The Top 38 Coworking Spaces in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world and is one of the rare places that can match the pace of NYC. 

Beautiful temples and shrines, iconic Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, small fishing villages outside of Tokyo, bullet trains, the best sushi in the world, a trusting and respectful culture, the list of amazing thing to do in Tokyo goes on and on.

The Japanese have a legendary culture for working extremely hard. Japan creates trends that are reflected around the world and they have quickly gone from hardly any coworking spaces in the country to an estimate of up to 300 today. An exceptionally promising sign for the coworking industry around the world. Here are the best coworking spaces in Tokyo.

#38 Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige focuses on creating a collaborative environment for their coworkers. They want a workplace that separates business from home so that you can relax and enjoy time with friends and family when you're not at the coworking space.

#37 Makers Coffee

Coffee shops and coworking spaces have similar types of clients. Makers Coffee has created a space for both. Grab a cup of coffee and be on your way or join the coworking space and get to work.

#36 Hanare Hibarigaoka

Hanare Hibarigaoka is a coworking space where all are welcome to drop-in for coworking at any time. They converted a house into a coworking space in the suburbs so you don't need to commute into downtown.

#35 Studio Geeks

A coworking space for geeks with a huge and open floor plan. Studio Geeks has a special bookshelf area stacked with business books about IT, marketing, tech, design, management, etc., for anyone to use at any time. 

#34 Arinko Office

Arinko Office has a half dozen different plans for you to use their coworking space. Nothing unique about that except the smallest plan starts at fifteen minutes for one hundred Yen. Talk about working efficiently.

#33 Hatch Cowork

Hatch Cowork is coworking space for women and men who share the common belief that creating a life balance around work is best for your career and family. The kid's room is next to the coworking area so that you can take a break and visit your child at any time.

#32 Kurkku Home

Kurkku Home is a coworking space for creators. They also have an event space that's available for rent. They host fashion events, yoga, photo shoots and weddings among many more types of events.

#31 Portal Point

Portal Point offers a front concierge for services similar to a four-star hotel experience. They also have large convention rooms for meeting and presentations. Their coworking space enhances creativity for your business.

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#30 Ryozon Park

Ryozon Park offers three distinct coworking styles. They have a family coworking space with a kids room next door. They have a more upscale area that is good for meetings. The thirds coworking space has all the traditional things you need at a coworking space for a productive workday. 

#29 Connecting The Dots

In the heart of Shibuya next to the Apple Store, Connecting The Dots is an activity center for life's work.

#28 Hapon Shinjuku

Hapon Shinjuku is a membership only coworking space that creates networks and encounters among members. 

Tokyo is Japan's hub, and Hapon Shinjuku is Tokyo's hub. The name "Hapon" stands for "Japan" as well as "Hap On!" which illustrates their purpose to facilitate luck and fortune in this creative space.

#27 Tanemaki

Creating a space that sows the seeds of entrepreneurship. Tanemaki is a free coworking space to transfer your ideas into action.

#26 Cahootz

Cahootz is a communication workspace. The coworking space has an open floorplan so that members can freely communicate with each other at any time.

#25 Shake Hands

The name of their venue symbolizes the relationships that are built at their coworking space. Shake Hands offers a stimulating environment that will keep you refreshed.

#24 Pax Coworking

Pax Coworking is the first coworking space in Tokyo established in 2010 in Setagaya Kyodo. They are members and ambassadors of the global coworking community.

#23 The Snack

The Snack has a prime location in Ginza. The coworking space is filled with Entrepreneurs, web designers, engineers, copywriters, photographers, interior designers, makeup artists, and Certified Public Accountants. 

Those who are just beginning and do not know what they're doing yet are welcome. Come in to cowork, share ideas and business with each other.

#22 Vacancy Office

In Gotanda, Vacancy Office is accessible with the Yamanote or Asakusa Line. If you just want to use it for a day it's one thousand yen for a hot desk. They have free coffee, wifi, water, and they also host weekly events.

#21 Koenji Coworking Space

Some people are looking for a workspace, some for a meeting place and some for a work location. Koenji offers a change of pace for remote workers to get out of the house.

#20 Juso Coworking

The first coworking space in Osaka. Juso Coworking has a nursery on-site and a children's playground. They have created a warm friendly environment that is family-friendly and a place to get work done.

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#19 Lightning Spot

Lightning Spot is a coworking space that has nomadic workers in mind when they launched. A place for global entrepreneurs and freelancers to work in their cozy space.

#18 Koedo

Koedo is a two-minute walk from Hatchobori Station with convenient access to the bullet trains that go straight to the airport. Drop-ins are welcome.

#17 Sakura Works

Sakura Works is a shared office space in Yokohama along the coast. They focus on creating social activities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives to help establish a work-life balance.

#16 Midoris

Midoris is a place where members from different nationalities, jobs, interest, and ideas come together and create a coworking group of associates. This group of entrepreneurs created a place to work together, now and in the future.

#15 Compass Offices

Compass Offices has eight locations in Asia and Australia. Their coworking space in Tokyo has multiple floors covering forty-two thousand square feet. Located near the Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo as well as fifteen foreign embassies and consulates.

#14 Shinjuku Travelers Coworking

Helping you take your business to the next level. Shinjuku Travelers Coworking has a global network of partnered workspaces and have become experts in coworking. They have flexible options for any type of business.

#13 Mono

Mono is a space for testing prototypes. You can rent their coworking office for your business for 24-hour windows. Hold large scale events, product launches, hackathons, etc.

#12 The Terminal

A great option in Harajuku the coworking space is two thousand yen per day. You can come in and work at a hot desk in The Terminal at any time, as needed.

#11 Osakan Space

A dormitory-type environment, Osakan Space is filled with about half of their members in tech and the other half are in various fields including corporate employees, photographers, writers, teachers, and a variety of friendly members.

#10 Samurai Startup Island

A hub for Japanese startups. Samurai Startup Island connects entrepreneurs, investors and media to create an international network.

#9 Open Network Space

Not just a place to rent space, Open Network Space is a coworking space for high-quality startup teams, entrepreneurs, and engineers. Also an outstanding place for businesses that want to expand overseas.

#8 Impact Hub Tokyo

Impact Hub Tokyo believes in individuals creating a big movement that shifts society toward the next generation by challenging the status quo and taking action towards change.

#7 Bukatsudo

Born in a shipbuilding dock site in Yokohama Minato Mirai. Bukatsudo has created a club and home base for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup teams.

#6 Creative Lounge Mov

Creative Lounge Mov is a beautiful lounge for people and teams that want to work. Created from the idea of business travelers that mingle and work together in the workstations at the airport and hotels regardless of industry or nationality.

#5 Portal Open The Office!

Relax like you're at the cafe and work efficiently like you're at home without the distractions. At Portal Open The Office! feel inspired by fellow coworkers in various fields and industries.

#4 co-ba Shibuya

co-ba Shibuya is a member-only coworking space that encourages communicating and collaboration. A shared workplace and location for sharing ideas and skills while creating your own projects.

#3 Fab Cafe

The Fab Cafe is full of fun and an infectious spirit. The Fab Cafe is all about meeting other like-minded people. 400 events have been held at Fab Cafe already.

#2 Pasela Cowork

Slightly outside of Shinjuku, Pasela Cowork specializes in custom options for teams of two or three. Where you would need a private office in most coworking spaces they simply offer private booths in the open space like a restaurant. 

#1 iioffice 

Private offices for teams of up to six people and a shared event space for up to two hundred people. The team at iioffice combined a grownup playground with a workspace and they have premium coffee or you can make your favorite dish in the shared kitchen. Multiple entrepreneurial and fun events every week.

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