Digital Nomad Life: The New Way To Work Remotely

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Many years ago, the only option for most people was to work where they lived. That also meant being physically present in a private office space for a minimum of 40 hours per week. A career upgrade meant seeking for a new job in a different city or country. Or maybe getting promoted in the same company. Needless to say, much has definitely changed today. For example, living the digital nomad life is very different.

Independent and remote workers are finding they can live anywhere they want and travel while they work. As such, they can spend their days bouncing from one location to another. They may stay in New York City for several weeks or months and then go for an Asian vacation the next.

Just imagine the freedom of combining your love for travel while making a living at the same time, right?

Rising Fuel Costs Affect Digital Nomads

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the digital nomad life has become a really attractive (and practical) path for many to follow these days. It's also become much easier and less expensive - thanks to modern conveniences.

Case in point, we've seen an increase in the number of coworking spaces and AirBnbs over the past decade alone. In addition, we now have a lot of nomad-friendly countries across the world. These destinations are offering digital nomad visas and low cost of living, along with other perks.

Digital nomad statistics

According to research, 66% of digital nomads are freelancers and the remaining 34% have their own virtual teams or businesses. Meanwhile, up to 92% claim they are much happier as digital nomads, in comparison with being stuck in a physical office. Plus 59% say they have seen significant income growth after embracing the digital nomad life.

Understandably, 79% expect they will be a digital nomad for the rest of their lives.

To learn more, check out the infographic we've prepared below:

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