Coworking Space Day Pass: 6 Advantages


Why do coworking companies offer day pass packages? For the most part, it is to allow those still hesitant about giving coworking a shot. It could also be to accommodate traveling entrepreneurs or digital nomads who only need temporary access to a professional workspace. With a coworking space day pass, customers get to do exactly that.

Consider this: some of the world’s most successful companies actually started in coworking spaces. Founders and CEOs recognize how the spaces have inspired them to take their game to the next level. That’s why we say coworking is definitely worth trying, at least.

If you’ve never given coworking a go, these reasons should convince you that it’s an absolute no-brainer. Read on as we share the distinct advantages that come with coworking – even for just a day.  

6 reasons why you should consider purchasing a coworking space day pass

1. It's a cost-effective way to find out if coworking is right for you

If you’re still on the fence about coworking, a day pass is a great way to see if you’ll like it.

Besides, this option won’t set you back much as they typically cost below $30. This means you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of your budget just to get a taste of coworking.

With a coworking space day pass, you won’t have to rely on reviews and information you see online. You get to have firsthand experience and see if coworking really matches your working style. Of course, you’ll be able to decide better as you get a feel of the shared workspace’s overall vibe.

2. No long-term commitments to worry about

Since a day pass only allows you to use a coworking space for a day, you won’t be bound by any long-term commitment.

You make the call whether to stay or not in a certain coworking space. 

In the event that you’re satisfied with your experience, you can decide to extend for a week by booking a hot desk. Or maybe you’d want to reserve a dedicated desk and go for a month-to-month package.

Otherwise, daily office rental allows you to conveniently move on to the next coworking space. Feel free to leave at any time and explore other choices around the city before finally taking a permanent pick. 

3. You can avoid unnecessary distractions and tech problems

Working from home can be challenging if you constantly have family members to take care of and chores to attend to.

And you know what? Your favorite coffee shop may not be a good alternative either. You might end up frustrated when you realize a café isn’t primarily designed for work. While some welcome customers using their laptops at tables, they can’t always guarantee you a seat. The internet could also get spotty and power outlets may not be easily accessible if others beat you to it.   

A coworking day pass can solve all these potential problems. You can stay focused on your work. More than that, you can achieve greater levels of productivity from a shared workspace.

As Live Lingua CEO and co-founder Ray Blakney told ComputerWorld:

“A change of environment can be just what you need for an extra boost of creativity and inspiration.”

4. You get to use top-of-the-line office equipment and furniture

A cozy, professional workplace awaits you as a coworking client.

For example, basic office essentials like printers and scanners are readily available at your disposal. More than that, you also get to use ergonomic tables and chairs while working.

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Need to take a break? Good coworking spaces likely have comfortable spots to chill out in. Want that much-needed caffeine hit? There’s a coffee maker in the kitchen, plus some providers even offer free unlimited coffee and tea.

All of these perks and more are available for you upon making a coworking space day pass reservation. 

5. If needed, you can check out other facilities in the space

Beyond coworking, most providers also have business facilities such as conference rooms, event venues, and more.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the perfect place to meet with an investor or a space for your next event, you’re in luck. You won’t have to search elsewhere anymore.

Meanwhile, remote team members may likewise consider meeting and working together at a nearby coworking space. 

For example, New York-based remote workers whose main office is outside the city can save money by booking an NYC conference room. They won’t have to travel far and can still collaborate in a face-to-face setting. There are of course also plenty of options for coworking daily in NYC.

6. There are excellent opportunities for networking

Speaking of collaboration, a coworking space day pass can also be your ticket to expanding your professional network.

If you’re a remote worker, your contacts are usually limited to those within your bubble. Using a coworking space – even for a day – pushes you outside your comfort zone. You’re placed in an environment where you share the space with people who are on the same wavelength. 

You’ll be surrounded by entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, innovators, and more. Everyone’s part of a big community where it’s normal to have quick conversations and even share resources. If you’re looking for a web developer or an SEO strategist, you might just find one sitting next to you. Or you could bump into one while in the kitchen. You never know!   

In case you’re looking for a specific professional to hire or collaborate with, chat to the community manager. They’d gladly introduce you to the right individuals if they can.


Using coworking day to day can bring numerous benefits - and even working there for a single day can make a big difference. Whether you end up becoming an occasional or regular customer, you can count on the advantages we’ve mentioned here.

You can enjoy a structured day and more if you end up with the right coworking provider. Best of luck as you start your rewarding coworking journey!  

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