How Coworking Spaces Are Creating The Ideal Work Environment

The rise in home-based business, as well as freelancing opportunities, is fueling the rise in coworking spaces. Many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to cut the costs of setting up their own offices. Others are looking for places to work away from home in an atmosphere that motivates them to be productive. 

Coworking Space NYC

Coworking companies are now upping their game. They're organizing meetups, conferences, and game nights for coworkers to meet and interact. This trend is also luring other startups out there to share the extra space that they have in their premises. 

Networking events have benefits on both fronts - to the spaces offering the services and the entrepreneurs. For the coworking spaces, the meetups and events are opportunities to open up the coworking space as a great place for early-stage startups to use for their business.  

Coffee shops and cafes are coming up with similar opportunities for startups to share their space. This competition for entrepreneurs is making coworking space providers rethink their strategy for more clients. They have realized that entrepreneurs want more than just a hot desk to do their work. They want campus-like environments where they can grow innovative ideas. They need to interact and grow with competitors and other professionals in their industry. Coworking spaces are creating the next phase of ideal workspaces that began at Google. (Google offices are reputed for the relaxed setup and an ambiance that supports innovation).

Meetup and gaming facilities enhance the capabilities for the entrepreneurs to share ideas and create a cordial relationship when working together in the coworking space. Game nights and other game activities help refresh your mind especially after sitting in front of a computer all day. After refreshing your thoughts and exercising your brain at the same time, you can come back to your desk and find yourself suddenly solving some of the toughest problems that you have been working on with ease.   

 Other added services at coworking hubs

Apart from having offices in convenient locations entrepreneurs can access coworking spaces any time of the day and night for 24/7 access. Some entrepreneurs, especially those in freelance opportunities frequently work at night. In a recent poll of coworkers around the world, it was found that a majority like to work outside of the normal 9-5 workday. 

Most quality coworking spaces also provide premium coffee to the entrepreneurs. A combination of a great set-up, unlimited coffee, and fun events are making coworking locations more like startup hubs or incubation centers. Moreover, entrepreneurs can have private offices for their work, spaces to meet with their clients and conference facilities at a low cost. 

 Convenience is the selling point  

In essence, it is not the promise of coffee and fast WiFi that pulls the entrepreneurs to head to the shared spaces. The convenience comes with working from a shared space. They do not have electricity, internet and other bills to worry about. They just pay the monthly fee and work without any worries. The hustle of setting up an office and taking care of internet problems, maintaining items and so much more can be draining, expensive and time wasting at the same time. 

 Creating an environment for innovation

Coworking Space NYC

The creation of a community creates a warm environment and builds an internal flame that can help you work harder. In most traditional business incubation centers, everyone is locked in his or her own small cubicle. The atmosphere is usually tense and unusually cold. 

The sustainability of the coworking model

By nature, it is proven that coworking is a sustainable idea. The world is rapidly moving towards a shared economy. With it comes a lot of opportunities, low entry barriers, and opportunities for people to try out ideas without risking huge amounts of capital. In essence,  coworkers are being eco-friendly by not duplicating the use of resources and moving from one office space to the other. 

Many more companies should be encouraged to provide coworking facilities in different locations around the world. Having a central location to work with your peers is creating the perfect work environment for entrepreneurs everywhere. These small startups are getting bigger partly because of the environment in their coworking space, providing more jobs for the local community. 

Coworking is growing exponentially every month and will continue to so for the foreseeable future. By creating an environment that entrepreneurs want to work at coworking spaces are leading the way in commercial real estate for the next decade. 

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