Top 20 Coworking Spaces In Los Angeles, CA

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In a famous city such as Los Angeles, it is clear that the new trend of coworking spaces is increasing. What makes these organizations so unique is that different professionals all share the same office space. This is a great way for people to meet and collaborate with different businesses. It removes the load of having to rent an entire office. Each coworking community focuses on certain aspects and provides different amenities. In a busy city, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but this list is supposed to narrow down one of the best coworking spaces in Los Angeles. 

Whether you're a local or a visitor, allow us to recommend 10 of the best coworking spaces in Los Angeles. In no particular order!

20 coworking spaces in Los Angeles to check out:

1. Second Home 

Second Home 

The Second home describes itself as the "healthiest place to work in LA." This 2-acre coworking space has become a hub for "entrepreneurs, innovators, and social impact organizations." The place features open space areas, garden offices, and high-speed internet. Plus, they're dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your pet with you. 

Meanwhile, a Google review likewise tells us that Second Home has a "creative and welcoming" atmosphere. It's also been noted that its on-site cafe offers a "tasty, affordable menu." 

Address: 1370 N St Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 323-366-2554 

2. Cross Campus

Located in Downtown LA, Cross Campus is ideal both for individual workers and teams looking for a place to stay productive. Cross Campus boasts "meditation rooms, premium beverages on tap, outdoor workspaces and meeting rooms of all sizes."

Address: 800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 866-276-2267 

3. The Collection

The Collection

The Collection makes a great pick for those looking for coworking spaces in Los Angeles. The company describes its facilities as "an upscale creative office space for rent with monthly lease coworking space."

Whether you are a freelancer or a startup owner, The Collection allows you to stay on top of your tasks. As a review on Google summed it up, the place "encourages the energy of modern luxury and productivity."

Address: 527 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 213-500-2794

4. Epiphany Space

This unique coworking space in Los Angeles specifically caters to the creative community. Epiphany Space provides artists with some much-needed support so they can hone their crafts.

"Questions about your acting reel? Brainstorming your script feedback? Looking for reactions to your rough cut? These are typical interactions among Epiphany Space coworking members," the company's website tells us.

The company also holds interesting events such as art exhibits, book launches, film festivals, open mic performances, and more. 

Address: 1763 N Gower St, Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 323-469-1405

5. Indie Desk

Indie Desk

Indie Desk was established in 2011 by Andy Rosillo, Eric Richardson, and ANJAC Fashion Buildings. It has since gained fame as the first coworking space in Downtown LA. The place welcomes "tech, creative and freelance entrepreneurs." The provider aims to help their customers "graduate from our space to one they can call their own."

Address: 333 S Grand Ave Suite 3310, Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 213-221-2836

6. Dots Space

Washington Boulevard's Dots Space has more to offer in addition to its coworking offices and meeting rooms. The place also has "podcast and Livestream green screen studios, virtual casting studios, (and) Covid-safe casting spaces." As you can tell, this is highly recommended for creatives looking for a place to work and explore their ideas.

Address: 5632 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 310-358-3358

7. Industrious 


With eight locations scattered across LA, it's really hard to miss Industrious. This coworking space has all the features you will need to have a positive working experience. They have everything from ergonomic furniture and high-speed internet to unlimited printing and free breakfast. Amenities include private offices, conference rooms, and wellness rooms, among others. 

Address: 600 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 323-406-9977

8. Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs offers "a variety of workplace solutions including private offices, team rooms & suites, coworking and virtual office plans and small meeting rooms." On top of that, all members get to enjoy "enterprise-grade Wi-Fi" and free coffee, as well as easy meeting room reservations.

Address: 350 S Grand Ave #150, Los Angeles, CA 90071, United States

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 949-239-7501

9. Titan Offices, Inc.

Titan Offices, Inc.

Found in the central business district of Downtown LA, Titan Offices, Inc has fantastic design and great amenities for those looking for coworking spaces and private offices alike. A recent Google review also describes the company's building as "very clean and well taken care of." Also, free coffee and tea are available in the dining area.

Address: 811 Wilshire Blvd 17th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 213-232-3842

10. WeWork

Of course, no coworking list will ever be complete without mentioning one of the biggest providers in the coworking industry. So lastly, we have WeWork.

The company has over 800 locations scattered in different countries, with "more than 20 beautifully designed coworking locations across LA" alone. 

WeWork welcomes everyone from freelancers and digital nomads to solopreneurs and owners of big enterprises. Their office space products are "built for each type of business".

Address: 555 W 5th St 35th floor, Los Angeles, CA 

Email: Via their official website

Phone: +1 213-204-8379

11. NeueHouse 


NeuHouse is a national coworking organization with locations in Los Angeles and New York. Their members meet some of the biggest names in the fashion, music, tech, and art industries. Both locations provide a full restaurant and bar with top-notch chefs. Their monthly membership varies from $150-$650 per month. 

Address: 6121 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90028.

Phone: +1 323 337 1420


Instagram: @neuehouse

12. The Riveter

This coworking space offers flexible workspace solutions. This company was built by successful women, meaning both men and women are welcome to enjoy their services. They offer professionals who can help with your work. They also put on events that help improve your skills. The Riveter membership includes floating desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. 

Address: 2236 South Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064


Phone: +1 (833)-474-8383

Email: [email protected]

13. Ignited Spaces

Ignited Spaces

This coworking space is a mixture of style and flexibility. They believe that working in teams results in more productive results. This company takes pride in its great services. Ignited Spaces membership varies depending on what you may be looking for. They offer private offices that start at $850 per month. They also have more flexible prices that provide meeting spaces and creative studios. 

Address: 7080 Hollywood Blvd, PH, Los Angeles, CA 90028,

Instagram: @ignitedspaces/

Phone: +1 323-452-5920

Email: [email protected]

14. DropDesk

This company mixed coworking with technology for a new approach compared to other coworking spaces in LA. The app that DropDesk provides to its customers is very helpful and easy to access. Unlike other organizations, DropDesk does not make you commit to monthly memberships. They emphasize working when you want and wherever you want. 



Instagram: @Dropdesk

15. Procolo 


This coworking space in Los Angeles is considered a boutique location. They offer beautiful workspaces. Coworking spaces are in popular demand, and they are usually overly packed. Procolo provides spacious rooms and a peaceful environment. 

Address: 8611 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Email: [email protected]


16. Vector 90 Coworking Space

This unique coworking space provides fully-furnished work areas. And offers business services to help you establish your company. They have special development programs that are focused on co startups. If you are looking for an organization to help you in detail to reach your goal, Vector 90 is for you.

Address: 6111 S Gramercy Pl, Los Angeles, CA -90047

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 (323) 531-4112


17. The Park

The Park Coworking Spaces in Los Angeles

The Park is designed for those who are in the fashion industry. This coworking space is in Downtown LA and offers great resources. The Park cares a lot about what their customers think. They always try to improve and keep their collaborators happy. They offer day pasess and monthly mmemberships. Both include event spaces, storage, and conference rooms.

Address:  845 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Phone: +1 310-279-9014

18. Sandhouse

Sandhouse coworking is a boutique space that supports creative collaborations. Their workspace focuses on open-minded teams and reach your desired goals. They have three different memberships. Private offices start off at $700 per month, residency membership starts at $250 per month. They have virtual offices available that start at $100 a month.

Address: 6600 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Email :  [email protected]

Phone: +1 (323) 348-1380


19. Spring Place

Spring Place Coworking Spaces in LA

Spring Place is a stylish coworking space that focuses on the creative industries. Their take on coworking spaces is with a modern decor and encourages their customers to increase their creativity. They host events that will increase your connections for your business. They offer resident, local, community, traveler, and community traveler memberships. Their local membership starts at $750 a month and includes a shared workspace area and meeting rooms.

Address: : 9800 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills 90212

Email: [email protected]


20. The Muse Rooms

The Muse rooms coworking organization is very different from the rest. Their goal is to provide work areas that are distraction free. Many coworking spaces do not offer peace and quiet. They offer quiet rooms that will help you stay focused with no outside noise. The Muse Rooms offer a 24/7 access to a hot desk for $100 per week or $250 per month.

Address: 3800 Barham Blvd #105, Los Angeles, CA


Phone: +818.658.9864

The city of Los Angeles has a great demand for coworking spaces, which means that eventually, you will be able to find one that fits perfectly. This shows that professionals realize the benefits of working in collaborative spaces. The two main focuses are flexible work options and cost-effective facilities.

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