Temporary Office Space

Temporary office space is a booming market. Many business owners, especially freelancers and small startup teams find the benefits of a temporary office space vastly outweigh a long-term lease. Especially in NYC where office space leases are usually between seven and ten years long. 

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Temporary Office Space

Temporary office space is something that usually comes quickly and unplanned. The best thing about an NYC coworking space is that you can move in as quickly as needed. Book a tour, confirm they have everything you need and sign up rather quickly. If you are only looking for office space for yourself this should be a quick and easy process. Even if you want a dedicated desk or a private office you can start at a hot desk and give the coworking space community manager some time to get everything in order.  

If you have a team that needs temporary office space, things can be a little more difficult to coordinate. Many coworking spaces are run by small early-stage teams themselves. They understand how quickly business needs can change and should be very accommodating. Start booking tours as soon as possible at the coworking spaces you’re most interested in. Bring your whole team with you and get a feel for the coworking space along and get feedback. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a handful of places get day passes and spend a day working at each one. A simple tour and one day of working at a coworking space will give you all the information you need to make a final decision. 

When you’re shopping for temporary office space be aggressive about the neighborhoods you’re looking in. We love SoHo and all the benefits that come with being centrally located in the middle of everything. This is one option to think about but you can feel free to think outside the box during this time. Coworking spaces are also beginning to pop up in the suburbs for people who hate commuting. You also need to think about where you want to be hiring from. Young talent is going to want to be in the best neighborhood possible. Last but not least you want to consider the best possible location for your current team. This could widely differ from the neighborhood you personally like the most.

Collaborative working has become very popular recently because of the inherent flexibility and sharing of space, services, and resources. People can share space, technology, experience, accounting, legal services, IT services, advice, and support each other by this concept. Thus, coworking is not just about space. And although coworking is perfect for startup businesses, it also fits the needs of professionals, small businesses and workers in fields who do not have to report for work at a specific location.

Coworking gives people a chance to collaborate, socialize or otherwise become closer to each other by focusing on the community aspect, rather than just profits. Coworking optimizes the use of available resources to those who cowork. Thus, coworking by nature reduces waste while optimizing your time.

Support services like accounting, legal and tech are easily accessible in most coworking spaces. These support services are very important and many startups fail in this aspect. By coworking, a startup gains instant access and is given the opportunity to look for partners, as well as joint ventures for mutual benefits. One of the most important benefits is the acquisition of knowledge and know-how when it comes to running your business.

Manhattan Shared Office Space

There are those, however, who refuse to share their knowledge and experience without realizing that, in the long run, working alone can end up being more expensive. Often, startups can be reluctant to join because they are not sure if the coworking environment will stifle them. They end up missing out on the opportunity of learning the newest tricks and trends to expand their businesses. 

Coworking spaces create their own community that evolves and thrive within their walls. They bridge partners and joint ventures helping to identify which tools are needed to make their respective businesses grow. By coworking, businesses are able to maximize their resources and find ways and means to expand their businesses.

The Farm SoHo

The Farm SoHo will wow you and your guests with its rustic charm and inviting environment. New York City's most engaged community of startup teams, developers, remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They have converged to share ideas, innovate and learn in a collaborative and nurturing environment. Their story began in Missouri where they found a gorgeous barn that needed a second chance. They dismantled the barn and brought it to NYC and rebuilt in in their loft in SoHo.