When You Need A Private Office Space In New York City

The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Office

If you are still on the fence about getting your private office, then maybe you haven’t taken a closer look at the advantages of your having your own private workspace. Perhaps the thought of starting from the ground up scares you a bit. Sure, running around SoHo with a realtor locating an office with natural lighting or deciding the color of the carpet you’ll use may take a lot of time.

There’s upside though. Having your own office private office brings in a flurry of advantages. Here’s a round-up of real world advantages enjoyed by office owners in SoHo, Manhattan. 

Private Office Space

You are your own landlord

Since the first of many artists’ lofts went up in SoHo, the advantage of being your own landlord became quickly apparent. Renting an office space before then meant dealing with a landlord who expected top dollar for rent, yet did nothing on the premises. 

However, getting a private office at a coworking space in Lower Manhattan means that you can spruce up the place anyhow you want, and in any style that fits your business. In some cases, tenants found that landlords used sub-par materials in the construction of the office spaces leading to frequent inconveniences. The electric wiring, for instance, might have been done with the wrong wire gauge leading to frequent blowouts.

Getting your own private office allows you to make the office just the way you want it. If you have the time and resources, you can customize it to your specifications. This allows you to get down to business in the shortest time possible. 

No pesky rent increments

There’s nothing worse for a business person to wake up to a notice from the landlord jacking up the rent by 40 percent. It’s a stressful situation that may bring a business to a halt. Imagine the realtors renting in Lower Manhattan during the financial crunch of 2008. 

On one end, tenants were not paying bills when the real estate market collapsed. On the other part, landlords were hiking their rental spaces in an attempt to keep up with their own mortgages, or other financial obligations at the time. 

If you were one of those tenants, the only solution was to move offices, or close down your whole business. It wasn’t logical to pay rent when the majority of clients who bring money into your business were going out of business themselves. 

Private Office Space NYC

However, tenants who have private office space within a coworking space do not need to worry about having their rent going through the roof almost overnight. No need to worry about making rent the next month, and instead you can always focus on growing your businesses. That’s the beauty of having your own private office inside a coworking space. You get to avoid any looming danger of rent hikes, allowing you to concentrate on your own growth. 

You get control over client and staff expectations

Running a business from Lower Manhattan comes with an unspoken etiquette. There are certain things, that your staff and clients expect when they come to your office. Having your own private office space in SoHo allows you to take complete control of such things, which might seem trivial at first, but they give your business a competitive edge.

A client in Lower Manhattan looking for an attorney is more likely to negotiate with one whose office is easily accessible. The convenience that comes with having your own private office gives you credibility before potential clients. It makes it that much easier to conclude a successful negotiation compared to renting a space that’s falling apart.

Appearances in business are vital, and you should always strive to make the best impressions. If you don’t, your competition is going out of its way to make that first impression, and thereby drive you out of business. Get your own private office and you will thank yourself later when your business grows and soars.  

However, there’s one caveat before finding your own private office space, in SoHo or anywhere else for that matter. Make sure you get a feel of the current rent for the coworking space you are looking for. Also, decide whether investing in a private office space makes financial sense for your particular circumstances. If it does, go for it, but if you find yourself getting into huge debts just to get a private office, it’s not a good decision.

The Farm SoHo Coworking

The Farm SoHo

The Farm is a coworking space in the heart of SoHo NYC that will make you fall in love with work again through its warm interior, supportive community and excellent location.