The Best Coworking Spaces In Montreal

The Best Coworking Spaces In Montreal

Ever been to Montreal? This Canadian city is well-known and well-loved for hosting various international events. Moreover, it's also a major tech and business hub. As a matter of fact, many recognize it as a thriving AI startup powerhouse.

As such, entrepreneurs, freelancers, innovators, digital nomads, and other tech professionals just keep doing business in The City of Saints. If you're visiting soon, allow us to recommend some of the best coworking spaces in Montreal.


Firstly, we have Xenospace. This provider sets itself from others by designing safe spaces ideal for remote working. Besides, all their workstations are private. Plus they "do not offer Hot Desks in communal areas" and they "do not accept casual daily users," their website tells us.

As such, customers have to sign up for a minimum 4-month membership. Fees are paid on a monthly basis. They offer private office, semi private office, executive suites and studio space, conference rooms, and custom offices.

If you value security, privacy, and productivity, Xenospace is the place.

Address: 760 Bd Crémazie O, Montréal, QC H3N 1A2
Contact number: +1 514-602-7600
Email: [email protected]

Le 402

Secondly, Le 402 is a sure hit for busy professionals and creative types. Besides, this unique workspace offers more than the standard coworking space, private office, and conference room. They also have a dedicated photo studio, plus costume and accessories rental for your photo or video shoots. Additionally, they often host artistic events such as exhibits and workshops.

Members also get to enjoy 24/7 secure access to the facilities, along with unlimited coffee and tea.

Address: 1395 Fleury Est, Montréal, Québec, H2C 1R7
Contact number: +1 514-447-4612
Email: [email protected]

GamePlay Space

coworking spaces in montreal

GamePlay Space is, without a doubt, one of the most distinctive coworking spaces in Montreal. This location is actually a "community-driven organization" that caters to video game developers and studios."

If you're aiming to create that next big video game, you'll find GamePlay Space to be perfect for you. They have a great, supportive community that can give you that much-needed boost. You get to expand your professional network as you meet like-minded creatives working under one roof.

Address: 1435 St Alexander St Suite 140, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2G4
Contact number: +1 514-225-6777
Email: [email protected]


Up next, we have Fabrik8. According to their website, Fabrik 8's environment "allows companies and their teams to grow" by providing flexible spaces that match their needs.

In a Google review, one customer particularly described it as a "solid workspace for startups." The company has two locations in Montreal.

Address: 7240 Waverly St, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2Y8
Contact number: +1 438-817-4162
Email: [email protected]

Halte 24-7

coworking spaces in montreal

Located in the heart of Montreal, Halte 24-7 is a favorite workspace among entrepreneurs and business professionals. The company prides itself for providing "flexible offers, a dynamic business community, and personalized service."

They have hotspot desks, open space dedicated desks, private offices, multifunction rooms, and conference rooms. Even better, their dynamic community presents you with amazing networking opportunities with other startups in the city.

What's more, Halte 24-7 has been named by TravelMag as one of the best coworking spaces in Montreal.

Address: 4284 De La Roche St, Montreal, Quebec H2J 3H9
Contact number: +1 514-524-1444
Email: [email protected]

Le Salon 1861

Meanwhile, Le Salon 1861 aims to "reconnect people to the collective space" and "break the silos between sectors of society." Whether you're a business professional, a student, a freelancer, or an organization leader, you're welcome in this coworking space.

Address: 550 Ave Richmond, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1V3
Contact number: +1 514-447-1861
Email: [email protected]


coworking spaces in montreal

WeWork has more than 700 locations scattered around the world. And yes, they have several in Montreal. In fact, they have three.

In Place Ville Marie, customers can expect a "huge coworking spot (with) so many options for everyone," a Google reviewer wrote. Plus it's certainly a bonus that this workspace offers fantastic city views. It is, after all, located on a skyscraper fourth floor.

Address: 3 Place Ville Marie suite 400, Montréal, QC H3B 2E3
Contact number: +1 514-447-4496
Email: via website

Crew Collective & Cafe

Crew Collective & Cafe is a "one of a kind space to dine, drink, work, and meet." Situated in a heritage building, this location is more than a coworking space. It's also home to great food and signature beverages. Expert chefs and baristas stand ready to serve their customers.

Address: 360 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H2Y 1P5
Contact number: +1 514-285-7095
Email: [email protected]

2727 Coworking

2727 Coworking is one of the high-end coworking spaces in Montreal. They offer 24/7 workspaces for entrepreneurs and professionals. They also have a "community of innovative businesses" that can help you build a strong network.

Address: 109-2727 Saint-Patrick St., Montreal, Quebec H3K 0A8
Contact number: +1 438-796-0017
Email: [email protected]

Nomad Life

Finally, Nomad Life is another hot Montreal workspace that merges coworking with studio functionalities. Open 24/7, the location invites customers to "meet, eat, work, play, meditate, collaborate and grow." As mentioned, they have a studio for photo or video shoots, podcasts, webcasts, and events.

Address: 129 Avenue Van Horne, Montreal, QC, H2T 2J2
Contact number: +1 514-903-9030
Email: [email protected]

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