6 Main Advantages Of ERP Software For The Apparel Industry

6 Main Advantages Of ERP Software For The Apparel Industry

The apparel industry involves numerous complex elements to control the working experience. In this sector, the life cycles of the products are shorter. Plus the enviable change rate is much higher compared to other sectors.

Every upcoming season requires a brand new collection. Businesses face challenges by keeping count of stock in a category of sizes, styles, textiles, fits, and colors. That makes the need to predict demands and forecast sales extremely necessary. Doing so minimizes production and delivery time while reducing unplanned slumps.

As such, having the ability to record and keep all significant information in one centralized software system is highly important. This enhances the entire operational performance of the apparel industry and has a positive effect on decision-making. An adequate ERP solution can make all that possible. So, let’s find out the advantages of ERP software in the apparel sector.

ERP software

Streamlined Manufacturing Process

Firstly, handling raw materials is probably the biggest challenge in the apparel sector. Without implementing an ERP software solution, apparel businesses will have to deal with plenty of complex situations. 

For example, the purchase of extra materials may result in liabilities. Moreover, purchasing insufficient amounts of materials may cause delays in major orders. An ERP system automates the whole process by calculating the precise amount of materials necessary and their cost. 

Another feature to consider is the procured materials’ quality, and the condition of the end product as well. The ERP solution provides real-time data on different aspects of the production process. This includes stitching, dyeing, packing, and labelling to ensure they’re performed efficiently and in accordance with the quality control standards.

Details such as customized labels, price stickers, barcodes, or self-designed invoices can also be integrated into the ERP system. This could be useful for raising brand awareness and boosting sales.

Better Networking And Collaboration

Another great advantage of the ERP software solution for the apparel industry? Well, it allows employees from every department to utilize the same centralized platform. It makes data entries, revisioning, accessing and transferring data much easier and quicker to carry out.

Consequently, implementing an appropriate ERP system will help you encourage better communication and networking between team members or departments. And that facilitates nonstop services during operational hours.

Simplified Order And Return Processing

In the apparel sector, especially in the area of retail, daily order and return processing is quite normal. Consequently, your apparel business should be equipped with an efficient monitoring system to manage these processes easily.

ERP software with all the appropriate features for the apparel sector regulates orders and returns tracking and managing. The system gives you the possibility to preset discounts, order tracking, shipping, return conditions, account credits, and other associated activities. That streamlines the procedures while contributing to more on-period deliveries and enhanced return processing.

ERP software

Enhanced Inventory Overview

As a result of globalization, where warehouses are many times dispersed across several locations, stock handling often becomes challenging. Manual management of inventory information is less effective and more exposed to mistakes. 

A cloud-based ERP apparel software handles that issue. The ERP system offers powerful automation tools to manage inventory and watch for shortages or surpluses.

In addition, proper apparel inventory management software is created with barcode scanner systems. This displays the accurate inventory by SKU, size, style, color, etc. As a result, it provides you an improved overview of stocks that come in or gets out of the warehouse.

Better Data Security

A cloud-based ERP solution stores all your business data on the cloud. This provides you the liberty to access vital information from anywhere, all the time.

The cloud-based ERP system also contains first-class security features which enable you to specify user authorized access to the database. That offers better control on the accessibility and guarantees that the quality of the data stored remains intact.

Easy Receipt Generation & Payments

Automated systems prevent human errors. This particularly applies if you need to manage several clients at once. That way, you can efficiently gather numerous orders with various pricing components, and make receipts for a line of products.

An ERP software eradicates manual handling of invoice creation to infuse precision in billing. The software comes with an integrated accounting system. It supports pliant payment options to allow customers to pay their invoices at their own convenience.

Final Words

Working in the apparel industry without an appropriate ERP solution is not as simple as it may seem. Without having a proper ERP system, learning, predicting, and taking care of consumer demand can easily become a real challenge. These concerns might be overpowering to even the most proficient apparel industry veterans.

ERP software has everything aimed to help you handle your entire apparel business. The solution incorporates all the business processes including the key areas of apparel production planning. It enables apparel companies to appropriately manage industry challenges, experience desired growth, and bring great ROI.

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