How to Make Your Use Of Technology More Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Two topics keep cropping up. One is the rapid advancement of technology. Things have progressed so much in just the last ten years it’s head-spinning. The second topic that you should be familiar with is green energy. Everyone is trying to do their bit to be more environmentally friendly. It’s essential to save species from extinction and allow flora and fauna to thrive for the betterment of humanity.

You may think that these two ideas would clash, making it difficult for both changes to exist simultaneously. Fortunately, that’s not true. This article seeks to inform you how to use technology in a more environmentally friendly way.

Use A Laptop

It’s almost impossible to go an entire day without using a computer at some point. They are at work, in school, and in the home. Unfortunately, these devices require a lot of power to function. The more energy you use in your home, the bigger your carbon footprint will be. Generating this energy takes a toll on the environment, especially if you’re using a non-renewable energy source. 

environmentally friendly

Luckily, a laptop can provide you with all the same functions as a computer without using the same amount of power. All you need to do is make sure it is fully charged and you have a fully operational work device that is better for the environment.

Charge Your Phone Correctly

On the topic of making sure that things remain fully charged, are you aware of some of the bad habits you engage in when it comes to your smartphone? Almost everyone now has access to a smartphone, and you probably use yours more often than you like to admit.

The constant use of a smartphone isn’t what is harmful to the environment. Instead, it is the poor battery economy that is associated with these devices. Most of you will find yourself forgetting to charge your phone before leaving the house, which leads to you charging it just a little bit before you leave. While most smartphones are fine limping on in this way, it is a terrible use of energy. Your battery will deplete much quicker, and you will end up needing to use up more energy to keep it charged in the long run.

However, many people seek to avoid this problem by leaving their phones on charge overnight. This method uses up even more energy than you realize and is also a huge fire risk. If you want to make sure that your tech isn’t having a negative effect on the environment, try to charge your phone fully every time and disconnect it when it is ready. Most modern smartphones only take two hours to fully charge anyway.

Download Your Media

The topic of keeping things plugged into an energy source has come up a few times already in this article. That’s because it is the biggest drain on the environment for most households. Unfortunately, the biggest power consumer in many homes is the T.V. Many people are watching more programs than ever thanks to the introduction of all the new streaming services. These platforms require the use of both your TV and the internet to provide you with the content you wish to watch.

Of course, it’s easy to flick on the TV and start streaming your shows live. However, it uses less energy to download the episodes before you watch them. This will cut gas emissions for the streaming companies - far more environmentally friendly! What’s more, purchasing an online download reduces the amount of plastic pollution that is caused by physical media. CD and DVD cases are made out of the stuff, after all.

Use Second Hand Devices

The main problem that people have when it comes to technology is the price tag. Companies will release several new devices each year, and the cost of each one only seems to rise. Furthermore, many people will simply ditch their old device in favor of the newer model. This is the opposite of environmentally friendly.

You can mitigate both of these problems by buying your tech second-hand. Used smartphones and laptops tend to be much cheaper than buying brand new, and it provides a use for the older models. By keeping these devices in circulation, you can greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste while also saving yourself a few pennies.

Get A Phone You Can Afford

Another reason a lot of people ditch their old phones is that they can no longer afford the plan they are on. The first-year plan with a phone company always comes with a slew of benefits that disappear long before the deal ends. This means that there is no longer any need to stay with the company. Many users choose to pay off their plan early and subscribe to a new one to reap the sign-up benefits. As you can see, this process only leads to more wastage.

environmentally friendly

That’s why you would be better off heading to a site that offers SIM-only plans. You can find a cheap plan that suits you while avoiding the need to keep tossing out working phones. This will add to the overall reduction of your carbon footprint. 

Use Your Tech’s Full Potential

There has been an outcry from people in recent years about smartphones. These devices have changed all of our lives but killed some important parts of our culture at the same time. While this seems like a bad thing on the surface, most of these changes have had a profound effect on the environment.

Take, for example, the death of printed media. Most newspaper and magazine publications now exist in an online format. This has reduced the amount of energy needed to create daily, weekly, or monthly issues while keeping workers in this field employed. You can see this same outcome when looking at e-readers compared to the number of physical books on shelves.

So, while we all feel guilty about using our devices so much, there is an up-side! We’re actually helping our planet in some ways at the same time.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

As you can probably tell, most of the issues that have arisen in this article are only problematic because of the type of energy you use. There was a time when you had no choice but to use non-renewable energy; however, times have changed.

environmentally friendly

Solar power is one of the most effective sources of renewable energy and it is now available in most modern homes. Private companies will handle installation, and you can ultimately save money on your monthly bills if you power your home this way.


Going green might seem like a monumental task, but you can make a difference even with a few small changes. Use your tech in the most environmentally friendly way possible and you’ll be helping to save our planet!

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