European Coworking Communities Are Standing Up For Ukraine

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Coworking communities across Europe have launched various initiatives to support the Ukrainian Coworking Association amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The European Coworking Assembly and the Coworking IDEA Project hosted an international call last March 9. They discussed what was happening in Ukraine and how to help those affected by the crisis.

A Coworking IDEA Project blog reported that the call included 70 international coworking leaders and Ukrainian coworking members. The conversation aimed to understand the needs of those experiencing "violence, migration and the trauma of war."

On the other hand, the European Coworking Assembly stated they are dedicated to supporting coworking communities “in all of Europe, including Ukraine.”

The organization says they will "explore" existing "community-led initiatives." They likewise mentioned their goal to map existing support networks to "identify gaps." Plans are also in place to "educate and mobilize in our own communities."

You can watch the entire online discussion on YouTube:

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Several European coworking communities and businesses now have ongoing projects for war victims. Here are some noteworthy initiatives and resources currently listed on the European Coworking Assembly’s site:


Firstly, Spacent recently announced on their LinkedIn page:

“Anyone arriving from Ukraine can use Spacent locations in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia for remote working.”

Those interested to avail of the offer should send an email to [email protected].


Next, OneCoworking is also offering free coworking access for people affected by the war.

The company is inviting Ukrainians who need a place to work. "We want to welcome you to visit a working space wherever you are in Europe,” their site says.

The coworking provider also shared a map of all their participating locations. Go check it out below:

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German Coworking Federation

The German Coworking Federation’s website reads:

“Refugees are welcome.”

According to the site, war victims also need places to “work, study, or read.” Federation members are offering free spaces for that. In addition, they have “good internet connections" for those who simply want to contact loved ones.

Coliving for Ukraine

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Coliving for Ukraine gathers information from “European communities and coliving providers” to support Ukrainians. The collected details will then be publicly shared with communities in need.

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Lastly, WeHelpUkraine has been specifically created to connect “those who can help - to those who need it most.” This means helping address “housing, medical, legal, psychological, logistics, financial support, local language classes,” and more.

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