The Best Coworking Spaces in the Carolinas

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There are countless ways to have outdoor fun in the beautiful Carolinas. Beautiful beaches on the Atlantic, cool mountain towns in the Appalachians, and a vibrant culture lead to endless possibilities. It's definitely a great place for any tourist going there for pleasure.

However, if you're also travelling there for business purposes, you'd find out there's also a lot to love.

A place for thriving businesses, Charlotte in North Carolina is one of the banking capitals of the world. Meanwhile, Charleston in South Carolina consistently ranks as one of the top worldwide destinations for travelers. 

The top coworking spaces in the Carolinas. 

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Digital nomads, freelancers, startup owners, and other professionals will be glad to know that there are a lot of great coworking spaces in the Carolinas.

Allow us to enumerate a few highly recommended ones. Go check out our list and see which ones are right for you. Feel free to contact them for bookings and inquiries.


Firstly, we have Hygge, which is pronounced as 'hoo-ga.'

A Danish word that means a "mental state of well-being," Hygge is definitely one of the main coworking spaces in the Carolinas. Hygge has made a conscious effort to create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. In fact, members here are called "hyggefam."

As their website tells us, Hygge is home to "a community of diverse entrepreneurs, remote workers, startup founders, nonprofits, podcast hosts and more."

Address: 809 Westmere Ave, Suite C, Charlotte, NC
Contact number: +1 980-236-1854
Email: [email protected]

Local Works

best coworking spaces in the Carolinas

Secondly, we have Local Works. Charleston-nonprofit Lowcountry Local First opened Local Works in 2014. It has since gained fame as a "low-cost place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, co-create, and support other local business owners."

In addition to their coworking space, Local Works likewise offers private offices, along with conference room and event space rentals.

Address: 1859 Summerville Ave #800, Charleston, SC
Contact number: +1 843-801-3390
Email: [email protected]


SOCO is perfect for small teams, freelancers, or independent contractors. The provider offers memberships on a monthly basis. However, interested clients also have the option of going in and working on a daily basis. They have a full kitchen with coffee and drinks, plus they have great WiFi.

Indeed, SOCO creates "inspiring spaces where you can work and work together; incredible events and activities to help you connect with your 'tribe.'"

Address: 808 Lady St Suite D, Columbia, SC
Contact number: +1 803-398-1225
Email: [email protected]

Advent Coworking

Advent Coworking was established in 2015 and then acquired by Hygge in April 2022. Today, the location is still known as a "creative coworking community, podcast studio, event venue, wellness center and art gallery."

Address: 933 Louise Ave. Suite 101 Charlotte, NC
Contact number: +1 980-299-8331
Email: [email protected]

Flywheel Coworking

flywheel coworking space in carolina

Next, we have Flywheel - a community of energetic, intense, and driven entrepreneurs, innovators and startups, all working hard to take their game to the next level. "Everything we do is designed to help you go from good to great," their website says. "Flywheel is a place where businesses and individuals thrive."

With 2 locations in NC and 1 in SC, Flywheel is surely among the best coworking spaces in the Carolinas.

Address: 500 W 5th St Suite 800, Winston-Salem, NC
Contact number: +1 336-715-7279
Email: [email protected]

Atlas Local

Formerly known as CoWork Greenville, Atlas Local now markets itself as "a curated collection of stellar humans and companies who give a damn about hard work and a life well-lived."

Unlike other coworking spaces, Atlas Local requires a 1-year commitment from their members. Payments are done monthly and they have a free first week offer for new clients. Membership options include Desk, Cafe, and Office.

Address: 25 Draper Street Greenville, SC 29611
Email: [email protected]

Mojo Coworking  

Mojo is a place that powerfully exudes "creative, social, & entrepreneurial energy." If that's the vibe you're after, you'll love this coworking space.

Without a doubt, Mojo offers a unique coworking environment that plugs you into the energy of collaboration, inspiration, and ideas that you can use to be your best. Besides, this is a place that believes "the future will be built by independent small businesses."

Customers have four available plans to choose from such as Basics, Dedicated Desk, Flexible Space, and Offices.

Address: 81 Broadway Street Asheville, NC
Contact number: +1 828-398-1840
Email: [email protected]

American Underground 

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The Startup Hub of the South, American Underground provides entrepreneurs with the space they need to grow. Accordingly, a membership automatically means you become part of a lively community that will support your journey.

Address: 201 W Main Street, Ste. 100, Durham, NC
Contact number: +1 919-808-4039
Email: [email protected]

The Frontier

Looking for a free, dog-friendly space to work in? Or maybe a private office for your growing company? The Frontier has you covered. Go visit their site to sign up for a free membership or to lease one of their offices.

Address: 800 Park Offices Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC
Contact number: +1 919-549-8181
Email: [email protected]

Raleigh Founded

Lastly, we have Raleigh Founded. Formerly known as HQ Raleigh, the company has since rebranded. Today, the provider offers "shared workspace and office suites for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators."

For individuals, coworking options include Hybrid Remote Package, Unlimited Package, and Dedicated Desk. Meanwhile, teams and businesses have 4 office space NC locations to choose namely Warehouse, Capital Club, Centennial, and Gateway.

Address: 310 S Harrington St, Raleigh, NC
Contact number: +1 919-300-6917
Email: [email protected]

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