Coworking Member Feature: Jana Paremoud of Adventure Untamed

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One fascinating thing about our coworking spaces is that people from different walks of life enter our doors and use our services - from digital nomads and students, to freelancers and entrepreneurs, to many more in between.

Now meet long-time TheFarm Soho member, Jana Paremoud - the founder and senior guide of Adventure Untamed, an outdoor activity organizer based in New York, New York. If you're the type who loves nature and outdoor adventure, you should definitely check them out.

We recently caught up with Jana and here's our short interview with her:

What is your name and job title?

My name is Jana Paremoud, and I am the founder and owner of Adventure Untamed.

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What is your line of business?

Adventure Untamed is an NYC-based outdoor adventure company that does everything from day trips from NYC to adventure travel around the country and around the world. For our local adventures, we provide transportation, making the adventures accessible to New Yorkers without cars. We go hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, ice climbing, and more!

Q3. What is your professional background?

I started out as a paralegal at a Big Law law firm. While working there, I started guiding on weekends as a personal “passion project.” I then took a full-time job with the company for which I was guiding, running the Northeast side of the business. Unfortunately, that company collapsed during the pandemic. I was heartbroken, but I soon realized that if I wanted our work to keep going, I had to be the one to make it happen. I started Adventure Untamed in the middle of the pandemic, and we weren’t operational for 4 months. We ran our first trips on August 15th of 2020 and have been doing outdoor adventures ever since!

Tell us about your business goals.

My goal for Adventure Untamed is to become the go-to outdoor adventure company for New Yorkers. We want people of all fitness levels and experiences to know that they can get outdoors and experience nature. We will always be there to teach skills, encourage curiosity, and help people in their personal outdoor journeys.

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What apps or tools do you use the most in your business?

For social media, we use Instagram and Facebook.

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What do you love to do during your free time?

I love outdoor adventures (unsurprisingly). My two favorite things to do outdoors are rock climbing and road cycling (that has been my escape during the pandemic). But I am also a history buff. My love of exploring new things extends to areas beyond the outdoors. I love to visit new places - around the world and in the United States. I am also a big animal person and love to spend time with and around animals. I have a dog and a bird at home.

What’s the most meaningful advice you’ve ever received in life?

Solutions, not problems. There are always reasons why something might not work. Focus on the solutions, not the reasons why no solution is acceptable.

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When and why did you opt for a coworking space at The Farm SoHo?

After trying to work from home for a month and a half at the start of the pandemic, I realized that working from home was completely not for me. The days just blended together when I was spending all my time in one place. I needed separation between home and work. Plus, I missed my bike commute.

Has your work-life balance improved since you started using coworking spaces? How so?

YES! Having a place to work outside the home gives me structure.

How can you be reached?

Our site is plus our Instagram is @adventure_untamed.

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