Budget-Friendly Travel Tips That Keep Dogs Happy on the Go

Guest Blog by Nick Burton | Our Best Doggo

Traveling with your dog requires a little more planning than when you take a trip by yourself. Thinking ahead is the best way to ensure you and your pooch both have an enjoyable trip and avoid unpleasant mishaps. There are always a few added costs involved when you travel with your dog, but these money-saving strategies will help keep those costs down.

What to Pack for Your Pooch

The best way to avoid mishaps is to be prepared, and that means having the right gear. Besides the everyday necessities you use at home, you also need a few extras to make traveling safe and comfortable for your dog. One of the best ways to save money on these items is to order online from vendors such as Amazon. You can maximize your savings even further when you shop with Amazon promotional codes and coupons.

Essential Travel Gear

  • First aid kit - Always be ready for the unexpected by traveling with a pet first aid kit. You can find budget options that are designed to be convenient for travel.
  • Travel safety - Whether you’re driving or flying, you need a way to keep your pup safe on the go. Drivers can choose from car booster seats, harnesses, or dog seat belts. You may also need a carrier or crate to keep your dog housed on the way to and in your hotel.
  • Leash with waste bags attached - Along with a sturdy leash, having a method for waste pickup is a must. The easiest way to be prepared is by purchasing a container for waste bags that easily attaches to your leash.
  • Portable food and water bowls - Two of our favorite options include a water bowl designed to sit on car seats without spilling and a complete pet travel bag. The travel bag is a convenient way to keep everything in one place, and it’s a good value since it replaces the need for several other products.

Know Before You Go

Along with having the right gear, researching dog-friendliness of the area you’re visiting before you go is another absolute must. Be sure to consider potential activities, accommodations, and the overall pet-friendliness of the city you’re exploring.


Even in the most dog-friendly locales, there may be times when you have to leave your dog behind. It’s normal for dogs to get anxious when they’re alone in a place that’s unfamiliar. To avoid this anxiety and the ensuing behavior, one option is to search online ahead of time for a local pet sitter to keep him company when you can’t.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on new toys before you travel. Having something new keeps play fun and interesting, making it easier for you and the sitter to ward off boredom. Stay under budget by shopping for the best toys that are also inexpensive.


If you’re traveling for fun, consider picking a city that’s known for being friendly to dogs and their people. For example, New York is full of hotels that are pet-friendly, plus it has lots of dog parks and other places where your pup is welcome. Even if you need to get work done on your trip, you can find a coworking space like The Farm Soho where your dog is welcome too.


Picking a dog-friendly city gives you a big advantage in finding pet-welcoming accommodations. According to Smarter Travel, pet parents should also know that there is a difference between hotels that simply allow dogs and ones are truly dog-friendly. True dog-friendly hotels provide extra services for your dog, which are often complimentary. Save even more by choosing a hotel chain that doesn’t charge extra fees for pets.

Many pet parents assume extra fees are unavoidable, but with a little research, you can often find ways around them. These tips are just a few of the ways you can travel with your pooch happily and affordably. From thinking about safety to making sure you have all the necessities, without spending a fortune, a fun trip for everyone comes down to preparation and planning.

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