Event Organizers, Here Are The Top 25 Event Management Platforms

Top Event Management Platforms

Organizing a business event from scratch is no easy feat. It definitely takes a lot of work! Event organizers have to plan everything out – from determining the event’s goals and conceptualizing the activities that will be done, to picking the right date and selecting among available event venues, and more. Event management platforms will certainly help ease some of the burden for a busy event organizer.

Whether you are laying the groundwork for a small or big gathering, these tools can be extremely useful.

Here are some of the top event management platforms to check out:

1. Eventbrite

homepage of eventbrite

First Eventbrite is one of the web’s most popular event management and ticketing websites. The platform was founded in 2006. Their official website promises event organizers everything they’ll ever need “to take events to the next level.”

With it, you can create customized emails to send as confirmations and reminders for participants. 

The service is available free of charge for free events. Otherwise, Eventbrite may charge up to 3.5% + $1.59 per sold ticket, depending on the package you avail of.

2. Eventogy

Next, Eventogy markets itself as an “events management software that is simple, beautiful and secure.” The tool helps party planners and event organizers manage their small and big corporate events, whether those events are in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Eventogy effectively removes “the need for endless spreadsheets” as you organize your upcoming business events.

3. BigMarker

For your webinars and other virtual events, BigMarker may just be the tool you are looking for. The platform has been designed to help event organizers “grow their audience, engage their customers, and generate demand for their products and services.”

This service is browser-based so you don’t have to download anything to start using it. BigMarker’s monthly charges are $99 for Starter, $199 for Elite, and $499 for Premier. Beyond that, you’ll have to ask them about their White Label package.

Feel free to contact them to book a free demo of their solutions.

4. Aventri

Formerly known as etouches, Aventri claims to be “the simplest way to run all your events.” The cloud-based event management platform allows event organizers to be in full control of their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

For the most part, all you have to do is to indicate essential details such as the event title and description, the date and time, and the event venue (if any) and the software will do the rest.

Aventri will take care of the registration, networking, event reporting, and more.

5. Socio

An tool that “powers continuous engagement to drive better results for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events,” Socio is an “end-to-end” event management platform you can use for different events.

In addition to helping event organizers put events together, the Socio software provides practical solutions for in-person events such as check-in and badge printing. Moreover, the mobile app makes it possible for event participants to access event content.

Go get in touch with them if you want to request a demo or a pricing quote.

6. Cvent

desktop layout of cvent

Cvent prides itself on having a suite of products that aims to aid event organizers in simplifying the entire planning process. Additionally, they provide marketers with useful insights to make the most of their events.

“The software enables event managers to focus their time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks,” their official website reads.

7. Swoogo

Aside from being events management software, Swoogo is also a tool that does “full website builder, email automation (and) event analytics.”

Swoogo offers different packages, depending on your needs. For a single user, the service costs $9,800 a year. For three users, a yearly payment of $15,000 is required. Meanwhile, five users will cost $18,000 per year. 

8. Hubilo

Hubilo was established in 2015 and is now on a mission “to foster greater human connections through the reimagination of events.” They do everything from ticketing, event marketing, web and mobile event app development, and more.

9. Whova

Named as the Best Event App by People’s Choice Award, Whova handles everything from online event registration and event marketing, to event website creation and more. This “all-in-one event management solution” is ideal for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

10. Odoo

This suite of open-source business apps is capable of providing your company with different services, ranging from event management and ecommerce, to accounting and inventory, to project management and others.

“Our family of apps work seamlessly together,” the official Odoo website says, “giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do.”

Currently, Odoo charges $6 per user. Additional costs apply, depending on which apps and extra integrations you avail of.

11. Bizzabo

homepage of bizzabo

Whether you’re holding an intimate in-person gathering or a massive virtual event, Bizzabo can be a helpful tool. The platform does everything “from managing advanced registrations, to building multi-day schedules, to creating stunning event websites.”

On the event date, you can confidently relax in your chosen event venue as Bizzabo takes care of everything for you.

12. Hopin

The Hopin event management platform “makes planning, producing, and reliving event experiences easier than ever.” This tool provides in-person or online attendees with interactive programming to create an immersive experience for everyone.

The starter package costs $99 per month while the growth package has a $799 price tag.

13. SplashThat

With SplashThat, users can enjoy total control of their events, as the platform allows them to “create beautiful events that matter for their market and their customers.” Additionally, companies get access to essential data “to drive the business further and faster.”

A basic SplashThat subscription costs $12,500 per year while a pro account will set you back $21,500.

14. GlueUp

The team behind GlueUp describes it as an “all-in-one software” made to help businesses grow their community “through events, memberships, and other digital tools.” Moreover, the user-friendly system has often been praised by users for its flexibility and function. GlueUp charges as little as $125 each month.

15. AllEvents

AllEvents stands out from the rest because of its wide reach. Known as the “world's largest event discovery platform,” the service assures event organizers will be able to find their target audience, wherever their event venues may be.

Another amazing thing about AllEvents is that event organizers can use it for free, meaning you can post about your events without any cost. The site only charges a fee of $1 for every customer transaction.

16. PheedLoop

desktop layout of pheedloop

Whether you’re hosting a series of workshops from event venues in NYC or are having virtual seminars via Zoom, PheedLoop can be of great help.

The event management platform has been around since 2015 and they’ve made “organizing conferences, meetings, and trade shows easy” for their customers. PheedLoop gives you access to a wide array of tools such as badge printing, floor plans, live streaming, touch-free check-in, along with a mobile and web event app, among benefits. 

17. EventMobi

Numerous agencies, companies, and organizations trust EventMobi when it comes to managing their events. This platform has been in charge of “engaging professional events for 12+ years,” according to its website.

EventMobi also offers flexible pricing, depending on the event’s size and scope. Feel free to contact them to request a quote.

18. Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage’s event management tools promise to help you “run your events smarter, better.” If you want to use a multilingual site with a special mobile app for events, this is probably just the thing you need.

The free version is available for everyone. However, the Professional package costs $99 per month while the Enterprise is $199 and the Ultimate Package has a price tag of $279.  

19. Sched

Sched is another example of user-friendly event management software that can be utilized for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. With their tools, event organizers can quickly design and publish events online. Beyond that, it can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and decrease event venue lines at the same time.

According to their site, Sched has worked with different businesses and organizations including the American Red Cross, National Geographic, Stanford University, and many more.  

Free trials are available but if you’re curious, the Essentials package costs $499 while Plus is $999 and then Premium is $3,499.

20. Eventene

Eventene comes as a highly-recommended event management solution for corporations and organizations. The platform can handle “planning, registrations, communications, assignments, day-of-event execution, and post-event activities.”

Whether you’re hosting activities in small or big event venues, this useful tool can make your life easier. Besides, this is a global platform that works in 7 languages and all time zones.  

21. InWink

layout of inwink's website

Meanwhile, InWink is “designed to manage both physical and online events,” plus you can even “mix and combine both scenarios” if you want.

This secure business-to-business platform lets you “showcase your brand, orchestrate your events, engage your communities,” and more.

22. BoomSet

BoomSet helps you streamline your event, whether you’re hosting it from a small or big event venue. This platform allows you to make registration and ticketing easier. On top of that, tracking attendance and issuing certificates will be hassle-free.

The Growth Package costs $4,000. Meanwhile, interested customers have to contact the site for Business and Enterprise pricing.

23. TicketTailor

If you’re looking for a dedicated ticketing solution, you should check out TicketTailor.   

A recent review on Google tells us that the service is “so easy to use and is very reasonably priced compared to other online ticket platforms.” The reviewer added that the service is ideal for “anyone who needs a ticketing platform for online or live events.”

For free events, TicketTailor requires no payment. Otherwise, paid event rates start at $0.26 per ticket, rising to $0.65 per ticket.

24. RainFocus

RainFocus allows you to “bring all your events together” under a single platform, whether they’re going to be held in-person, online, or a combination.  Regardless of whether you’re hosting your activities from humble or grand event venues, this platform can be of great worth.

The service “brings companies and customers together through events and provides stakeholders a single, shared view of event success.”

25. Zoom Events

Lastly, Zoom Events may exactly be the tool you need for hosting successful virtual events, whether it’s free, paid, live, or on-demand.

This solution functions as an “event hub for organizing and showcasing your events and hosts.” You can host several sessions while using Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinar, or both.  

To access Zoom Events’ full features, you’ll have to spend $890 for 1-year. This license will allow you to host as many as 500 attendees per event.

You can't go wrong by using the best event management platforms

Every organizer hopes for the best event possible and with the use of the right tool, that would be achievable. As you plan all the details by selecting which activities to do, and determining who to invite, an efficient event management platform helps you in many ways.

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