Digital Nomad: The New Way To Work Remotely

It wasn't very long ago it was mandatory to work where you lived. Not only did you need to be physically present 40 hours per week in a private office space but more often than not you didn't have an option of where you could live. If you could upgrade your lifestyle with a great job offer it often meant that a new city across the country will be your new home for the next twenty years. 

Being a digital nomad is a new lifestyle. Independent and remote workers are finding they can live anywhere they want and travel while they work. If they want a home base they can live and work in NYC and enjoy all the benefits and networking that comes with it. If they enjoy the country they can move to Vermont or Ithaca and enjoy a lower cost of living. If sailing is their favorite hobby they can live in Rhode Island and commute to New York when needed. Maybe they will take a year to travel and hop around to various co-working spaces around the world. 


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