details, price assistance, and trips.

It also has the following features:

This feature allows flexible travelers to browse different locations that meet their budgets. 

Momondo Places

This feature is available on a separate app which allows users to see recommendations even when offline. It helps users find the best bars, restaurants, and beaches without having to do all the research themselves. 

Flight insights

This allows travelers to analyze data to find the cheapest flights. It shows the following:

  • Cheapest day to depart
  • Most affordable month to fly
  • Cheapest airline
  • How far ahead you should book
  • Most affordable time of day to fly
Price forecast

After every search, Momondo will include a price forecast of whether your desired date is the cheapest day to buy a ticket. It will provide you with notes saying ‘prices may soon drop’ or ‘now is a great time to book’.


  • Slow loading speed
  • Sometimes misleading prices (check the small print!)

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