Coworkers That Are From Game Of Thrones

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In a surprising twist of reality, characters from a show about dragons and ice zombies can pop up way too often in real life. From the politics of the Iron Throne to the conference room at your office space the similarities of Sunday night and Monday morning can get blurry and make you wonder if Westeros is a mythical place or if NYC is a modern version of the Seven Kingdoms. 

The Office Joffrey

A quintessential jerk, he walks around like he owns the place. Eating things that do not belong to him in the break room and he never cleans up after himself. Around the office space he takes up more space than he should, constantly encroaching into your desk space. He is usually bossing employees around and when he fires someone he takes a gleeful delight in doing so. Strangely he brings their daughters in and makes them watch. Hopefully, this guy will choke on something in the near future, he is ruining the shared office space for everyone.

Ramsay Bolton, King Of His Own World 

Tone it down buddy. We know your phone call is important but do you have to talk so loud that I can't do my own work? This is the guy that makes you take your belongings with you to the bathroom for fear they may be missing when you come back. You don't even want to know where this guy hangs out on the weekends.

Tyrion Lannister, Hand Of The Executives

The most popular guy that seems to know everyone. One day he's having lunch with executives and on the weekend having brunch with you and your friends. Maybe it's because he's such a wine aficionado and easy to talk to but everyone seems to love this guy. A master networker, Tyrion is an asset to the workspace and would be greatly missed if he ever left. 

The Sand Snakes, Climbing The Corporate Ladder

The mean girls of the coworking space, these shady ladies are not to be trusted behind closed office doors. What are they up to? They are all smiles when you see them around the workspace but they will stab those closest to them in the heart the instant they can. 

Daenerys Targaryen, Social Queen

She thrives getting everyone together, rallying the troops and organizing the best events. Informal trips to the cafe, happy hour meetups, weekend sports leagues, large corporate event parties, important speakers in the conference room. She is a well-respected and powerful leader. 

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Bronn & Tormund, Lords of Breaktime

Bronn is Jamie Lannister's friend and loyal companion. He tells it like it is with out any sugar coating and gives you honest feedback when you need it the most. 

Tormund is Jon Snow's right-hand man and was once a fierce competitor. Their friendship didn't come easy but they are now inseparable and Tormund is there for Jon through thick and thin. 

Finding a really good friend or two among your coworkers is the best thing about your shared office space. Most of the friends you'll ever make are from school or work that have similar hobbies as you. Finding a couple close friends make the workdays go by much faster and developing lifelong bonds with people you love and trust is what life is all about. 

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