The Elite 9 Coworking Spaces Of Bangalore

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Why Bangalore Is A Great Place For Startups, Freelancers & Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad can be a charmed one, offering you the opportunity to choose your own hours and travel the world while doing a job you love. Digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes and include people in professions such as freelance writing, coding, transcription, virtual assisting and many others.

A digital nomad is simply someone who uses technology to work from anywhere around the world and larger and larger numbers of people are choosing this lifestyle thanks to the many benefits it offers. However, even the most hardcore nomad needs a place to call home or at least somewhere where they can check in from time to time in order to foster a feeling of some permanency.

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Bangalore is among the best cities for digital nomads to live in even as they look forward to their next big adventure. The following are a few reasons to consider living and working in Bangalore, India when you become overwhelmed with wanderlust.

Pleasant weather

Bangalore is located in the Indian State of Karnataka, 3,000 feet above sea level. This leads to a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year. Mornings are sunny while evenings are cool with a pleasant breeze.

Advanced IT facilities

It goes without saying that reliable and fast internet services are a major requirement for digital nomads. No one wants to be working on a major project only to discover that they cannot deliver it in time because of a poor internet connection. In addition, with the majority of digital workers receiving their payments online, a poor or nonexistent connection can mean that you do not get paid in time which can leave you stranded. Bangalore is a popular IT hub for many international companies and startups, which has led to the availability of quick and affordable internet services.

Green spaces

Bangalore is well known as the Green City of India thanks to its numerous green spaces and parks which allow you to regroup and recharge after a long day spent staring at the computer.

Low cost of living

Rental spaces, food, transportation and other essentials are reasonably priced here compared to other larger cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. It's possible for you to enjoy a great standard of living while saving up funds for your next great trip to another exotic part of the world.

Bangalore is often called the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, thanks to its great IT facilities which cater to larger and larger numbers of professionals in this field. Digital nomads can take advantage of these facilities to carry out their work, in addition to enjoying the many other great benefits that come with living in Bangalore.

While you're working in Bangalore they have eight coworking spaces that are creating outstanding entrepreneurial communities. Here are the very best.

#9 91springboard

A large and lively space that works on a simple ‘plug-and-play’ format, 91springboard has three spaces in Bangalore and is about to open two more.

It seeks to be an access point where people can gain the knowledge, network, and support to grow their business. They organize a number of meetups and events aimed at the entrepreneurial community across the city. These events and meetups range from networking opportunities to workshops and talks, to investor pitch sessions. The Koramangala hub near Forum Mall, provides subsidised membership to innovative tech startups. Startups can apply for the scholarship here.

people working at a coworking space in 91springboard

#8 Commune Coworks

Commune CoWorks provides the ideal environment for a new-age workforce. They are not just a physical space provider – their goal is to foster a modern breed of creative and innovative ideas built on collaboration.

#7 CoWrks

CoWrks is a large format shared office space operator. The first center situated in Bangalore has been designed to stimulate a work culture that dwells on collaboration between a community of like-minded individuals.

Home to creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises, CoWrks places maximum importance on the member journey. This voyage is furthered by providing over 3000 members with several amenities, a variety of workspace formats to choose from, and scope to interact with coworkers and events with prolific mentors.

#6 CoWork Cafe

CoWork Cafe provides a calm, inspiring, ready to use workspace that has everything you need to grow your venture and be successful, including super-fast Internet, conference rooms, and IT services. Their quirky, fun workspaces are your home away from home.

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#5 iKeva

iKeva is a workspace provider with an extraordinary community and member benefits. Along with high-quality office infrastructure, members get access to a high energy environment, with multiple options to network and learn. Their solutions are designed to make work-life productive, efficient and fun-filled.

#4 Jaaga Startup

Jaaga launched and has come to define coworking in India. Their startup program focuses on collaboration, not real estate. Their mission is to strengthen ventures in solving real-world problems. The program consists of two services - not-for-profit coworking space for a curated community and expert-led training and services for entrepreneurs. Their coworking community focuses on productivity, skills sharing, and peer-to-peer incubation. Profits are reinvested in the community.

#3 Bangalore Alpha Lab

Bangalore Alpha Lab provides shared resources exclusively for startups companies for an economical price. This way you can launch your startup dream without operational hassles.

#2 BHIVE Workspace

BHIVE Workspace is a creative and flexible workspace solution for all work enthusiasts; entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. They know that an entrepreneur or startup needs time, efforts, and investments on taking an idea to the next level, there exists many trivial, yet significant, issues. Finding the right workspace, maintenance, and day to day operations are a few such distractions. Setting up the perfect backdrop to fix these issues and to amplify one's productivity, lead to the conception of BHIVE Workspace.

The coming together of amazingly different yet like-minded and industrious individuals, in such a vibrant workspace, to meet, collaborate, communicate and exchange ideas, often creates value that nourishes the whole community. In order to engage the community better, they host a number of events and are glad to be one of the biggest groups on Meetup.

#1 NUMA Bengaluru

Digital can be a source of growth for the whole society, NUMA is proof. Their model combines all innovators that together create value. Startups, large companies, SMEs, public institutions, and communities, far from being opposed, can grow together. Through their actions, NUMA is a unique innovation model, combining openness and performance.

Under one umbrella they bring together three main activities:

- A startup acceleration program: a 6-month mentor-based growth program.

- Community management: a network of over 40,000 people, +500 events a year, in 15 countries by 2019.

- Open innovation programs for corporations: Training, sourcing, boot camp, and a corporate acceleration program.

NUMA is not another think tank or another innovation consulting agency but has the crazy ambition to spread the entrepreneurial spirit all over the world through its global network of mentors, investors, and partners at their coworking spaces.

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