How Coworking Is Evolving With New And Innovative Ideas

Coworking Is Evolving

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Coworking is rapidly changing. It's no longer safe to assume that persons working in one room work for the same company. It is also equally invalid to label all such individuals as freelancers. In today's environment, many established companies include remote workers or teams of workers located across continents or around the world. 

While many companies do support at-home work, many more are enjoying the benefits of shared workspaces in multiple locations. Sharing a workspace increases opportunities for bonding and collaboration among coworkers. Maintaining offices in numerous locations makes working together convenient for a variety of workers. Sharing a coworking space is also proving useful for freelancers or startup companies in related industries. Being surrounded by others with similar commitments can boost creativity. Fortune 500 companies, startups, and freelancers can all benefit from coworking in shared workspaces.

Made by We 902 Broadway

Located in the heart of Manhattan, at 902 Broadway, lies a hip Australian-inspired coffee retail co-op workspace called “Made by We”. Designed by the popular coworking space provider WeWork, Made by We, is a collaboration with Australian coffee chain “Bluestone Lane” and they are planning on opening more locations in the future. Some of the coolest features of Made by We are that it's located in the historic Flatiron district, it does not require a subscription or even a booking in order to join, and it features 100 workspaces available for booking. Additionally, popular vendors are located within the work space and offer snacks, clothing, and technology accessories. Some refreshments offered include coffee and espresso, freshly baked gluten-free pastries, and savory toasts. Made by We, is Bluestone Lane’s 35th venue so far, and is an excellent option for many freelancers, founders, and executives traveling to the Flatiron district.

HUBUD Coworking Space - Bali

people having fun at Hubud bali indonesia

Touted as one of the top coworking spaces in the world, Hubud is a strong proponent of location independence in both life and business. Allowing freelancers and founders alike to work in a safe, supportive, and fellowship-driven community, Hubud is committed to forging business relations and paving the way for professional opportunities. Headquartered in Bali, Hubud is filled with techies, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Above all else, Hubud seeks to instill an air of togetherness in an otherwise unconventional workspace.

The four pillars of Hubud include coworking, coliving, co-learning, and co-giving. Together, these four elements aim to create a harmonious atmosphere that encourages like-minded individuals to collaborate and pioneer big ideas. Hubud welcomes diversity, which is why their community is dynamic. If you’re looking to foster your entrepreneurial dreams while experimenting with personal reinvention, Hubud promises the chance to obtain both.

Puzl CowOrKing

Looking for office space in Bulgaria? Puzl CowOrKing is known for being the best IT space, perfect for allowing you to build your startup and take it to the next level. The space was built with the work hard-play hard mantra in mind, meaning you're able to do business with each other and build relationships with other IT professionals in the space.

The space is designed to allow your company to be at it's most productive potential. You're able to maximize productivity, networking opportunity, and inspiration. With the opportunities at hand and the convenience of the space, you're able to do and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.

It's the sense of community combined with the incredible events which make Puzl CowOrKing a great place for startups. Executives, founders and freelancers alike can look forward to the increased productivity and networking opportunities Puzl provides.

Brain Embassy

an office space with desks at Brain Embassy

Allowing companies to work in the office space of their dreams, Brain Embassy is a client-driven, community-centric coworking space headquartered in Warsaw. Rooted in camaraderie and like-mindedness, Brain Embassy seeks to provide professional solutions for those looking for an adequate and supportive working environment. Best of all, Brain Embassy employs their expertise for the sake of fulfilling client wishes.

Designed specifically for corporate executives, freelancers, and startup founders, Brain Embassy caters to some of the most pioneering professionals in Warsaw. With that said, the coworking space is rich with opportunities to innovate. Above all else, Brain Embassy subscribes to the notion that knowledge is power. From their exclusive learning opportunities to their knowledge-based programs, there’s a world of wisdom waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking to cultivate new skills or work alongside individuals who match your entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Brain Embassy fits the bill.


Based out of Los Angeles, California, Second Home is a coworking office space rooted in camaraderie and culture. Encouraging professionals from all walks of life to embrace diversity, Second Home seeks to drive innovation with their multidimensional atmosphere. Equipped with garden studios, an exuberant garden, and wellness program, Second Home is rich with amenities. Best of all, Second Home is filled with altruistic entrepreneurs.

In fact, 20 percent of Second Home’s members come from companies that seek to empower other businesses. This concept is the very brand-building cause that Second Home stands for. At Second Home, they aim to take care of their valued members. It’s for this reason why they offer a wealth of benefits. Some of which include 24-hour office access, unlimited printing and scanning, luxury showers, various breakout spaces, full-time reception services, and private conference facilities.

The Farm

The idea that work shouldn’t feel like work is one that has already been popularly adopted by billion dollar corporations such as Google and Apple. The idea is now also being implemented in NYC's hottest coworking spaces known as “The Farm.” Already trusted by Citi, Grammarly, and others The Farm is constructed from wood from a Southern Missouri farm. Each location was built by hand after being transplanted to the heart of the Big Apple, which gives it an extremely comfortable feel. As a fun alternative to a typical dry office atmosphere, The Farm has three exciting locations in NYC that are incredible office spaces for working, as well as retaining and attracting talented employees. The Farm is not only perfect for freelancers and startups but is ideal for corporations who are looking to collaborate and harness the creativity of coworking while being in a space that doesn't require them to work alone.

coworking at the farm soho nyc

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