How Breaking Traditions Can Help Your Business

Don't get fooled into thinking that tradition is better than innovation in the context of business. Traditions are comfortable and familiar. But breaking traditions can actually be a very good idea for your business - for so many reasons.

The urge to stick to old techniques is often detrimental to a company's progress... You must evolve with the trends or risk getting left behind.

In this article, we share different methods you should keep in mind once you start breaking traditions to help your business thrive.

Identify out-of-date practices

man thinking about what to do

There are three primary variables to consider when deciding whether or not to break traditions to seek advancement and innovation:

  1. Fully understand your expertise

Determine whether there is a need to review your practices and break traditions.

  1. Take a look at how your business compares with the competition

Find practices that were once ideal for your business, but have become pointless because of the advancement of technology and methods of your competitors.  

  1. Seek assistance 

Determine which traditions are no longer serving you effectively by involving your employees, customers, and stakeholders. As a leader in the organization, it's easy to fall in love with what used to work.

When you involve employees and consumers, they can identify development prospects that you couldn’t. Breaking traditions may well be the only way forward.

Take the Lead

1. Run tests to see if a tradition is still effective

Long-standing traditions can be beneficial and do not always need to be completely abandoned. You may reinterpret them to meet your current goals and objectives. 

2. Remember that change isn't always a reaction to the past 

You can improve almost every process and method, resulting in waste reduction, shorter cycle times, and higher customer satisfaction, among others. 

However, the first barrier to overcome in breaking traditions is simply realizing that there is a better way to do a certain process. 

3. Hire a professional 

Many business executives fail to execute change when they sense the need for it because they lack the appropriate skills and knowledge. 

You don’t need to manage every aspect of your business. Focus on your strengths and hire someone with years of experience under their belt to mentor and train your staff..

How to keep your business growth sustainable

Growth benefits both organizations and their customers because it gives staff more opportunities and resources to innovate. It's no surprise, then, that practically every company's principal goal is to expand. 

Many businesses are striving to grow after setbacks to recover profits and stabilize their operations quickly. Others see growth as a strategy to gain market share, take advantage of changes in consumer behavior, or lay the groundwork for long-term success.

But, achieving business growth is challenging to attain and even harder to maintain, as any executive will tell you — and not for lack of ambition or effort. 

Collaboration throughout the organization is essential. It helps achieve revolutionary growth. This happens thanks to the work of marketing and sales teams, product and service executives, and customer service personnel who’ll ensure a positive customer experience

Even if you succeed in breaking traditions, you'll need to find ways to keep your business growing. Here are some pointers to assist your company in laying a solid foundation for long-term success:

1. Hire the best team

man shaking the hand of an employee

A business can’t expand without the appropriate people, and maintaining momentum over time is extremely difficult. 

People are at the heart of the business, and without the right people, a company can’t grow and mature. It is frequently required to renew an organization's talent pool to support the organization's business plan and the specific needs of its clients.

Consider the following questions when you reassess your workforce's abilities:

  • Are your current employees serving your clients' needs? 
  • Are they opening up opportunities to help your company grow and thrive?
  • Do you put your employees in the best situation for them to thrive?
  • Are your employees motivated to help you achieve your business goals?

2. Foster efficiency in operations

As a result of efficiencies, employees become more aware of ways to streamline how the company communicates, operates, and connects the dots of potential. This helps save money and instills a cost-conscious mindset. 

To achieve and maintain growth, you must align your internal actions with the needs of the business.

The most successful technique for increasing operational efficiency is to ensure that the workplace culture encourages the deployment of efficiency-enhancing solutions. You can instill a remote or hybrid setup or even make use of coworking spaces to optimize your operations.

3. Find the right customers

customer and client talking

To maximize the capabilities of your business, you must constantly have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Everything is relative when it comes to generating revenue. It's a zero-sum game if you're selling to clients whose business needs aren't sustainable. It will be impossible to sustain growth, let alone develop, if you do not have the proper systems to prospect the correct clientele.

If you develop an entrepreneurial mindset, you will be able to go beyond the apparent and select the greatest clientele for your business model. This reduces acquisition expenses while ensuring mutually beneficial client relationships and goal alignment. Being prepared to go ahead with breaking traditions when necessary is an integral part of this process.

4. Make well-informed decisions

Leaders are primarily responsible for resolving issues. As leaders, our goal is to reduce the occurrence of problems, which necessitates the courage to confront them head-on. To establish and maintain momentum for the organization and the individuals we serve, entrepreneurs must be tenacious.

It's tough to achieve long-term success when you work in an environment where individuals react rather than being proactive.

To ensure your business continues to gain momentum, sound decision-making necessitates sound judgment and the ability to discern excellent timing and depth.

5. Don't be afraid to test the waters

You must adopt the perspective that danger is your best friend to keep going forward. When employees aren't encouraged to express their opinions and aspirations, it's tough for them to take ownership of the company's demands.

To keep your momentum going, you must be comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone. 

Prioritizing employees on your team, as well as colleagues throughout the organization, is essential. It is impossible to attain long-term growth when you’re the only piece that’s moving. 

It takes not only great people but also collaborative departments/business units that work together to build a thriving ecosystem with the necessary intellectual capital.

Final thoughts

When people embrace innovation, it becomes a powerful unifier for leveraging unique thinking and the opportunities it can bring to your business. Thus, breaking traditions may help your business in the long run. Furthermore, if sustainability is ingrained in your company's core values, you'll be in a better position not just to maintain business growth but also to stay five steps ahead of the competition. 

This can help the company expand by opening untapped prospects and instilling greater meaning and enthusiasm in the workplace and employee engagement.

You're taking the opportunity to propel your company by letting go of old habits. It will be much easier to discover weak areas and devise creative ideas to enhance them if you involve your employees, customers, and stakeholders in the initial assessment of what you need to address. 

It's a gamble, but it can pay off in so many ways as long as you make educated decisions.

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