The Best Coworking Spaces In Toronto

Being the economic, innovative and financial center of Canada, Toronto’s startup ecosystem is diverse and full of life. Entrepreneurs and investors speak highly of the ethnic diversity of Toronto’s talent pool, which is also boosted by its close proximity to several world-class engineering schools and universities. Toronto is poised to contend as one of the biggest North American hubs for startup activity over the next decade.

Coworking spaces are filling up to meet the demand of all of the tremendous startups that are being created. Here are some of the best coworking spaces in Toronto based on feedback from the local community. 

coworking in this living space at workplace one

#12 Workplace One

Workplace One offers small business, entrepreneurs, professionals and anyone in between, a customized and unique work environment in a shared office community. With customizable offices and services, Workplace One caters to the constant evolution of a small or growing business.

The unique space design encourages collaboration and provides an energy that can not be found in a home office or other professional work environment.

#11 The VanderBerg House

The VandenBerg House is not a typical work office with cubicles and office like furniture. They have designed the space to feel professional, comfortable and inspiring. The days of working from the same cubicle space are long gone.

At The VBerg House, you can work from a private desk, an enormously large rustic table, or sit in the lounge area by the bay window to inspire your work and continue to strive throughout your day.

Hot Desk $300

#10 Gamma Space

Gamma Space is a non-profit collaborative workspace, community, and independent video game arts organization supporting artists and freelancers in West Queen West, Toronto's downtown creative neighborhood.

They provide a welcoming, comfortable, tailored space for their members to be productive and happy while crafting games, Web applications, and community-centric food experiences.

Hot Desk $295, Dedicated Desk $350

the view from a yacht club in toronto

#9 East Room

East Room is reinventing the modern workspace. Their coworking club caters to forward-thinking freelancers, creative professionals, and small businesses.

Their dynamic community of members includes some of the city’s most creative minds working in the fields of technology, art, and design. East Room provides the ideal environment for these like-minded individuals to collaborate, share ideas and merge their talents.

#8 Lab T.O.

Lab T.O. is an affordable shared office for digital professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs in Toronto.  a loft-style building featuring 11-foot ceilings, large windows, and skylights. It also features ergonomic leather office chairs and desks built at a local maker space. We also have cubicles so that you can work quietly or make a phone call. provides a flexible workplace environment that allows for serendipity, collaboration and socializing among our members spanning all digital creative fields from graphic designers to coders. We also host events and workshops for the Toronto tech community.

Day Pass $20, Week Pass $80, Hot Desk $200

#7 Acme Works

Acme Works is proud to be a member of the global coworking movement. They share the belief that productivity and creativity are enhanced by collaboration and that we can all benefit from working in a shared space with other like-minded individuals. Sometimes it’s boring and lonely working from home. They created a dynamic environment with a robust infrastructure and a range of resources to give you maximum flexibility and the level of collaboration and interaction you choose. 

No matter the type of independent worker you are: mobile, contract, temporary, or entrepreneurial and regardless of the nature of your business or whatever brilliant idea you are developing you will have access to their network of experts including lawyers, accountants, marketers, and senior executives available to consult with you on an hourly basis.

Day Pass $25, Hot Desk $285, Dedicated Desk $495, Private Office $950-$2,000

#6 BrightLane

BrightLane is a community of entrepreneurs working together on King Street West. A cool location and a historic brick and beam building. Starting a new business means putting everything on the line. It’s a lonely road with many surprises.

Taking this journey with others, some a little ahead and those who may have stumbled is the best path for giving your enterprise every chance for success. 

#5 Foundery

Foundery is a newly renovated, accessible downtown coworking environment providing their members with high-speed internet, access to 2 private conference rooms, 2 full kitchens, a rooftop patio, public art gallery, and cafe.

Home to a diverse community of artists, entrepreneurs, innovators & independents, they are creating an inspiring and empowering workplace. Whether you are an individual or an organization, a student, a startup or an established entrepreneur, Foundery is the place to be.

Day Pass $25, Hot Desk $290, Dedicated Desk $440, Private Office $890-$1,490

#4 Northspace

people working in northspace

A coworking space located in the heart of the GTA. Designed for startups and small businesses in mind, NorthSpace aims to be a platform that fosters creative collaborations between community members by promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and work with a social directive.

Day Pass $25, Hot Desk $300, Dedicated Desk $450, Private Office $650+

offices and hot desks at tract 9

#3 Tract 9

The Queen West hub for collaborative innovation in creative technologies. As the only Toronto coworking space set in a huge 7000 square foot open concept warehouse with 30 ft ceilings, Tract 9 provides wide-open space to think, create, and collaborate. 

Tract 9 is home to freelancers and startups from a wide range of fields, from music and fashion to marketing, media, gaming, arts and design. Tract 9 is also launching a Technology + Design academy at the space, which features amazing instructors, from accomplished app coders to indie film directors, as well as a VC-backed accelerator stream for idea stage ventures in creative technologies.

Tract 9 also hosts some exciting event series such as regular virtual reality showcases and an indie game developers showcase.

Part-Time $185, Hot Desk $295, Dedicated Desk $450

people relaxing at project spaces

#2 Project Spaces

Providing flexible, collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and mobile workers. Their members are thinkers, leaders, and innovators working in a wide variety of industries. Project Spaces is a growing network of founder-friendly coworking spaces in downtown Toronto for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers.

Virtual Office $45, Hot Desk $200, Dedicated Desk $350-$395

#1  Centre For Social Innovation

A coworking space, community, and launchpad for people who are changing the world, with four locations in Toronto and a location in New York City.

Centre For Social Innovation provides their members with the tools they need to accelerate their success and amplify their impact. They’re building a movement of non-profits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists working across sectors to build a better world.

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