Little Enhancements That Make a Big Difference to Coworking Facilities

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For start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses, coworking spaces have many advantages. They are a great place to go when you need to focus and be productive. Much better than trying to work at home surrounded by distractions, or in a noisy café.

But not all coworking spaces are created equal. Some are better than others and we are not only talking about location and price here.

Often, it is the little extras and facilities that make all of the difference. Here are a few examples of what we mean: Things that are worth looking out for and taking into consideration when deciding where to base yourself - some of which you have probably not thought about before.

Location matters

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The coworking space you are planning to work out of needs to be convenient for you. Close enough to home so that you do not have to endure an exhausting commute; yet not so far out of town that potential clients and anyone you hire will not be prepared to travel there too.

For some business models, it is worth paying a little extra so that you can be close to your potential customer base.

In addition, you may want to look out for the following:

  • Close to public transport, and the coworking firm includes directions on their website. This makes it easy for potential clients to find you, which means they will be more willing to work with you.
  • If you use a car, you will want to be close to affordable parking.
  • Secure bike storage, which includes lockers for your safety gear and clothing.
  • Close to somewhere nice to go for lunch. Or a place you can walk, which is particularly important if you exercise during the day or are going to take your pet to work.

·  Located in a safe area – especially important if you are planning to work late.

Facilities that provide the chance to network

Networking is one of the hidden benefits of coworking. As you can see here, it is surprisingly easy to pick up work from the other businesses that are sharing the space with you.

But to enhance the chances of collaboration opportunities, seek out coworking spaces that regularly host events for their members. These are typically great places to meet people, make connections and find new clients.

Coworking spaces that have kitchens or tea- and coffee-making facilities are good for networking too. It is surprising how often a casual chat while making a drink leads to work. Or, finding someone you can trust to do a job for you.

Coworking facilities that offer their members perks

Most of us appreciate getting something for a discount. Coworking spaces have a lot of clients, which means that businesses will put together special deals for their members. Often, the money you save by using them will be significant.

Plus, there is the opportunity for you to put together your own deal and let the coworking space share it with their clients. It is a particularly effective way to start building a customer base in a new area. People will quickly spread the word when you do a good job for them.

If you want to try this approach, read this short guide. It outlines the pros and cons of each type of discount model.

The use of tech to enhance the working environment

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The best coworking spaces invest in the latest technology as a way of finding innovative ways to improve things for their clients.  For example, the use of digital signs for coworking culture is a relatively recent innovation, but their use has a significant impact on the quality of the working environment.

Digital display screens can be a subtle way to remind everyone of the rules and to address any bad habits users are falling into. This helps to keep standards of behavior high, which in turn contributes to creating and maintaining a clean, tranquil, professional environment. One in which everyone can be productive.

These screens are also being increasingly used to keep things organized. For example, outside meeting rooms, so people can see at a glance when the room is occupied and when it is free. This reduced the chances of someone inadvertently interrupting a meeting.

If digital screens are used in the coworking facility you choose, keep an eye on them. At times, you may also see details of time-sensitive or limited offers advertised on them.

Of course, the above is not all you should consider when looking for a coworking space. But they are examples of little enhancements, facilities and services that have a surprisingly high impact on how good your experience can be.

little enhancements that make a difference in cowokring spaces
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