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They are many coworking spaces in British Columbia. Vancouver, one of the best cities on Canada, is also the 18th most underrated startup hub globally. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, also has a thriving startup community. Kelowna is a sun-drenched wine valley with many successful entrepreneurs in the wine industry, among others.

Canadians understand the importance of enjoying the sun while it lasts, and summertime in British Columbia can make it difficult to concentrate on work. With some of the world's finest mountain resorts, it can be challenging to focus on work during the winter months.

Moreover, startups and independent contractors in British Columbia realize that the rain is their ally. They work diligently to achieve a desirable work-life balance for the rest of the year.

This is made possible by the following coworking spaces in British Columbia:

#10 Okanagan co+Lab


Coworking allows creative professionals to work in a new way. Hence the availability of multiple coworking spaces in British Columbia. Moreover, they are a community of individuals who choose to collaborate more effectively to improve our work, lives, cities, and communities.

The co+Lab has also been home to over 100 individuals, assisting them in finding their career path, launching and growing a business, and becoming a part of an incredible community. Coworking spaces adhere to the principles of community, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, and transparency.

#9 Werklab 


The sole purpose of these two items at Werklab is to foster a sense of community and a culture that encourages collaboration and connection with other brilliant peers. They also thrive as a Vancouver coworking space that goes far beyond the definition of "workspace."

Given the significance of learning from others' successes and failures, they have also designed a program to encourage knowledge sharing. Their coworkers have the opportunity to sit at the boardroom table and hear from some of Western Canada's most prominent entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Overall, their primary objective is to contribute to the success of their Vancouver coworkers.

#8 Suite Genius


Suite Genius arose from the desire to avoid commuting into the city and find a new and creative place to work closer to home. The Kitsilano and Mt. Pleasant Suite Genius locations are in the heart of their respective neighbourhoods and close to major transit routes. Both are coworking spaces in British Columbia that also provide convenient alternatives to the downtown commute.

They seek to foster a community where members can collaborate, network, and support one another. A community in which we learn and grow from one another, celebrate our individual and collective successes and have fun in the process.

#7 Cowork Penticton


A coworking space located in the bustling downtown area of Penticton. Cowork Penticton provides a comfortable, casual workspace with amenities and social opportunities suited for tech startups, non-profits, remote workers, and small businesses.

Coworking is a new work style characterized by a shared workspace and independent work. Since its inception in 2006, the number of coworking spaces doubled each year.

What's more, entrepreneurs, creatives, tech developers, work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, and frequent travellers who end up working in relative isolation are frequently attracted to this office or coffee shop alternative.

Coworking provides a solution to the isolation that many people face when working from home or in coffee shops while also providing an escape from the distractions of home. It is a place for concentration productivity, and networking.

#6 The Dock


The Dock Victoria is a coworking space for engaged individuals, community builders, social entrepreneurs, and creatives. In Chinatown, in a prime location off Fan Tan Alley. It has high ceilings, abundant natural light, brick walls, and open beams with seismic enhancements. It also accommodates up to 30 desks in 4 offices, a lounge area, a kitchenette, a phone booth for private calls, a small meeting room for 4 to 8 people, and a large board room with a projector for 30 people. Moreover, The Dock provides a platform for groups to experiment, combine sectors, and discover innovations that manifest a more caring, resilient, and abundant future.

#5 L’Atelier


L'Atelier, located in Gastown, is a popular neighborhood for cafes, restaurants, and fitness activities. The coworking space is also located in one of the area's heritage buildings, capturing the classic Vancouver atmosphere. Common L'Atelier members are experts in marketing, UX, writing, content creation, innovative technology, public relations, and e-commerce. The space provides:

  • Complimentary tours
  • A virtual office
  • A hot desk
  • Dedicated desk plans
  • A small and large meeting room with 40 seated or 60 standing individuals

#4 Club Kwench


freelancers at the profile coworking space

In Victoria, Canada, Club Kwench coworking provides an engaging environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. It is one of the best coworking spaces because it fosters creativity, productivity, and a platform that offers startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs better connectivity. It also boasts a premier coworking space with a cafe, bakery, restaurant, and bookstore, among other amenities. This coworking space in Victoria provides a modern and stylish environment and all the essentials for the coworking community for meager rates. This shared coworking space also allows pets.

Members of Club Kwench Victoria (Canada) have free access to high-speed internet via WiFi, lounge area, cafe, kitchen, free parking for bikes and cars, complimentary tea, coffee, and water, printer, fax, and photocopier, as well as access to boardrooms and meeting rooms.

the hive coworking space's wall

#3 HiVE Vancouver


The HiVE is constructing a network of knowledge, connection, and innovative action to address society's most challenging problems. The HiVE supports and amplifies the social impact sector by providing the social cohesion, human capital, and resources necessary for the success of its members and partners.

They also accomplish this essential task by combining shared space, collaboration, and a dash of affection. What is social impact exactly? To explain, the HiVE defines social impact as creating a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economy that prioritizes people and the environment over profit.
Moreover, they believe that shared space can foster community, promote collaboration, and increase accessibility; they utilize it to combat social isolation, forge meaningful personal and professional connections, and make Vancouver a little more affordable.

Their members come from various industries, backgrounds, and locations, but they all share a passion for bettering the world. Non-profits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, professionals, and techies who challenge the status quo make up their community. They also have expertise in community economic development, green building, youth empowerment, food systems, aboriginal affairs, sustainability, law, design, social labs, and every other field.

#2 Kamloops Innovation


Coworking is a global movement recognizing that people work more efficiently in groups than individually. A space where individuals can perform independent work in the company of others is advantageous for freelancers and those with flexible work schedules. Other advantages include increased networking opportunities, low-cost access to professional amenities, and increased productivity.

Kamloops Innovation is a technology business accelerator that provides programs that guide, coach, and mentor early-stage ventures and shared office space and technology community events. British Columbia's Central Interior is served by the non-profit organization Kamloops Innovation, a member of the British Columbia Acceleration Network.

To enrich and develop the community of Kamloops business, Kamloops Innovation inspires, cultivates, and accelerates technology-based startup businesses.

#1 The Network Hub  


conference room at the network hub in downtown Vancouver

Coworking, private offices, hotdesking, meeting room rental, and virtual offices are some of the options provided by the Network Hub, which is located in downtown Vancouver and caters to various work styles. Its mission is to provide entrepreneurs with a tranquil, inspiring space to connect, create, and collaborate on new and exciting opportunities.

The Network Hub is outfitted with all the resources necessary to launch and manage a successful business. They provide mailbox rental, phone answering, and a variety of packages.

Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and high ceilings distinguish this space. Each office receives an abundance of natural light from the building's east, north, and south-facing windows.


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