10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cycling To Work

Cycling To Work

Ever considered cycling to work? It may not initially sound attractive for those used to driving their cars daily but hear us out.

In reality, biking can lead to many unexpected advantages. Ask any avid cyclist and they’ll enthusiastically tell you about it. Health experts can also attest to the numerous benefits of regular exercise – including physical and mental well-being.  

The 10 advantages of cycling to work

So, what are the short-term and long-term benefits of cycling to work? Allow us to give you 10 valid reasons why you should consider commuting on a bike.

Read on and see for yourself:

#1. It's fun!

cycling to work

Firstly, biking is fun. Remember the joy and freedom we felt as kids when we rode bikes around the neighborhood? Cycling to work can give you that same feeling again. On top of that, it’s always amazing to hit the road and get some fresh air.

#2. It's convenient and cost-effective

Next, a bike is extremely convenient to use. You won’t have to worry about spending so much time looking for a parking spot each morning. You can even park anywhere as long as you have an anti-theft lock.

Moreover, a bike isn’t as expensive to maintain as an automobile. Sure, you may have to buy a few parts now and then, but generally the expenses are way lower. Plus, you wouldn’t have to buy fuel anymore! This will give you the opportunity to save more money than you would as a car user.

#3. It's time-saving

You think you’ll get to your office or coworking space faster by driving your car or using public transportation? Well, we have two words for you: traffic jams!

cycling to work

By cycling to work, you can easily get around heavily-congested areas. So yes, using your bike can prove to be an effective time-saver for you. Arriving on time every day will not be a problem.  

#4. It decreases your carbon footprint

A bicycle is more than a reliable transportation mode. It’s also environmentally-friendly.

We’ve all heard how car pollution contributes to global warming. That’s why a bike can definitely be a great alternative because it produces zero emissions. You are, essentially, helping save the world one bike ride at a time. Plus you’re setting a positive example for others to follow by demonstrating concern for the environment.

Just imagine what would happen if more people rode bicycles instead of drove cars!

#5. It boosts your brain power

Did you know that biking can likewise make you smarter? While it won’t make you an Einstein overnight, experts have said that it also improves your brain power.

Apparently, researchers followed 100 older adults ages 50 to 83 “to investigate the effect of an outdoor cycling intervention.” The experts studied the link of using bicycles and e-bikes on users’ cognitive function, mental health, and well-being.

According to their findings, published in the Public Library of Science:

“Exercise and stimulation from the environment can improve cognitive function and well-being in older adults.”

Meanwhile, a Scientific Reports journal also discovered that “15 minutes of high-intensity cycling could help improve memory.”

So, if you want to keep your brain and memory sharp, we bet you know what to do.

#6. It helps you stay fit

To state the obvious, cycling to work also benefits your physical well-being. Fitting exercise into a busy schedule may be a challenge for some. Fortunately, riding a bike takes care of that for you.   

If getting to work takes you 15 minutes, it already means you be getting 30 minutes of physical activity per day. The minutes and hours will add up each week and that will result in having a better body.

You can expect to shed those extra pounds if you consistently use a bike. On top of that, you’ll also strengthen your muscles and boost your immune system.

#7. It's good for your heart

Additionally, regular biking also does wonders for your heart.

cycling to work

As researchers pointed out:

“Cycle commuting was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality.”

#8. It will help you sleep better

If you’re the type who has trouble falling asleep every night, we’ve got great news for you. Riding a bike can be a great way to get some much-needed rest.

In fact, a University of Georgia study identified the link between “cardiorespiratory fitness and sleeping ability.” In the research, data from more than 8,000 participants were gathered and studied for 35 years. It showed that physically active people experienced better sleep.

Study lead Rodney Dishman encouraged adults to get “150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity” weekly. He also added:

“Examples include brisk walking for moderate activity and jogging, biking and swimming for vigorous activity.”

#9. It prolongs your life

Want to live longer? Then start pedaling!

A team of researchers discovered that for themselves after studying Tour de France participants. In a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, we learn about the longevity of 834 cyclists.  

The journal reads:

“We found a very significant increase in average longevity (17%) of the cyclists when compared with the general population.”

According to them, the Tour de France cyclists lived eight years longer compared with the general population. Eight years!

#10. It benefits your mental health

Last but not least, cycling can be very therapeutic. It can help you fight anxiety and depression. As you get physically active, your mental well-being also improves significantly. That’s why it’s definitely a good idea to include biking in your lifestyle.

Other studies also mention that regular exercise can help boost self-esteem. Furthermore, cycling can be a powerful antidote to stress.

Final thoughts

As you can tell by now, cycling to work leads to many worthwhile advantages. So are you ready to get going? Just remember to wear your safety gear and observe traffic rules, okay? Have fun!

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