The Best Coworking Spaces in Washington

Washington is one of the most business-friendly states in America. Texas and Florida get the headlines but Washington is also one of the most tax-friendly states for operating a business. Bellevue, Spokane, Redmond, and Tacoma have a nice local startup community and Seattle is overflowing with talented young people that want to work for startups.

With some of the most beautiful outdoor options anywhere, Washington is an amazing place to live. Here are the best coworking spaces in Washington

#13 The Office Junction

The Office Junction space in Seattle is a cross between a quiet coffee shop, a bright, friendly office, and a clean, clutter-free workspace. Coworking is about making the personal choice to work alongside other people instead of in isolation. It's a powerful and exciting way to work, and it’s making some big waves.

#12 The Office

The Office is a coworking space upstairs from Ada’s Technical Books in Seattle. They started Ada’s to help “geeks find the knowledge they seek.” And now they’ve created a place for the work experience they seek.

A coworking space is your spot to feel productive and feels in your element with others like you. People like start-ups, entrepreneurs, and creatives – whose favorite question is, “what are you working on?” At The Office, you can get inspired working alongside people with a vision. 

#11 WeWork South Lake Union

South Lake Union’s carefully thought out development is evident in the number of parks, bike-friendly streets, sustainable buildings, and convenience to public transportation that easily connects to downtown Seattle.

WeWork’s recently constructed building offers panoramic views of the Emerald City in an area that continues to welcome innovative companies.

#10 Works Progress

a living space in works progress

Works Progress in Seattle is a coworking space for a diverse group of professionals to work, connect, and grow. Their all-inclusive space enhances productivity, supports career advancement, and cultivates community. Visit them in the heart of Seattle’s Greenwood and Phinney Ridge neighborhood on 85th Avenue.

They support and anticipate your professional needs. All memberships include comfortable workspaces, fast wifi, unlimited printing, reservable conference rooms, private call rooms, kitchen space, and complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks.

#9 The Pioneer Collective

The Pioneer Collective is a Seattle coworking and event space in the heart of Pioneer Square. Full-time and part-time memberships are available for individuals and small teams. The Pioneer Collective offers a variety of fixed desk and community desk options. 

#8 Office Nomads

Office Nomads is a coworking community in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment for Seattle’s nomadic workforce. They believe that by working together we can accomplish more than we could alone. As a member, you become part of a group of independent workers who face similar issues and have a diverse set of skills to meet any task.

#7 Fellow

Coworking spaces are all about shared working environments. Fellow is about creating a community around diverse skills and shared experiences. We might be working alone, but we're in it together.

Within their building, there's a winery, coffee roastery, art gallery, restaurant, whiskey bar, and yoga studio. Everything else central Spokane has to offer is just blocks away.

#6 SURGEtacoma

SURGEtacoma empowers startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, and non-profits by providing state of the art workspace resources and networking opportunities, freeing up members time and energy to focus on their goals.

SURGEtacoma helps individuals and small companies reach their full potential by providing them with an inspiring, high tech environment minus the mundane distractions and isolation of a home office or small secluded office space.

They offer a large presentation space, a fully stocked giant kitchen, rooftop view garden (with wireless reception) screamin' high-speed internet, wireless, networked solutions for your printing and copying needs, mail services, conference rooms, along with free coffee and tea, inspiring coworkers, meetups and seminars that make working so pleasant, it's hard to leave.

They offer all the benefits of working in an energizing high-tech startup type office, with no long term commitment, a low monthly cost, and a minimal setup fee. You take care of your business; they take care of the rest. A supercharged workspace that empowers startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, small businesses and non-profits.

#5 Orange Studios

A coworking space in the heart of Redmond, Washington dedicated to providing an environment for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs of all types to collaborate, innovate and inspire growth. Members have the ability to collaborate with and contribute to the creativity of the Seattle entrepreneurial landscape.

Orange Studios offers a beautiful collaborative space and a simple three tiered membership plan which allows you to work on your terms. They also offer quality startup services such as introductions to funding sources and networking events within the Seattle startup community and overall a thriving entrepreneurial and social community.

#4 Coterie Worklounge

coworking desks at Coterie Worklounge

Coterie Worklounge is a stylish lounge that performs like an office. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Coterie Worklounge offers a sophisticated space for all manner of business to get done — from hosting a meeting or event to closing a deal over cocktails.

Coterie Worklounge membership offers companies and mobile, independent professionals the benefits of a private club as well as unlimited access to spaces for work or meetings, a full-service café and bar, and concierge and business services (like wicked fast Wi-Fi).

#3 Impact Hub Seattle

Their community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models. 

Impact Hub Seattle provides a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of both for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and a diverse selection of programming to guide their members with the tools they need to build their venture.

#2 extraslice

extraSlice, one of the area’s premier co-working service providers, was founded on the notion that there needs to be a better, smarter, easier and more affordable way for new entrepreneurs to start-up, build tomorrows technology and launch their ideas into the market. By molding space, training and services into a seamless, accessible program, they set themselves apart from the competition and are far more than just another co-working facility. They are the Tech Launch Center, setting the standard for how tech co-working should be done.

#1 Thinkspace

a team of coworking individuals enjoying their time at thinkspace

Thinkspace is a community of passionate entrepreneurs, tech startups, and small businesses with a natural affinity for inspiration and innovation. Thinkspace provides private offices in both Seattle and Redmond. The members of the thinkspace community feed off of the energy of those around them.

Many entrepreneurs and small business types that have worked from home find that eventually, even the most driven and motivated person craves the energy and inspiration of working near other like-minded people. At thinkspace, they’ve created a place where inspiration flows freely. 

At thinkspace, they provide intelligent and highly skilled staff that know technology, marketing and maintain an incredible level of customer service. They can provide you support in any and all of the areas that you need.

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