Boost Morale by Doing These Fun Creatives at Work

Want to boost the morale of your workforce? Looking for fun, creative ideas to spice things up in the workplace to get everyone excited to go to work?

In any work setting, performing routine tasks day in and day out is part of the job. It can even turn your employees into seasoned experts in their field. However, it can also feel boring, causing them to fall into a creative rut.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on what goes on in the workplace, you’ll immediately recognize when employee morale is low - a decline in productivity, high turnover rates, low participation, a negative attitude, and excessive absenteeism are just some of the visible signs to be wary of.

In this article, we’ll give you different approaches and creative ideas your business should implement in the workplace to help skyrocket everyone’s morale the whole year round.

What are the different approaches you can try?

1. Assess your management and leadership skills

man in suit talking

One of the leading causes of low morale is bad leadership. As an employer and leader, it’s important to press the right buttons to keep the engine running. You have to hold yourself accountable and make changes when needed if you want better results. 

Does this mean you have to overwhelm yourself and change the overall business operations in a day or week? Of course not! This isn’t a boxing match where you're stuck in a ring left to figure out everything by yourself - think of it more as a basketball team building towards a championship. The secret is to start by building on your strengths of those of your team; once everyone’s roles have been clearly defined, that’s when you look into hiring new talent to plug any weaknesses you’ve identified in your team.

2. Invest in training sessions, seminars, and workshops

a team of employees in a workshop

As employees gain long-serving status with your business, they may tend to lose a desire to learn or do more than what’s required of them. You might say: “The reason they’ve stayed in the business for so long is that they’re comfortable with what they do,” and we do agree with that but only to a certain degree. Here’s why. 

Yes, this may encourage employee retention, but the truth is, we live in a very innovative world. If you stand by your employees using a typewriter or sending mail through the post, for example, instead of using a computer to send documents because it’s what they’re ‘comfortable with,’ then you won’t do your business any good in the long run.  

Investing time and resources for your employees to participate in training sessions, seminars, or workshops will ultimately pay off for everyone involved. For your employees, it helps keep their minds active due to learning new skills and makes them feel valued as an employee knowing you're investing in the advancement of their careers instead of hiring new members to the team.  

For you, as an employer, investing in workshops fosters growth, improves business culture, and helps you retain the right employees.

3. Ask for the input of others

woman volunteering to give her answer

Communication is a two-way street. Whether you’re talking to a family member, friend, or colleague, everyone just wants their voice to be heard. Being open to the thoughts and ideas of your employees on a particular subject will help them feel more involved in the business and enhance team morale and engagement. As renowned author and businesswoman Dr. Eunice Carew once said: “The natural result of utilizing different perspectives is that people are more engaged.”

But if you just want to strike a conversation with them but don’t know how to start, here’s a couple of questions you can ask to get your employees to speak up:

  • Are you satisfied with how everything is run in the workplace?
  • How has your experience been with the company?
  • What was it about our company that made you choose to work here?
  • What can I do to make your job more rewarding?
  • Is this role helping you get closer to your dreams?

4. Show support in trying to improve their well-being 

woman talking to psychiatrist

One of the pivotal factors an employee looks for in choosing a company is how it can help them achieve a perfect work-life balance. As an employer, if you want to boost morale, you have to say goodbye to the old adage of telling your employees to leave the issues of their personal life at home. 

Your employees are human; they will go through a series of mood swings that can sometimes affect their willingness to work. Demonstrate to them that you care for their well-being by showing empathy and understanding. This will take the pressure off their shoulders knowing they have a leader who looks after their best interests. 

If you want to take it a step further, here are some other programs you can introduce to support your employees’ overall wellness:      

  • Offer flexible leave policies
  • Experiment with a work from home or hybrid setup
  • Remind them of the benefits your company offers 
  • Discourage them from working overtime unless essential
  • Have programs to support their mental health 
  • Have programs to support their physical health 

5. Recognize personal milestones and achievements

people cheering on another person's achievement

If you have a hard time recognizing an employee for their good work because ‘your team is too large’ or ‘you don’t want to because you’d have to do it for everybody else,’ then you should already have a good indicator of why your team morale is low. This can be the easiest approach to improve employee morale, yet most employers don’t do it or fail to do it right. You don’t have to throw a party or an exclusive meeting every time an employee has a personal milestone or achievement; people respond differently to recognition. What most employers fail to do when recognizing their employees is asking them how they want to be recognized. If you can’t find the time to ask them this simple question, you may need to go back to approach number 1.   

Fun, creative ideas

  • Company outing

Company outings will encourage your employees to interact with each other outside office hours. There are plenty of different activities you can do with your team: watching a sports event, karaoke, bowling, beach getaway, or any other activity where everyone can relax, bond, and unwind.

  • Theme your workdays
employees in a Christmas party

Boost team morale by mixing up different days of the week with themed contests to get everyone excited for an upcoming season, anniversary, or holiday. You don’t have to limit yourself to doing themed work days only when there is an upcoming holiday, be creative and come up with monthly challenges for longer engagement and participation from your team.

  • Outreach programs
outreach program

Sometimes, the easiest way to boost morale in your workforce is to support a good cause. When your business actively supports a charity or movement, employees feel good that they work for a brand that cares about creating a positive social impact.

  • Group exercise sessions

Exercising does more than tone your body. It can also be a great mood booster and team bonding activity! It can be difficult to stay motivated if you exercise individually - but if you take on a challenge with some of your colleagues, you’ll hold each other accountable and have someone to fire you up to help you get the most out of your exercise sessions.     

Why are these approaches and ideas important?

Morale plays an important role in the level of motivation, performance, and engagement of your employees. Listening to their ideas and opinions and involving them in team bonding activities will create a calmer working atmosphere and show them that you care as much about their welfare as you do about the business itself. 

The secret’s already out: Happy and motivated employees are integral to a business’ success. As their leader, it’s important to have appropriate, innovative ideas in your back pocket to keep your employees inspired to go the extra mile to help your business grow and succeed.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.” - Napoleon Hill

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