17 Excellent Coworking Spaces In Montreal

Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in North America and a startup powerhouse. Surprising to most outsiders that do not know much about the largest French speaking city in North America.

Montreal has one of the lowest costs of living anywhere in North America, an attractive quality for early stage companies that need to watch every dollar. Montreal also lures multimedia companies to Quebec with an alluring tax benefit which pays up to up to 37.5% of employees salaries. 

With these benefits and more, it's not surprising that Montreal is thriving as a startup and tech hub. Here are the top coworking spaces where startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are building great companies and local communities for remote workers. 

#17 Xenospace

Specifically designed to suit the needs of digital content creators, Xenospace offers a unique environment focused on the creation of better content through collaborations. But hey; sometimes, you just want to do your own thing. Don't worry, above all else, as creators, they respect your need for quiet time, client confidentiality & caffeinated beverages.

Dedicated Desk $225, Private Office $525

#16 Hub305

Hub305 is a work cooperative created to provide startup entrepreneurs an anchor for their business and services to support their ambitions. A place of work, exchanges and collaborations.

Hot Desk $350

#15 Le 402

A coworking space for small business owners, startups, and self-employed workers, in the Chabbanel / Marché Central area. Rent space by the day, week, month, or year.

Closed offices or grouped desks in an open space, for individuals or teams. Amenities at Le 402 includes wifi, a surveillance system, access to the kitchen and lounge, as well as a variety of talented people with complimentary skills to help grow your business. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Hot Desk $200, Dedicated Desk $225

#14 Boom Coworking

Boom Coworking is the first collaborative workspace designed for Canadian parents so they can work close to their children. The coworking space is designed to enable self-employed parents, freelancers and entrepreneurs to be productive working while promoting daily opportunities to strengthen their parent-child relationships.

$360 Hot Desk + 3 hours of Daycare

#13 Le Tableu Blanc

The mission at Le Tableu Blanc is to advance the companies in their work area, with an emphasis on collaboration. It was conceived and designed for the self-employed and micro-businesses seeking an ideal location for work in the Southwest of Montreal. By targeting increased professional activities and visibility, they are dedicated to helping Montreal professionals. 

Hot Desk $399

#12 GamePlay Space

GamePlay Space is a dedicated coworking place for the game industry in Montreal. They are building a collaborative community of developers to share, inspire and support each other.

Hot Desk $150, Dedicated Desk $300

#11 LORI hub

LORI hub is the first coworking space in Canada dedicated to women entrepreneurs.  Besides offering its occupants a place to work, their coworking space provides an intimate, cohesive environment in which women will feel comfortable exchanging ideas, tips, and resources to contribute to one another’s prosperity.

$230 Dedicated Desk, $600 Private Office

#10 Fabrik8

In the heart of Marconi sector, Fabrik8 is located in a 32,000 square foot building and offers forty private offices for different size companies up to 25 people.

They have a coworking space where creativity, productivity, and business performance are optimized. The synergy of the companies is a key element, so their shared spaces foster collaboration and exchange between different professionals.

Hot Desk $300, Private Office $450+ Visit them by clicking here

#9 The FoodRoom

The FoodRoom is a culinary coworking space dedicated to helping lovers of the food industry. They offer professional and businesses access to a fully equipped kitchen, events, storage space, and discounts from suppliers. The FoodRoom is the place to start and grow your culinary business. You have access to the kitchen you need, engaging you in a dynamic and growing network.

We also recently profiled the best coworking spaces in Toronto. See the full list here in the Top Coworking Spaces in Toronto

#8 La Halte 24-7

La Halte 24-7 was created to provide a solution for a workspace entirely focused on business development professionals, freelancers, startups and small established companies. They reach a diverse clientele eager to join a community of companies wishing to collaborate professionally.

Virtual Office $200, Day Pass $20, Dedicated Desk $399, Private Office $679+

#7 WeWork Place Ville Marie

Inside one of the city’s most distinctive buildings, WeWork's Montreal office space puts you in the center of the city. Occupying the fourth floor and offering views of the sweeping Champlain Bridge from one of the cozy common areas.

In warm weather, people drift down to the plaza to enjoy the cool breezes blowing off the St. Lawrence River. During the winter the building is connected to the upscale Galerie Place Ville Marie shopping center and Montreal’s vast Underground City. Because of its central location, this Montreal coworking space draws nonprofit groups, small startups, and established companies.

Virtual Office $45, Hot Desk $220, Dedicated Desk $325, Private Office $450+

#6 Le Salon 1861

In 1861, St. Joseph’s Church was an inclusive place to meet, celebrate and find support. Over time, the church fell into economic hardship and the community was faced with a challenge to save the breathtaking building before losing another part of its history.

Le Salon 1861 was built to reconnect people to the collective space and break the silos between sectors of society. Universities, entrepreneurs, local citizens, community organizations, and private businesses work side-by-side to redefine how we work, live, and play together.

#5 La Gare

La Gare is a collaborative workspace. A place to work, connect and learn in the heart of the Mile End. An amazing coworking space with a fun ambiance, entrepreneurial atmosphere and a professional staff.

Day Pass $20, Dedicated Desk $305

#4 The Crew Collective & Cafe

One-third coworking space, one-third coffee shop, and one-third office space for Crew employees. For coworking members, there is access to a meeting room, free premium coffee, discounted food prices, private bunks for naps, access to private events with top creative professionals, and more.

Hot Desk $450


In the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, the ECTO cooperative offers its members affordable and flexible packages for the use of workspaces. Whether you're a freelancer, artist, consultant, owner of a small business or involved in a community organization, there is a place for you in the cooperative ECTO.

Day Pass $15, Hot Desk $250, Dedicated Desk $350

#2 Esplanade

Esplanade is the first collaborative space and accelerator dedicated to entrepreneurship and social innovation in Quebec. Their mission is to nurture, collect and propel an ambitious community of entrepreneurs and citizens dedicated to social innovation.

Esplanade provides space, services, tools and connections that help social innovators to develop their projects and their organizations, and increase their impact.

Day Pass $25, Dedicated Desk $350

#1 Notman House

Notman House is a physical campus dedicated to supporting the Montreal Startup ecosystem. Located on Sherbrooke and St. Laurent in the heart of Montreal, Notman provides office, event, and a communal space for startups, investors, technology partners, and community groups.

Private Office $650+ 

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