How To Maximize The Coworking Environment To Be Productive

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Coworking involves a shared working environment, whether it’s a common desk or an office. Also known as membership-based workspaces, coworking brings together people from diverse fields, backgrounds, and organizations in one physical place.

Typically, users of coworking spaces range from freelancers, work-at-home professionals, remote workers who travel frequently, independent professionals, and startup companies.    

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Great coworking spaces provide high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, the use of conference rooms, flexible arrangements, and a common ‘socializing’ area. Accessible location counts, too. However, in recent years, coworking companies have evolved from just providing a physical working area to building a community that inspires teamwork and innovation.

How can you maximize the coworking environment to thrive in your work and career? We suggest several ways:

Know your working style

As most coworking spaces operate 24/7 and allow flexibility for members, you can set your own pace and routine.

Identify the hours when your productivity is at its peak. Are you a morning person, an afternoon person or an evening person? Can you sustain your maximum capacity by working continuously without interruption or do you need breaks in between?

One of the main advantages of having a designated physical workspace versus working from home is the clear separation of career and home responsibilities. A change in scenery will immediately shift your mind to productive working mode. Your hours inside a coworking space will allow you to focus on your tasks, away from distractions and interruptions.  

Plan your time and schedule carefully. Utilize the coworking environment to your most productive hours. Knowing that you have a limited number of hours to dedicate to your work, forces you to prioritize and gives you a greater sense of urgency in accomplishing tasks.

Maintain a clear work/company identity 

Contrary to traditional beliefs, working remotely and physically away from your company’s office can actually help you feel more connected to your work.

In a coworking space, you are surrounded by people from different career paths, ventures, and organizations. The coworking environment definitely allows more opportunities to explain and describe what you do to the community. You get to see and appreciate your distinctive role as a result.

By sharing with others what you and your company do in a non-competitive setting, you feel more motivated to produce better output that brings more significance to what you do.   

Exercise from your space

No matter where you’re located, physical exercises improve your brain function. It has been scientifically proven that exercising makes memorizing, thinking and concentrating easier.

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Prolonged hours of sitting might make you restless, frustrate your creativity, and lower your defense against stress.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of breathing and stretching exercises you can do from your coworking space. And it is not distracting to your space-mates!

Start with yoga deep breathing: inhale as if you are smelling the flowers in front of you, and exhale as if blowing out a candle. Your workspace neighbors might appreciate the relaxing sound of your deep and slow breathe-ins and breathe-outs. Or you might even introduce ‘a yoga break’ to your coworking space!

Recharge from your workspace and instantly boost your confidence in tackling that big project.

Build your network

The coworking environment provides the perfect setting to meet new people and expand your network. Remember, your success depends largely on the depth and quality of your contacts list.

Having a productive day doesn’t just mean finishing your job tasks today. Consider also what you did today to pave the way for a head start tomorrow.

Use your coworking time to establish new contacts. This is especially important for freelancers, independent contractors, and startups. The portfolio of unique skills and experiences in the space equals to the great potential of finding specific skills you might need in your future endeavors and vice versa.

Be helpful and open to sharing your expertise with the community. Be friendly, socialize and get to know other people. However, try to be sensitive and learn when to keep your distance when others do not want to be interrupted from their work.

Open your mind and eyes to new ideas

Different backgrounds, different specialties, different ventures and different ways of doing things- that is basically the breeding ground for innovative ideas!

Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open and you might come up with your next big light bulb moment. Put on your visionary hat as you observe your environment. Make sure to keep a notepad handy to jot down your thoughts and ideas.

Have fun! 

Finally, don't forget to have fun. Embrace your surroundings and be yourself.

In a good coworking space that fosters an open and dynamic culture, there is a rare chance of direct competition or internal politics. So relax... when you feel at ease, you can accomplish results more efficiently.

Of course, choosing the right coworking space is key to reaching your peak productivity. Main factors to consider are the people (members and staffs), location, the design and amenities, the price, and the vibe.

Book tours to coworking spaces, find one that feels right for you and takes your productivity to greater heights!

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