How Close Is Italy to Launching A Digital Nomad Visa?

Italy to Launching A Digital Nomad Visa?

Is Italy on its way to becoming the next European country to issue a digital nomad visa?

There has been a growing buzz in recent days that Italy may be opening its doors for non-EU digital nomads. 

The update?

Nothing has been guaranteed or passed into law as of this writing. But, the good news is, Italy has been looking to capitalize on the rise of remote workers around the world.  

“The decree did not include the visa option we spoke about which was initially included in the bill,” said Costanza Petreni, a senior immigration consultant at Mazzeschi. He was commenting when asked a few months back about the visa law decree submitted last January 27. 

However, in a recent interview by The Local, Petreni had this to say about the reappearance of the visa option submitted into law earlier this week: 

“Usually only minor amendments are applied at this stage. However, the converted law included the visa option, which was ruled out in the published decree after our interview.”

If approved, the Italian government would then need to issue another decree stating the official changes and requirements. 

Why do countries offer a digital nomad visa? 

In an effort to boost their economy, countries are encouraging people from different parts of the globe to spend short or extended periods living in their nation. As a result, digital nomads can take their work to places they would've never imagined.

What other European countries currently offer a digital nomad visa? 

This may not be the complete list, but some of the notable European countries that offer a digital nomad visa include:

  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece 
  • Iceland
  • Norway 
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain 

* Each country that issues a digital nomad visa has its own policies and regulations in place

Why Italy is the perfect place for digital nomads

Sunny Italy is brimming with remarkable tourist spots, an historical art scene, and delectable cuisine… It's every digital nomad’s dream location! 

While you probably read or heard of Bel Paese being regarded as a high-end location, don’t buy into the idea. Truth is, outside Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy's cities offer an attractively low cost of living. 

Generally speaking, Italy is also a perfect spot to bring your family. 

One aspect highly valued by Italian culture is family time. Simply put, people who live in Italy only work an average of 36 hours a week. Moreover, nobody can work more than 48 hours a week including overtime.

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